Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This sunshine is just gorgeous! The rain...WE ARE LOVING IT! There have been moments that I have felt COMPLETELY lost in what to do with my little monkeys when they are acting like MONKEYS! but, all in all...GOD IS GOOD!



Those moments that I feel like I'm going to LOSE IT, I always text a friend and ask for a MOMMY PRAYER! (thanks sweet friend! you know who you are:) and it seems like on those days, if I just STOP...stop trying to clean, stop trying to be a good mom, stop whining, stop ... just stop! The Lord softens my heart, shines a new light, and I see it! GOD IS ENOUGH!  In the midst of CRAZY, MESSY, TANTRUMS, AND TIMEOUTS...HE IS ENOUGH! :)

This little country girl loves to get in the mud while we're watering the garden!
OR...eat the fertilizer when we turn our back! 
YEP! she even eats chicken poop! (IT'S ORGANIC!) lol
loving our garden

These are the moments that keep us as mommies going!...
I never get pictures of the crazy moments...
 in those moments I HAVE NO TIME TO SNAP A PICTURE! 

waiting for the rain!

planting flowers 

she just ate a FROG! (just kidding)

They are always on a mission!




Outside is our favorite!

Thankful for moments...


Nothing like little moments of PURE excitement!!!
March was well...March Madness!! :) We were so busy and had so much fun!
With all the parties, weddings and family fun we were able to sneak in a trip to DISNEYLAND!

We headed down south to celebrate our Ellie Peugh! Duncan's sister Chelsea's new baby girl, arriving next month!!  We decided to stay a couple days in SoCal and head on over to the Happiest Place on Earth!

I made some special shirts for the kids and we decided to tell them the night before! I pulled out the shirts while at MiMi & PaPa's house and asked Hudson where he thought we could wear them. He started jumping up and down and said "DISNEYLAND"! Autumn joined in on the excitement too (although she had no clue what we were so excited about!) I could hardly sleep for almost a week...I WAS SO EXCITED!

Pop met us at the gate and signed us in! (So blessed that he works there!!) We saw Mickey right when we got there! Hudson and Autumn (and us too!) were just beyond happy! We skipped in the streets and Autumn even joined in on some dancing.

We met up with Tommy Nall and his sweet Miss Adeline. Autumn and Adeline were instant best buddies! Then...we ran into more friends! The Sharma's were there celebrating Lilly's birthday. We played with them too. AND....BRIANNA!! The highlight of Hudson's day!  We were so excited to spend time with our sweet Brianna! (She's basically my sister)...

We went on rides, ate ice cream and just had a good ol' time! The kiddos did great and had so much fun! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK! Disneyland is such a special and MAGICAL place!

All that fun really wore our kiddos out! They BOTH GOT SICK! The craziness of March got the best of them. They were worn out, but had such a fun time getting there.

Highlights of Precious Moments!

January, February, March...Some Highlights of the beginning of 2014!

February 2, 2014
We dedicated our sweet and silly Autumn Faith to the Lord.

Always full of giggles and silly faces 

Hudson is learning to ride a bike!! This is the same bike Daddy and Uncle Adam learned on!
He's so proud and already getting so good!

We pray for rain A LOT! So when it rains, we celebrate by splishy splashing!

A sweet moment about Hudson.
February 12, 2014 while eating breakfast, Hudson was asking a lot of questions about Jesus.
He asked where he lived and asked why he didn't see him in his heart when the doctor gave him an ultrasound.  We had an amazing conversation and then about 10 minutes later I heard him say, "God, will you live in my belly? Because my belly is close to my heart." I asked him about it and he said he wanted Jesus to live in his heart! Of course I cried and thanked God for such a precious moment at such a young age! Love my boy!


These kiddos LOVE eating veggies straight from the garden!

Lunch time picnic

Hudson wrote his name all by himself for the first time!
March 2014!

So proud!

we went to DISNEYLAND!!!!!
So much fun!!

Just a QUICK catch-up! :)