Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oh What Fun We Had...Summer Time 2013

A little Catch up on what we've been up to!

Summer has been full of adventures! Whether in our backyard or on a trip...
we've had SO MUCH FUN!

Daddy and Hudson caught this big guy! 

Autumn and Hudson have spent SO MANY HOURS playing in their sandbox! It's their little beach. 

Friends! Nothing like catching up with old friends on a HOT summer night :)

Katie and Hudson collecting acorns!

Daddy's little helpers! 

I love watching Hudson and Autumn play together. He is her little protector and Autumn is Hudson's biggest fan!

Panning for gold at Bravo Farms

Bawk Bawk!! Feeding the chickens at Bravo Farms

TRAIN RIDE!! Mommy and Hudson rode the train at Bravo Farms! So much FUN!

We paint a lot around here! Here's our littlest artist

More Sandbox fun! Look at those clouds! Isn't GOD amazing?!

Our little determined one! Autumn wanted to climb into the back of the stroller...I just observed and took PICTURES!

WOO HOO!! She did it!

Now, how to get out! 

Fire Fighter Olympics!
We went to San Diego this summer to watch Dunc play in FF Olympics! It was AWESOME!

We went to the beach with our Fire Families 
 MiMi, PaPa, Auntie Megan, Lacey and Kaleb came too!


Our little surfer in the making!

Proud of  Daddy!

Auntie MEGAN!!!
We love her!

We spent a lot of time cooking this summer!
Hudson LOVES making cookies! He got the ingredients out all by himself!

He wanted his ear phones on while he cooked. Silly Boy!
Swim Lessons!
We love her so much!

Autumn did Mommy & Me Lessons too!! It was a blast!
Hudson got a pool for his birthday! We had so much fun on hot days! His confidence grew so much by practicing his underwater swim!

We love Clovis Farmer's Market!
Autumn rode her first pony this summer! 11 Months old

Hudson is ready to bring Honey~B home so he can ride all the time!

Visiting Granny & Popi!

Tyler's Football Game!!
Isabella & Tyler love their Hudson

Summer has been so much fun! Full of family and friends, just the way we like it!
It's not quite over yet, we are enjoying our final days of SUMMER!

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Autumn Faith

"Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 
To him be glory both now and forever! Amen."
2 Peter 3:18
Before you were born, I would sit and wonder what you would be like. Would you be quiet, silly, outgoing or shy? Would you look like mommy or daddy? I would imagine your laugh, smile, your eyes. And then...one day, I didn't have to imagine anymore because you were in my arms. You have been a blessing from the moment we found out we were expecting you!

You are ONE! You started taking steps a while ago but on September 11, 2013 (our one year anniversary of getting the keys to our house) you became a walker! You always do new things on special days! You can walk ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ROOM, and you are so proud when you do! It's adorable! Every day you've been walking more and more and become more confident with each step. Hudson LOVES that you can walk and is one of your biggest fans! He loves you so much!

We celebrated your birthday morning with pancakes and eggs and party hats of course! Hudson helped us plan the day! We went to the zoo! It was so much fun celebrating you all day!
You ate your birthday breakfast on the "you are special plate" 
A tradition started with Daddy's family when he was little and that we are continuing! It's so fun!

Mommy made you a special birthday outfit!!

You had the best view in the whole zoo!! 

Oh so much fun!

It got hot fast and Bubba was ready to go! But....he still loved celebrating you and wanted to make sure you got to see all the animals!

All smiles now! Best friends!

In the evening the party continued! VoVo, VaVa, Uncle Adam and Auntie Hillary came over and we had a Party!!

Generations! I think we all have the same smile and eyes!

It was very important to Hudson that we had party hats for your birthday!! 
He loves you so much!

Uncle Adam! Your Godfather 
What a blessing he is! He loves you and Hudson like you were his own.

Uncle Adam & Auntie Hillary!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! You are so excited! Look at that face!

You are so special Autumn Faith!

You had your first ice cream cone all to yourself on your birthday and you LOVED it! You had ice cream everywhere!

Every day is special and a treasure, but birthdays are EXTRA special. Celebrating your life and YOU was so amazing! You are such a sweet, joy!

12 month Stats:
19 lbs  8oz
29 inches
You are in the 50th percentile for height and weight! You've really grown!
You still have tiny feet! Between a 2 and 3
You fit in 12 month clothes now and can still where 6-9 mo
Diaper size: 3
You know some animal sounds!: duck, horse (you do a "click" sound for horse), cow
You say a lot of words now! duck, bubble, monkey, mommy, daddy, bubba, Jack, Boots, nana, papa, vava, happy, book, ya, this, fishy, baby...(I'll add more when I think of them) 
You talk a lot!!
You are learning your body parts! You can point to: eye, nose, ear and mouth (you still get confused, but you are learning!)
Your favorite toy: bouncy horse (you ride like a wild cowgirl!), little tikes car (you climb in through the window all by yourself!), tea set (you love to pretend)
You Love: animals, playing with Hudson, books, bubbles, riding your horsey
You have become quite the snuggler!!

Your favorite book: "How Do I Love You?" by: Marion Dane Bauer 
your favorite page is the ducky page

We love you sweet Autumn Faith! You are truly a testimony that God's plan is the ultimate plan! You were our sweet surprise, Our pregnancy with you made us cling to the Lord and TRUST in HIS ultimate plan.  You are a treasure, a true beauty and a little shining light! Let Your Light ALWAYS Shine for Jesus sweet girl! We love you more!!