Sunday, May 19, 2013


Oh Hudson,
You are growing so fast, getting so strong and so big! In one month you will be a THREE YEAR OLD! I remember the moment the Doctor placed you in my arms like it was just a blink ago! You continue to melt my heart with your sweet words and your silly self! You are getting to be quite such a little man! You love to open the door for mommy and if I'm getting a knife to cut food you always say, "be careful mommy, you don't want to cut yourself". You are so protective of me and your baby Autumn, I love it!  Along with all that sweetness comes a little sour too ;) You are very determined and strong willed. A wonderful trait the Lord has given you, we are working on learning how to use it for good so you don't get in trouble and have to go on timeout ;)!
Silly...Always making a silly face!

Your first day of swim lessons! You wanted to wear your fire boots!

Loving on mommy :)

Showing your muscles for Teacher Amy at Swim Lessons!

 One of your favorite things to do right now is catch frogs! We have tree frogs all over our yard, you are so gentle when you pick them up and put them in your "frog catcher". You always let them go at the end of the day so they can go home to their families.

My little Frog Catcher

This past Wednesday, you decided  you wanted to be potty trained! I haven't really had to do anything except help you get your pants up and down. You are AMAZING! You even have been waking up dry from naps and in the morning! You have been that way since you were a baby. You just decide when your ready and it's the easiest transition! You did this when you stopped nursing, moved to a big boy bed, and now potty training! You are a SUPER STAR!
You like to water the flowers!

You like to water the vegetables with the hose :)

You told me exactly what you want to do for your 3rd birthday party! Here's what you want...
*A blue triangle cake with a boat and a guy fishing and a fish...and water too.
*Hamburgers, beans, strawberries, apple juice and milk
*Homemade strawberry ice cream
*You want to play in the water and bounce house in your back yard
*And have your friends come play with you.
Oh I love you so much my sweet boy!

You are making it too easy for momma! You planned your whole party!! I can't wait to make it come true for you! You also asked VOVO to take you fishing on your actual birthday! You wanted to do that last year too, but we all got the flu and had to stay home. This year we will do it!

I love you so much buddy. You are my best boy, my little love, my hudder butter pie!

Chocolate Face! 

Loving your baby Autumn! You are such a wonderful big brother

Playing tackle with Daddy! One of your favorite games!

Jumping with Daddy and PaPa in Italy!

Working on our fence

Snuggling with VoVo

I love you to the moon...and back

Friday, May 17, 2013

8 Months Miss Autumn

May has been a very exciting month for Miss Autumn Faith!
You turned 8 months old and grew up so much! You stopped sleeping with a swaddle.
So precious. You move all over when you sleep. Tummy, side, are just like your big brother when it comes to sleeping;)

You started feeding yourself cheerios

you wake up smiling and smile all day!

and eat yummy eggs!

you drink from a sippy cup

VaVa gave you your first real dolly with matching outfit for you!

You tasted your first dirt...and loved it!

You love watching your bubba swim

Mommy loves to dress you up. You are my little dolly!

You are a CRAWLER! and very determined! :)

Your 8 month picture! I can't even stand it...I just want to kiss those cheeks every second that I have!
On Mother's Day you waved bye bye for the first time and said "bye bye" to T Bryan! You also Took Off Crawling! You took your first crawls in Italy but would just move a little. You are definitely Off and Crawling now!

and...TODAY you did this! (5/17/13)

and this! You stand in your crib now, chew on the rail and jump!

Daddy and I were talking about how blessed we are by you. You are a little ray of sunshine. You squeal when you see your brother. You love when Hudson tickles you, plays with you or just says your name! You and Hudson are best friends and it makes mommy and daddy so happy and proud to see the friendship you two share. We love you so much Autumn. It is so much fun to watch you discover and grow. You love when we sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! If you are crying, that song always makes you stop! 

8 month Stats:
I need to weigh and measure you!
You wear size 3 diapers
Size 1 shoes (shoes don't stay on your tiny feet so we usually go barefoot)
Size 3-6 months clothes *some 6-9 fit you but mostly 3-6
You eat all kinds of fruit and veggies and love it!
You haven't turned down any type of food yet.
You still nurse and wake up at least once at night to eat.
You became a cuddler this month!!! (MY FAVORITE)
You said "CUP" today for the first time! Yesterday you said "JACK"
You are the SWEETEST little thing in the whole world!

You are our sunshine, our pumpkin and our sweet little peanut! We love you so much!

What We've Been Up To

Wow...I'm so behind on blogging but that's because we've been having a ton of FUN!
April started with an AMAZING trip to Italy!! (blog to come) It was truly a trip of a lifetime!

(A couple pics from our trip)
more to come!!

The warm weather has brought us many new friends!
This is Stripes our King Snake!
He came over on Mother's Day.
We like him, he kills rattlesnakes!

This is Fred our Garder Snake. We've had about 3 or 4 of these but he's the biggest. 

This little stud loves to work with daddy outside.
Almost 3! 

We are so so so excited that our pasture fence is being built! My amazing Duncan and a crew of friends and family have been helping us! We can't wait to get Honey~B home!

Jack is 7 and such an amazing dog! We are so blessed to have him.

My hunk!

Hudson was so excited to give me my mother's day gift! "shotguns"
He picked them out all by himself :) We enjoyed a relaxing day all together on the day after mother's day (daddy worked on Sunday) and had a yummy dinner at Yosemite Ranch. So blessed by these little loves!

Our garden is planted and so far doing great. 
Our zucchini plant was taken out by a gopher so it's time to replant one!

Fun in the garden with my loves!

Hudson started swim lessons again and is doing great!
Amy Morris Swim School is seriously THE BEST!

Fence Day #1 Our Neighbors are seriously amazing! They came and helped get it started!

The Crew

Hudson has become quite the frog catcher!

We've been enjoying our amazing sunsets
God's creation is truly breathtaking!

Hudson has been diaper free for 2 days! We are so proud of him!

Fence Day #2!
We had a lot of help!

The boys came and played with Hudson. Love to see these 3 together!

The Boys!
Hudson, Wyatt, Luke and Colt!

Miss Autumn started pulling up today and said "cup" 
She's getting so big, yet she is still so tiny! I love it!

Just a quick catch up...