Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday (party) Hudson!

This Year our June is quite busy! With the arrival of our littlest love, due on June 23rd, we decided to have Hudson's birthday party early. JUST IN CASE!

Hudson has planned his birthday parties since he was 2! It's so much fun letting him pick the menu, decorations, food and who he wants there :) (makes it easy on us too!)

This year:
Hamburgers, hotdogs, chips & watermelon. For fun...a pool, slip n slide and some unexpected surprises from mother nature!! and a Blue Triangle Cake with M&Ms on the outside and strawberry cake on the inside. This boy loves blue triangle cakes! This is the second time he's requested this cake! lol

Hudson, Asher & Autumn watching the fires start!

An unexpected storm rolled in and gave us a LIGHTNING SHOW! We watched as the lightning struck and started fires on our nearby mountains! It was incredible! Then...Fire planes, helicopters and sirens! It was a FIRE PLANES & RESCUE party and we didn't even plan it!! AND WE GOT RAIN!! It was awesome!

So crazy!




Thanks "cake Becca" for the awesome cake!
Hudson only wants YOU to make his birthday cakes!
It's tradition :)

Our AWESOME boy!

Hudson & Asher

Waylon & Wesson

Blessed to have friends and family to celebrate our boy!


VoVo, VaVa, Grandma, MiMi, Papa & Nana all came to love on our boy!
Hudson is so blessed to have so many grandparents to love him!!

Uncle Adam & Auntie Hillary and even Auntie Hillary's family came!
Hudson chose a few friends to spend the day with! Asher & Owen, Waylon & Wesson and "baby" Jackson all came and played! So much fun!

You are almost 5! You have grown up to be such a responsible, loving, strong and athletic little boy! You take such good care of mommy and Autumn when Daddy is at work. You love working with daddy outside, taking out the trash, mopping, folding towels, pulling weeds...anything you can do to help! You're amazing! You love books, and dirt, riding horses and your quad. You love movies and spending time with those you love.

You are our dream come true! We are so thankful for how God has made you You!

Until Next Time...


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