Friday, July 18, 2014

Cherishing the Moments

Our Little Loves!

Summer Time
Messy House = We're having fun!
Blink of an eye

4 years old
39.5 pounds
Growing like a weed
Size 11 shoes
Size 5 clothes
Loves Cheeseburgers with all the fixings
Loves riding his new quad

You are strong willed, and thoughtful. You love to learn and ask A LOT of questions. Recently you've been asking a lot of questions about dinosaurs, planets and soccer. You talk about Jesus and Heaven a lot and ask so many questions about what it will look like there and who will be there. We learn from you every day and LOVE watching you explore and grow into the little man God created you to be. 

You take such great care of Autumn and watch out for her constantly. You love to tease her (just like my big brothers did). You play with her, tease her, wrestle with her and kiss her while she sleeps. You are the best big brother!  You love being 4! You talk about soccer and you are excited to go to school when you are bigger. 

You know so much about firefighting! Daddy teaches you all about it and you remember all the details it's pretty amazing! You are my sweet! I love you so much. God made you just the way you are! Isn't that amazing? I love you buddy!! xo

Best friends!

Miss Autumn Faith
22 months
25.5 pounds
size 18-24 mo clothes
size 5.5 shoes
Loves Spaghetti 
Loves riding the bouncy horse and playing with baby dolls (you recently started naming them all Adam)

You are oh-so silly and sweet! You wake up with a smile (usually) and say "HI!!!!!" to the first person you see. You are brave and determined! You will try and climb anything. You will practice something over and over until you get it!  You love to sing and dance and always want everyone to watch. You say that you are "bubba's girl". You are in love with your big brother and think that he Hung the Moon! 

You love to dance in daddy's arms and you love mommy to rock you. You are our sparkly wiggle! You are joyful even when you are disobeying! You do everything with a smile! We just laugh all the time watching you. You brighten the whole world! God made you so special and gave you such a loving heart. It is so much fun watching you live every moment with such Joy! What a blessing you are! xo Mommy