Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Round Up

It's always fun to get outside and get your hands dirty! Especially if it involves horses and cows! We joined in on some Round-Up fun with our friends the Yinglings! We had a blast! Hudson even helped get the calves into the pen!

Country Living! There's nothing like it!!


Valentine's Day was so much fun!
It started a day early. My mom came to deliver some little gifts and told us to saddle up and she'd stay with the kiddos!  It was the first time Dunc and I were able to go out on the trail together! A DREAM COME TRUE! :)

On Valentine's Day we had a Sweet little party with two of my best friends for Hudson's little pre-school. 

Autumn and Miss Baylie

My Sweet Emily and her little Brock

Brock and Baylie

Mr. Waylon! His momma planned our party! She's the sweetest!!

Wesson eating all the sprinkles ;)


This is what happens after too much sugar! Lol

These kiddos are all so special. Each one of them has a way to brighten anyone's day!

Loved spending the morning with my babies and friends!! 

After the party we picked up daddy from work and came home to celebrate this LOVE day!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today was an amazing day!

What a fun way to start the week! On Monday, I slept in...til 10:00!! (momma was pooped!)
I would have probably slept longer but a sweet little boy ran in my bedroom all dressed for the snow!
"Daddy said we're going to the snow, it's a surprise!" 
Duncan had the car packed with sleds, lunches packed and even had the kids all dressed. Hudson and Autumn had a blast and so did Daddy & Mommy! 

This little goofball (i don't know where she gets it from) :) 
She is so silly and is always trying to make everyone laugh!

Hudson was super brave, he wanted to go as high as he could so that the sled would go faster!

we built a snowman and brought carrots for his nose. Autumn decided to eat the snowman's nose! 
She's a goofball...I told you!

Love these little snow bunnies!

Jack had so much fun too!! 

Autumn's first sled ride!

She was a little nervous at first but decided she really liked it!
She kept saying again "gen, gen"

We stayed for about an hour, had a picnic in the snow and then stopped for ice cream on the way home...a tradition that started when I was a little girl! We ALWAYS stop for ice cream when we leave Shaver Lake.

Thankful for this day. We left the house a mess, piled in the car and off we went! 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

We will Praise you in this Storm!

The Lord uses people in miraculous ways, in ways that are terrifying and in ways that bring us great joy. This amazing family (as most of you already know) has been SHINING and PRAISING our  Lord through the Storm.  Our dear friends have entered a chapter of their lives that is terrifying and yet, they PRAISE HIM! They find joy in the smallest things and smile even though it's not easy to do so. 

Praying for this family has had me humbled before the Lord, on my knees, and I know that miracles are taking place! God is Good, God is Good, God is GOOD!!!

While Jesse had an appointment in SF yesterday, we had the amazing privilege to love on the Penner kiddos. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!! and so did they! 

I could just eat them up!! 

Sweet Riley is so serious, but when she smiles, it lights up the whole world!

Jed & Hudson put out many fires.

We swung so high, it felt like we were touching the clouds!

We went on a hike to the creek.

The girls got so dirty and showed the boys they can be tough too!

We found rocks and made BIG splashes in the creek.

Jed was showing us how strong he is

Hudson climbed to the top of the rocks! So proud!

Jed did too!

I think Riley wants to be a country girl!

Miss independents! 

They decided to go on a road trip.

These two can change a tire or push a car! They are tough!

Tractor Train!!

Then we colored
"Autumn just ate crayons but she colored too!"

The boys got to paint.


The girls were bundled up in snow suits! SO CUTE



A very serious conversation. These boys are so sweet.

Hudson enjoying the rain he's been praying for!

Look at this outfit!!

So funny! They were looking for rocks.

Riley loved the puddles

She tasted the rain!
What a fun day!

The girls woke up first today and I found them looking at the rain! So I gave them their milk and they sat and watched the rain together!! So Sweet!!

We love this family! Join us in praying for complete HEALING for Jesse! 
The song we sing everyday loud and with praise!
Every beautiful sunset, every drop of rain...if you ask Hudson who it's for he will tell you
God made it for JESSE!

We love you Penners!!