Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Day Hudson Turned Three

There is just something magical about birthdays, and when it's your child's birthday, words cannot describe how special it is.

Hudson could hardly sleep the night before, he was SO EXCITED! Daddy was working, so Hudson and mommy had a sleepover ;) We snuggled and giggled and talked about what we would do on JUNE 18th! VoVo & VaVa spent the night too! VoVo brought his BIG BOAT and had it all ready for the BIG FISHING DAY!

Here is what we did on your THIRD birthday Hudder Butter Punkin' Nutter!!!
Mommy woke up before you and started yummy pancakes (your favorite). Mommy, VoVo, VaVa and baby Autumn were all in the kitchen when we heard a little squeal! It was YOU! You ran down the hall SO EXCITED because you knew it was the most special day!! You jumped into my arms and we sang silly songs and danced in the kitchen. "HUDDER BUTTER PIE, YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE, YOU SMELL LIKE CHICKEN AND CHEESE AND SOMETIMES YOU SMELL LIKE POO, AND I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK AND BACK AGAIN" I know...super silly, but you love it. You even know the words and helped me sing it too. We sing this song all the time!

You drank a special birthday Hot Chocolate and pretended it was coffee. You relaxed on the patio and looked at your mountain while mommy finished breakfast. You and VoVo ate pancakes on the patio and we tried to sing to you, but you didn't want the birthday song until later. You wanted to wait for daddy and your CAKE!

 Then....DADDY CAME HOME and he had a big surprise! BALLOONS!! You were so excited you jumped up and down. Balloons are so much fun!

And then...WHAT YOU HAD BEEN WAITING FOR....FISHING! We loaded up the truck and off we went! SHAVER LAKE! We prayed on the way there to catch fish, and you sang a song to Jesus about how he would help you catch fish. And you know what? JESUS HEARD YOUR PRAYERS! We caught a bunch of fish! You caught one all by yourself and wanted to eat it right then! So mommy taught you how to clean it and Daddy cooked it up on VoVo's BBQ. We fished and fished!

You helped VoVo drive the boat and then asked if we could play on the beach. SO WE DID! Jack swam in the water and you played in the sand and water. It was SO MUCH FUN! You said it was "THE BEST DAY EVER"!

When we got home VaVa and Baby Autumn were waiting for us! They missed the birthday boy while we were gone! Daddy started the BBQ and made cheeseburgers and FISH that we caught! Uncle Adam and Hillary came too! You were SO EXCITED to see them! We ate our yummy dinner then you FINALLY got your CAKE! Mommy made you a 4 layer Strawberry Cake with Homemade frosting! (that's what you asked for) :) It was yummy! Mommy made homemade chocolate chip ice cream too! YUMMY!
 After cake it was time for PRESENTS! You opened each one and were so excited and said thank you to everyone. You really loved the book and popcycle maker that Baby Autumn gave you! You gave her a big KISS! Mommy and Daddy got you "TALKIE WALKIES" for your fire calls! You were all ready for your fire calls now. You, daddy and Uncle Adam ran a lot of calls and put all the fires out! It was SO FUN!

You clipped your "talkie walkie" to your underwear and you were ready for the fire calls!
there was even a baby in the road you had to rescue!

what a FUN FUN night!

When we put you to bed daddy told you a fire story (your new favorite thing before bed) and then mommy snuggled with you. You told mommy, "you are the best mom ever" and you said your birthday was "the best day ever" you melt me buddy!

when you were born 3 years ago, mommy and daddy became parents. You have made our dreams come true. We love watching you grow and explore. Your kind heart melts us. You are loving, strong, smart and so silly! You are truly the best big brother ever! You are always taking care of your baby! When daddy is at work, you always make sure mommy is ok and you are such a great helper. Thank you for being YOU buddy! You are my favorite little boy in the whole wide world. God sure made you special! We love you to the moon and back and back least a million times!

Happy Birthday our little love nugget! Daddy and mommy love you more than you will ever know!

Hudson's Birthday Party #3!

THREE!!! Can you believe it Buddy?!! You're 3!! Every day with you is special, and we had SO MUCH FUN planning your birthday party and celebrating YOU!
You picked every detail of your birthday party this year! You wanted a blue triangle cake with a boat and a man fishing with a fishing pole and fish wanted a bowl of M n M's on the side.
So, "Cake Becca" as you call her made you one!

It was PERFECT!! 
You decided to decorate it a little so you added M n M's to it :)

Mommy made you a Happy Birthday Sign

and a shirt :) 
You wanted an "H" on the front and a "3" on back (in orange)

and you wanted mommy to wear an I Love Hudson shirt :)
So, I made one! 

You wanted Daddy to wear a regular shirt.
You are so cute buddy!
You couldn't wait to get on the slip n slide!

Baby Autumn wore an I love Bubba shirt just like you wanted!

this is right before you blew out your candles!

we love you so much!

Your cake was chocolate inside! YUMMM

You some really fun presents! This is one of your favorites!
A Fire Hose Squirt Gun!!

Gabby came and played on the slip n slide with you!

Waylon too.

You had so much fun at your birthday party!
It was a small birthday party this year, and you loved being able to play with some of your friends and your family!

You played with BUBBLES! You love bubbles

You were squirting everyone!

Uh Oh....Rhyan got you! You laughed and laughed!

VoVo and VaVa gave you a REAL TENT for your birthday. We set it up in the backyard and you played in it for a long time. Then....Uncle Adam and Daddy put it in your ROOM! It's still there and you are having so much fun sleeping in it!

We had so much fun at your birthday party buddy! We love you so much!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Autumn Faith 9 Months

My Sweet Autumn Faith,
You have grown up so much in the last month. Your little cheeks are as big as ever and your sweet little toes go past the end of your car seat now! You giggle, and laugh and squeal, crawl ALL OVER THE PLACE, and eat A TON! You are a little lady and a tough little country girl all at the same time. You put everything in your mouth! Today I noticed you were chewing on something so I swiped it out and ... IT WAS A BUG! You were happy to munch on it, the crunchiness didn't bother you a bit! (that's the country girl in you!)

You still are CRAZY about your "bubba" and "bubba" is your favorite word to say. You started signing "more" yesterday! So cute!! Your teeny tiny hands are just too precious for words. You like to feed yourself and sometimes move your head quickly to the side when we try to feed you. Little Miss Independent!

I love watching you sleep. You like to sleep on your side and your sweet face is just angelic. On many nights when I go to check on you, I pick you up and rock you for a while. This is my favorite time to pray for you and kiss your sweet cheeks. When you're awake you never want to miss a moment so sometimes when I rock you you are a bit wiggly. :)

You love books and LOVE playing in the playroom with Hudson. Sometimes he closes the door so you can't get in. You are just as happy to stand up at the door and watch him through the glass. You and Hudson are best friends.
Hudson loves to rock you and sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to you.

9 Month Stats:
Weight 17 lbs 12 oz
Height 27 in
You are now in the 25 percentile for height and 45 for weight! At 7 months you were in the 5th percentile!
You are a GREAT eater!
You tried fish this week and love it.
Some new foods you love: cottage cheese, oatmeal (not the baby kind), corn bread (we let you try some and you loved it), broccoli, beans, fish, zucchini
Shoe size: not sure! Your little feet are so tiny and round that shoes don't fit you very good! I think a size 1 though.
Diaper Size: 3
You wave and say bye bye
clap your hands
dance by rocking up and down
SING all the time!

I am having so much fun FINALLY finishing your room. Uncle Adam is painting you a very special painting and I have been making things for your walls. You are so much fun and so beautiful Autumn. I can already see so much joy in your heart and eyes.
Your pretty eyes! 

These pictures are when we found out you were a girl!
It was such an amazing and special day! 
They now hang in your room by the rocking chair.

You tried a pickle! 
(just a little taste you loved it!)

this is your sour face

I truly am so blessed to be your mommy! You make mommy feel so special all the time! When I walk in the room you start giggling and smiling. As soon as I leave you either chase after me or start pouting, then if I walk in again...ALL SMILES! Daddy loves to watch you do this. He asks me to walk in and out of the room to see your reaction! Because you are our second baby, we know how fast these little moments change and how quickly you will move on to the next stage, so we are trying to hold on to every little second. In the middle of the night moments when I'm so tired and wishing that you would sleep through the night, I rememeber that one day soon you will, and then I won't get the extra snuggles. So for now, I'm not taking those snuggles for granted! I'm loving each and every one! See you around 3:30 am sweet girl! I can't wait to rock you! :)

I love you my little Otter Pop!