Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Autumn Faith

Miss Autumn Faith, 
You planned your birthday party! You wanted a blue horsey cake with some pink, pancakes for dinner and horsey rides! It was so much fun to watch your eyes sparkle when you saw your horsey cake with a BLUE horsey on top! You were so excited!!!

Happy Birthday Autumn!


Pancakes, sausage, fruit and orange juice!

Uncle Adam brought you a bouquet of flowers! You felt so special! Auntie Hillary went SHOPPING and got you the cutest outfits!!! So blessed to have them as your God Parents!

You and Miss Emmi

Little Cutie Pies

Fire House Sisters!

Mr. Jones gave everyone a ride!  You were so so so happy to ride and to share him with your friends!

Bubba helped get ready for the party! He picked out a Wedding Barbie all by himself to give to you!

Isabella & Autumn 

Your Blue Horsey made with LOVE by The fabulous Rebecca Smyth with ONE SWEET TABLE


Our Little 2 Year Old


Her little face while we sang to her! She melts our hearts!

so excited!

Making a wish!

The Handsome Jackson Crump!! Look at those eyes!!

COUSINS!!! We are missing 5 (we have a lot of kiddos in our family!!)

The Kiddos at the party

Time for some cake! 
I love seeing kids eat and play and get messy together! So much fun!

Not sure if she liked the cake lol...Watch her dig in....

TWO HANDS! she doesn't mess around!


VaVa & VoVo

A hat from Auntie Brianna all the way from Canada!

The Boys!
Autumn loves these two little monkeys, Colt & Luke.

Mommy and her mini! 
Oh I'm so in love!

T Phil

Hudson and T Phil

Nana & Auntie Brianna with their little Speck

Brianna and Nana 
So Blessed to call these two family!

Oh miss Autumn! Everything you do, you do with such Joy and Happiness. Whether it's checking on your Bubba (you you think he hung the moon), rocking your babies, helping mommy sweep & vacuum or dancing with are truly, a gentle and sweet  girl! You can climb to the top of about anything, balance on your bouncy horse, shake your booty to any beat and stomp in the muddiest puddle there is! You LOVE to sing! You sing your ABCs all the time, twinkle twinkle and you melt mommy's heart when you sing Our Song! "BABY OF MINE!  You are all girl...ALL COUNTRY GIRL THAT IS! You love to dress up and put mommy's high heels on, find jewelry and put chapstick on. You cook in your kitchen and make mommy and daddy pretend coffee. You love to throw on your cowboy boots and feed the horses, help pull weeds, play in the hose, eat dirt and rocks (yep! you do that!) and play naked outside! You are everything we ever dreamed of and so much more! You are our miracle, our littlest love, our beautiful Autumn Faith. We thank God for you every day and pray that he walks beside you your whole life. We pray that you choose to trust in Him, and Love Him with your whole heart every day of your life. When you give your life to Jesus, and Trust in His plan, you never have to wonder....You will always know that He is in control! We love you our little Beauty Pie! Thank you for being You! You are You and that's everything we ever dreamed of, wished and prayed for!

This is YOUR VERSE! Everything about it reminds me of beautiful you!
Psalm 28:7,  The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.

Birthday Stats:
Weight: 27lbs 6oz
Height: 34 inches
Shoe Size: 6
Clothes: 2t
Favorite Food: spaghetti & pancakes
Favorite Toy: Your babies
Favorite thing to get out of the drawers: Markers, Chapstick andToothbrushes
Best Friend: Bubba and Riley
Favorite Book: Moo (A farm pop up book) & If Kisses were Colors

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cherishing the Moments

Our Little Loves!

Summer Time
Messy House = We're having fun!
Blink of an eye

4 years old
39.5 pounds
Growing like a weed
Size 11 shoes
Size 5 clothes
Loves Cheeseburgers with all the fixings
Loves riding his new quad

You are strong willed, and thoughtful. You love to learn and ask A LOT of questions. Recently you've been asking a lot of questions about dinosaurs, planets and soccer. You talk about Jesus and Heaven a lot and ask so many questions about what it will look like there and who will be there. We learn from you every day and LOVE watching you explore and grow into the little man God created you to be. 

You take such great care of Autumn and watch out for her constantly. You love to tease her (just like my big brothers did). You play with her, tease her, wrestle with her and kiss her while she sleeps. You are the best big brother!  You love being 4! You talk about soccer and you are excited to go to school when you are bigger. 

You know so much about firefighting! Daddy teaches you all about it and you remember all the details it's pretty amazing! You are my sweet! I love you so much. God made you just the way you are! Isn't that amazing? I love you buddy!! xo

Best friends!

Miss Autumn Faith
22 months
25.5 pounds
size 18-24 mo clothes
size 5.5 shoes
Loves Spaghetti 
Loves riding the bouncy horse and playing with baby dolls (you recently started naming them all Adam)

You are oh-so silly and sweet! You wake up with a smile (usually) and say "HI!!!!!" to the first person you see. You are brave and determined! You will try and climb anything. You will practice something over and over until you get it!  You love to sing and dance and always want everyone to watch. You say that you are "bubba's girl". You are in love with your big brother and think that he Hung the Moon! 

You love to dance in daddy's arms and you love mommy to rock you. You are our sparkly wiggle! You are joyful even when you are disobeying! You do everything with a smile! We just laugh all the time watching you. You brighten the whole world! God made you so special and gave you such a loving heart. It is so much fun watching you live every moment with such Joy! What a blessing you are! xo Mommy

Monday, June 9, 2014

Camping:Hudson's Birthday Month


Birthday months are pretty special in our house. We love celebrating!! This year Hudson asked if we could go camping instead of having a big birthday party. and OF COURSE we were on board! 

This little man planned all the details and we made it happen! 
the menu: hotdogs, fish, hamburgers, corn, s'mores and hot chocolate! 
I love how much he enjoys planning the little details!

Autumn LOVED the corn!

Autumn and Jackson 
The Crumps came by to say hi! 
Camping with little ones is...DIRTY! They decided that rolling in the dirt would be a great bath! Horses do it all the time! 

Activities for the trip...
Fishing, Bear Hunt, Playing in the dirt and Beach day.

This boy LOVES to fish! He gets it from his "Mello" side

Love these kiddos!

Hudson got to pick a friend to come! 
Wyatt!!!! We love this kid! He's so tough!

Day 1 fishing crew! 
My dad brought his boat  :) So much fun
VoVo & VaVa
Hudson was so excited to have them on his Birthday camping trip

Daddy teaching Hudson how to clean the fish

When VoVo and his boat are around...we ALWAYS catch fish!
Time for a yummy fish dinner!!

Beach Day!!
These two!! My heart melts!

Miss Autumn Faith! Fearless, Full of Joy!
This little one... She is so much fun!

Baby Raegan, BEST BABY EVER!


Little piggies playing in the mud

Mr. Wyatt! LOVE HIM

love these friends!

Autumn & Wyatt 

Nana came for a visit too!

Time to celebrate Birthday month, camping style

The last night Hudson chose to go fishing. 
We stayed at the dock and Hudson practiced casting and MASTERED IT!

He caught a crappie! 
He was so excited!!

S'more cones to celebrate almost being 4!
9 more days and our little man will be a big 4 year old. 

Boy Boy, what an amazing camping trip we had celebrating YOU! God made you just who you are and I love every part of you from your head to the tips of your piggies! I am so grateful for how God designed you and love watching you grow into the little man you are becoming. You are thoughtful and smart. You love taking care of mommy and Autumn when daddy is at work. You already protect your baby sister and it just melts my heart. You love when mommy dresses up in fancy dresses and you always ask me to "get pretty" and wear a crown. :) You are just too sweet for words. I love that you are so genuine. You love spending time with those you love and you are so thoughtful in everything you do. I love watching you build things, and figure out how things work. I know God has amazing plans for you. You are You, the only You there is! I love you to the moon and back and back again! 
Happy Birthday Month My little Love Nugget! 
xo Mommy