Monday, June 9, 2014

Camping:Hudson's Birthday Month


Birthday months are pretty special in our house. We love celebrating!! This year Hudson asked if we could go camping instead of having a big birthday party. and OF COURSE we were on board! 

This little man planned all the details and we made it happen! 
the menu: hotdogs, fish, hamburgers, corn, s'mores and hot chocolate! 
I love how much he enjoys planning the little details!

Autumn LOVED the corn!

Autumn and Jackson 
The Crumps came by to say hi! 
Camping with little ones is...DIRTY! They decided that rolling in the dirt would be a great bath! Horses do it all the time! 

Activities for the trip...
Fishing, Bear Hunt, Playing in the dirt and Beach day.

This boy LOVES to fish! He gets it from his "Mello" side

Love these kiddos!

Hudson got to pick a friend to come! 
Wyatt!!!! We love this kid! He's so tough!

Day 1 fishing crew! 
My dad brought his boat  :) So much fun
VoVo & VaVa
Hudson was so excited to have them on his Birthday camping trip

Daddy teaching Hudson how to clean the fish

When VoVo and his boat are around...we ALWAYS catch fish!
Time for a yummy fish dinner!!

Beach Day!!
These two!! My heart melts!

Miss Autumn Faith! Fearless, Full of Joy!
This little one... She is so much fun!

Baby Raegan, BEST BABY EVER!


Little piggies playing in the mud

Mr. Wyatt! LOVE HIM

love these friends!

Autumn & Wyatt 

Nana came for a visit too!

Time to celebrate Birthday month, camping style

The last night Hudson chose to go fishing. 
We stayed at the dock and Hudson practiced casting and MASTERED IT!

He caught a crappie! 
He was so excited!!

S'more cones to celebrate almost being 4!
9 more days and our little man will be a big 4 year old. 

Boy Boy, what an amazing camping trip we had celebrating YOU! God made you just who you are and I love every part of you from your head to the tips of your piggies! I am so grateful for how God designed you and love watching you grow into the little man you are becoming. You are thoughtful and smart. You love taking care of mommy and Autumn when daddy is at work. You already protect your baby sister and it just melts my heart. You love when mommy dresses up in fancy dresses and you always ask me to "get pretty" and wear a crown. :) You are just too sweet for words. I love that you are so genuine. You love spending time with those you love and you are so thoughtful in everything you do. I love watching you build things, and figure out how things work. I know God has amazing plans for you. You are You, the only You there is! I love you to the moon and back and back again! 
Happy Birthday Month My little Love Nugget! 
xo Mommy