Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Autumn's Nursery...A work in progress!

Autumn's Room is a work in progress :) (that's what happens when you get a house and a baby in the same week!) It's been so much fun decorating and redoing garage sale pieces to make them perfect for her room!

The AMAZING painting is a ONE OF A KIND 
painted by Uncle Adam!! 
He is so talented!

The frame, side table and rocking chair are all Garage Sale finds!
The frame started as a bright gold, I painted with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint
The Table was gold and cream.

I love how the mirror above her bed reflects the beautiful ballerina!
I'm going to add something else above her bed too.

Some random frames and a Dance plaque my mom got me when I was younger.
All painted with Annie Sloan's chalk paint (old white)

little touches of girlie things

Burlap and chicken wire basket. I added lace flowers that I made along with a touch of pearls.

More burlap and lace 
I amped up these little canisters. Scrap material and hot glue!

Baby book, my pearls and a sweet bell from my momma

vintage books

a little collection of random things for the top of her changing table
Homemade bow holder
An old ugly frame became new with a coat of paint, burlap and a handmade lace flower piece.

Excited to finish this room! Would love some suggestions on what's missing ;)

Autumn 10 Months!

10 months!

Autumn Faith,
You are 10 months! Every day you become a little bubblier, a little sillier and a little cuter {if that's even possible}. You are such a JOY. You brighten the room with your little crooked smile and your big sparkling eyes. When I hold you, my heart beats so hard and fast I think it might jump right out of my chest. You are our miracle!

I was cleaning this week and found the paperwork from the hospital when we thought we lost you when I was 10 weeks pregnant with you. All the emotions came flooding back. That day was so long ago, but the emotions are still so fresh in my heart. The moment the Dr. placed you in my arms, I melted. You are such a blessing in our lives!

You have been up to a lot lately!
You touched the ocean for the first time and loved it! We stayed at MiMi & PaPa's beach house in Newport. You ate so much sand that it came out in your poop! I tried to stop you and would sweep it out of your mouth, but you are super fast and DETERMINED!
The next day, mommy kept your paci in your mouth the whole time you played in the sand! It helped ;)

This is your new favorite face!
We call it the "gopher face"
Your Bubba loves you so much
You are my SUNSHINE Otter Pop!

You love the water!

You stand up and walk along the couch and table. 
You are such a fast crawler and LOVE to be chased down the hallway.
You squeal and giggle and jump like a frog when  you are excited! *my favorite
You give mommy special cuddles that you don't share with anyone else
You say "daddy" and "mom mom" or "mama" all the time! MELT MY HEART
You are climbing up to me right now saying, "mama, mom mom, bubba" I think you are asking where Bubba is. (you LOVE your big brother so much)

You still love to jump jump jump! I know that as soon as you can walk, you'll be hopping all over the place!

Today (July 10, 2013) you almost climbed out of your crib! Luckily, I was watching you on the monitor. So...until Daddy gets home, you'll be sleeping in the pack n play!  Such a little monkey!

10 Month Stats:
You are tiny and strong!
You can still where 6 month clothes but mostly 9 months.
your teeny feet are around size 1 or 2, but they are too fat to fit in most shoes, so we go barefoot ;)
Diaper Size - 3
Not sure how much you weigh, I will weigh you and update this later.
You eat food 3 times  a day. You like your food seasoned. You love garlic, onions, and would rather have your food like ours instead of plain.
You still nurse throughout the day and usually once during the night.

Your favorite song is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" if you are crying in the car, this song ALWAYS makes you stop.

We are starting to plan your BIRTHDAY PARTY! I can't believe it's time for that already! I love you Otter Pop! You are our little sunshine! It is so fun watching you be YOU! So thankful God created such an amazing little lady when he created You!

We love you to