Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Fence

What an amazing adventure we have been on! I still look out our window and feel like I'm in a dream. When I see our pasture, I don't just see posts and wire. I see LOVE! The love that went into each part of this pasture is incredible! Neighbors, friends and family sweat and worked so hard so that our dreams, [my dream] of having our horses home would become a reality. And it all started with my amazing, wonderful, love of my life, Duncan! He put so much work into researching, talking to people, and getting the help lined up so that Honey~B could come home!  He's incredible and I am forever grateful!

The beginning stages started with measuring, staking and figuring out where it was all going to go. Hudson was Daddy's right hand man!

There is just something different about living in the country. Neighbors just show up and help! Without expecting anything in return. It is truly humbling and amazing to be surrounded by so many people with truly beautiful hearts! 

The beginning work days were in the HEAT! 105 degrees! These guys worked so hard!
I always had lots of food, water and beer ready for their breaks! A couple of our neighbors always remind us..."we work cheap, but we don't work thirsty!" :) 

Big smiles and hard workin' men!

Digging holes! There was a lot of rock and hard pan! 

Next step! Setting posts! We had a lot of help from a lot of different people!
This day, my dad and brother Phillip came to help. Our neighbor Matt was there for almost every work day! We owe him a lot of dinners!! :)

Setting wire!
Duncan's family helped too! Adam, Pop, Rob, Megan & Joe
we are so blessed to have had so much help!

Hudson learned a lot during this whole process! Duncan is so patient and always willing to teach his boy something new.

I didn't do much in the beginning of the fence building, other than feed the guys! 
But I got to hammer and help at the end. :)


The final day....The gates were hung!
After leaving my parents house, Honey~B lived at Nana Carol's house for over 4 years! We moved her across the street to our neighbor Matt & Theresa's on November 11 2013. She was there for 2 months, and this day, she FINALLY got to come home! A day that I never thought would come. I got Honey~B the summer before my freshman year in high school. She was 2! I left for college in 2000, and she has been away from me ever since. I always dreamed of the day that I would have her again. To be able to look out my window in the morning and see her. To walk out and saddle her up. To feel her soft nose and steamy breath...those are the moments I waited for! It finally is here!  She's been in my life for 17 years! She is my first love!

The moment I walked her through the gate, I lost it! Tears ran down my face. I was "ugly crying!" anyone who knows me well, knows that crying isn't something I do gracefully. It is UGLY...and I'm not just saying that. Duncan usually has to try not to's that bad! Well...I was so happy, I was full on UGLY crying! Duncan worked so hard, put so many long hours, and made my dream come true! That's LOVE! I am so grateful!

Not only did Honey~B come home, but 3 days before our pasture was complete, we made a trip to the bay area to meet Mr. Jones. He belonged to a sweet and very talented little girl who had retired him. We fell in LOVE with Mr. Jones the moment we saw him. His sweet eyes and kind spirit was just what we had prayed for. Hudson says, "God gave me Mr. Jones!" He reminds us daily that Mr. Jones is his horse, and Jonesy sure does love Hudson. he follows him around and gives him kisses on his head. 
Duncan rides too!!! Honey~B has always been a very spirited girl. She loves children, but other adults, not so much. She loves me and that's about it when it comes to adult riders. Now Duncan and I can ride together!!! ANOTHER DREAM COME TRUE!! We have only had him for a couple of weeks and have already been able to share him with ones we love! My mom, Cybil and my nephews have all ridden him! We feel so blessed to have Mr. Jones and are so excited to share the love of horses with others!

Mommy & Hudson riding Mr. Jones. Today Hudson had his first lesson on Jonesy. He learned how to turn, stop and even a little trot! He was so excited to get to ride with no one holding onto the reigns. Daddy walked next to him and mommy was his teacher. It was so fun and Hudson and Mr. Jones did great together!

This little sweetie can't get enough of horses. She would ride all day if we would let her! Just like her mommy!! We are having so much fun and are so excited for this new adventure!! Thank you to Amber Haskett and her beautiful daughter Sarah for blessing us with Mr. Jones. He is a perfect fit to our family. Honey~B loves him too!

Thank you to my amazing Duncan for building this fence and for making my dreams come true. You are my greatest blessing! We are grateful!