Monday, October 21, 2013

Moments that take my breath away

the littlest loves of my life!
My heart!

Being a mommy isn't always the most glamorous job in the world :) Some days I feel like I'm just surviving! Time-outs, tears (from babies and mommy), messy house, but at the end of the day, when the house is quiet and I look around I know that no matter what...there is LOVE!

All ready for a tarantula adventure!
We didn't find any


We have entered into a new stage with our babies. Hudson is not a toddler anymore, he has grown into a little boy. A smart, loving, strong willed, silly little boy and we are learning this new stage every day. It seems like he woke up one day and was big! Hudson loves his baby sister so much and LOVES to spend time with his family. I love this quality about him! He asked me yesterday, "mommy when daddy is home one day can me and you go on a date and Autumn can stay with daddy?" How precious that he already knows the importance of special time and is able to communicate when he needs it!

Autumn gets so many kisses from her Bubba!

I love watching how they are both so protective over each other
Just like my brothers were with me!

I found a fox in our garden!!

Autumn is walking, talking (mostly babble) but I can understand some if it. she is a little social butterfly! She folds her hands to pray and loves talking to daddy on the phone. We found out at 11 months that Autumn has a mild hip dysplasia , she wears a brace while sleeping to help her hip sockets deepen (I'm sure that's not the official words to use...but you get the point) :)  The Dr. told us she would probably fuss and have a hard time with it, but our little trooper has done great! She even figured out how to stand up and try to get out of her crib while wearing her brace! She is determined!

This little goofball wanted to put all of this on!
She found the goggles and the helmet then got her keyboard and was ready to roll! 

bubbles! Autumn loves bubbles!

Granny (great grandma) took Autumn shopping at a very special store to get this pretty dress and shoes. The same store Grandma (Dunc's mom) went to as a little girl! a mommy, some days I feel defeated. When the house is a mess, I look like a mess and my babies had a rough day, I just feel like I'm not giving them all they need. I'm sure most mommies feel like this from time to time, it just comes with the territory :) These moments make those (tiny, oh so precious moments) even more special. 

*I am so thankful for the sweet, amazing, wonderful people in my life that I call or text on those crazy days for prayer! It ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS makes the day better!!

I love sitting back watching my babies play together. Hearing them giggle and hearing words like, "it's ok if we're dirty, that means we're having fun!" I heard Hudson tell his friend Gabby this today while playing in the mud! PRECIOUS, PRICELESS. Kids just GET IT!  :
Hudson's "awesome big brother day"
Autumn opened the  screen door one day and walked outside. Hudson ran after her (she was about a foot from the door) grabbed her and sat with her to make sure she was safe. We made a big deal about it and treated him to ice cream! It's a big deal saving  your baby sister! :)
So Proud of him!

Visiting Hudson's goat friends at our neighbor's house. 

Hudson hooked up his tractor and wagon all by himself! Autumn got to go for a ride. :)

These are the moments...The moments that take my breath away!
So thankful for the crazy days so that these little moments aren't lost or taken for granted!

I love being a mommy to these two precious babies and love having Duncan by my side. He's truly my dream come true!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Magical Moments-Hot Air Balloons

There is something so magical about seeing the sunrise. I love waking up early, but to be honest...I don't do it very often! I try to get as much sleep as I can! lol  So when the hot air balloons were in town for Clovis Fest, I couldn't wait to wake up early, drink hot chocolate and have a fun family day! 


We watched the balloons fill up and take off!

A new family tradition!

We had so much fun and can't wait to go every year! The simplest things in life bring the most joy!
I love making memories with my little family!

September 2013

September is a fun month for Team Reid!!
September 2 is Autumn Faith's Birthday
September 11 was our 1 year anniversary of getting our "mountain house" as Hudson calls it
September 29th is our Wedding Anniversary! 

We spent many september days playing in the sand box!
Autumn has a car now! She loves to drive :)

She also loves to ride the vacuum!
Such a silly girl

and sit in the dishwasher!

Autumn took off walking on September 11th!
She always does wonderful things on significant days!

She was so excited and so were we!

This is how we get ready sometimes!!
A little mommy & daughter bonding time

Play dates are so fun!

we got to play with this little cutie and her 3 brothers and gorgeous mommy
and sweet Emily and her babies too!

MUD! Yep...that's how us country girls like to play!

This little silly boy is getting so big!

He is a goofball, strong willed and so smart!

BEST FRIENDS! They set up these chairs so they could sit by each other

We love going on adventures in our backyard!

He is ready with his walkie talkie!!

SUPER DAD! Love my man!! 

Hudson helped daddy at our neighbor's house and came home like this!

We started pre-school with two of my wonderful mommy friends!
This was Hudson's first day. He was so excited and LOVES school!

Football season has been SO MUCH FUN! We love love love our DOGS!!

Duncan and I celebrated 6 years of marriage. So blessed to call him my best friend, husband and daddy to our babies! I still get giddy when I think of our story and LOVE that it was Him all along! (all our college friends always said we would end up together, even before we started dating) :)  

Dirt.Ice Cream.Fishing&Family! We love Shaver Lake

Growing up, my family always went camping for our vacations. To me, there is nothing like it! It brings me so much joy to take my little family to the same places I grew up going. In September, we took 2 day trips to Shaver Lake to visit my parents while they camped. The first day was full of DIRT!!

all they needed was a spoon and they were happy!

this girl is not afraid to get DIRTY!

stealing some ice cream from Uncle Larry

On top of the world! 

VoVo (my daddy) was taking a nap (HE CAN SLEEP ANYWHERE!)
Hudson decided to join him ;)

We ALWAYS stop for ice cream on the way home!

So much fun with VoVo & VaVa

 Later that week we went back to go FISHING!

It was Autumn's first time and we caught some nice ones!

It's in her blood :)

Love making these little memories!