Monday, November 4, 2013

Trick or Treat

A Grizzly Bear and a Piggy!!

This little piggy costume has been in our family for almost 13 years! My mom bought if for my oldest niece, Samantha when she was a baby. Every grandchild has worn it at some point. Autumn is the first one to actually fit in it to get to wear it on Halloween!

Yummy soup and sandwiches at the Penner's to start our trick or treating and OUR BECCA was there!!

Farmer, Fairy, Grizzly and piggy!
Hudson really wanted to be a bear, so mommy made him this costume! Hudson wanted mommy to wear a dress and a crown and be a fairy :)


My boys

So fun!

Hudson was SO EXCITED to go trick or treating

Our little piggy! 
Autumn walked right up to the door with her bubba and friends. She even held out her pale to get a treat!

Oink Oink

Hudson's favorite part of the night! 

We found this amazing house in Hillary's neighborhood.
Popcorn, movie and all the princesses!

Hudson was wouldn't take his eyes off of  a scary costume.
He told daddy, "you need to take him down!"



Pumpkin Patch

 There is something special about this time of year. The weather is perfect and there are so many fun things to do! We had so much fun at the Pumpkin Patch for Hudson's pre-school field trip! 

Nothing like life long friends!

My little loves!

Wiggles and Tickles!! Mommy loves her boy!

Our little family + Hudson's buddy Waylon! 
So much fun!

Planting Trees!

My little loves helping us plant some trees!

Love this girl!

Autumn is so excited that our fence is almost done!!! 

This girl makes some funny faces!

Hard working boy!

My anniversary present! A nectarine tree!!!

Hudson decided it was a good idea to throw dirt on Autumn since she was in the hole!
i yi yi!

There's always work to do on Reid Ranch!