Monday, August 5, 2013

11 Months!! Miss Autumn Faith

Oh Autumn, 
How did you get so cute, so sweet, so PERFECT?! You continue to bless our family with your giggles, wiggles and bubbly self! You are such a special little blessing! You are 11 months old! Can you believe it?! We love watching you grow and seeing your little blossoming personality. You are so funny and so HAPPY! Always laughing, squealing and JUMPING! You stand up all by yourself and have taken 1 step as of this week, but mostly you try to jump while standing. You haven't mastered it yet but you sure do LOVE TO JUMP!
You love your kitty Boots and say "boo" when you see him. You know his name and love to pet him. He loves you too.

You still only have 2 little teeth on bottom but it looks like more are coming in. 

Look at those sweet cheeks! Just like your big brother! I love this picture!

You are perfect in every know why? Because God made you just the way you are! Our sweet Autumn Faith! You are a treasure!

Words you say:
momma, mom mom, dada, daddy, bubba, Ja (jack), boo (boots), vava, papa, uh oh, mo (more), 
boo (book) *there are more...I'll add them in when I think of them :)

You Love To:
Jump, splash in water, wiggle, animals, books, snuggling with mommy, destroying Hudson's train set, climbing on Daddy, chasing Hudson down the hallway, laughing, cheese, blueberries, being outside and...
DANCING!! Any time you hear music, you stop what you are doing to shake it!! (just like your momma)

11 month stats:
Weight: ? (will update)
Height: ? 
Diaper size: 3
Shoe size: size 2 
Clothes 6-9 and 12 mo
Sleep: 2 naps around 9am and 1pm 
bed at 8
You still wake up around 4 and sleep til about 8 *i am soaking up the extra snuggles!!
Still nursing and eating A LOT of food! You have a big appetite like your brother.
Nicknames: Otter Pop, Auti, Pumpkin, Winnie Maninge (don't know how to spell this's something that VaVa called mommy and means sweet little thing), Baby Autumn (that's what Hudson calls you) 

We are planning your FIRST birthday party! It seems like yesterday you were placed in my arms, but at the same time it seems like you've been with us forever! A lot has happened in your first year and we are so thankful for each and every blessing along the way!

Every moment of every day is a blessing! So thankful for your tiny hands, your sweet little feet, your sparkling eyes and oh so happy... YOU. I know you are going to grow up to be such a little beauty inside and out and I'm so excited to be there to watch you mature into a Godly woman! I love you my sweet!