Friday, April 5, 2013

Miss Autumn Faith : Seven Beautiful Months

 Autumn Faith,
The sound of your name makes my heart skip a beat. When I hold you close and feel your soft breath on my skin and your warmth against me I completely melt. You are our miracle! Our sweet, soft, giggly Autumn! Even writing this makes me well up with tears, you have completely filled our lives with so much Love, joy and laughter.

You said "mama" last night for the first time (April 3, 2013). We had a house full of friends and I was holding you, we walked into the laundry room and there it was...a perfect little babble of "MAMA"! I screamed (a happy scream) and couldn't believe the sweet sound that I heard. There is nothing like hearing the voice of my baby say "mama". You made my day... my whole world!!

Your first babble (6 months) that sounded like something other than just sweet noise was "VAVA"... you love your vava so much. I'm not sure if you know what you are saying, but it sure makes us giggle and makes VaVa feel so so special.

Your favorite word to say is "bubba" You get a super serious face and yell..."bu bu bu bu bu" and you look around to see where your FAVORITE brother is. As soon as Hudson is in your sight you wiggle and smile and kick your feet. You love your bubba so so much and he loves you so so much back!

Your last week of being a 6 month old while in your crib at 4am you woke up and said, "da da da da" Daddy was at work but when I called him in the morning I could tell he felt super special to know that his princess was thinking of him while he was at work. You are already a daddy's girl. You look at him with the sweetest eyes and it just turns him to mush! Daddy always says he will get you a pony, so when you are able to talk, make sure you ask him for one! (my daddy got me a pony when I was 6, I still remember the day like it was yesterday. I wrote him a letter asking for a pony and I got one! I felt so special! Thank you daddy)

You are still our little peanut just wearing 3-6 months clothes now. Shoes still don't fit your tiny feet very well. You are tiny but OH SO STRONG! You sit up, roll over, you can stand up if we put you next to something to hold on to and boy oh boy do you like to JUMP! You are so close to crawling! You get up on your knees and rock!

You have the most beautiful smile, it lights up the room. Your eyes glisten when you smile and your giggle's truly the sweetest sound I've ever heard. It's soft and sweet. You put your shoulder to your ear when you giggle and close your eyes and wrinkle your nose oh so slightly. Pure preciousness!

You love to be outside and feel the grass between your tiny toes. 
You are just perfect in every way because God made you You!

7 Month Stats:
15 lbs 12 oz
25 inches (same as last month!) a growth spurt is coming!
size 2 diaper (almost ready to move to a 3)
size 0 or 1 shoes ( they don't stay on your feet)
3-6 month clothes
You have been waking up 1-3 times at night to eat
(momma is tired but I sure do love the extra snuggles)
You wake up smiling in the morning
your eyes are dark green now! so pretty
You are now in size 3 diapers
You have been sleeping through the night!!!!
You belly laugh all the time and it's my favorite!
I love you my sweet baby!

We love you Autumn Faith. You are our tiny miracle, our sweet princess, our baby girl!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter! He Is Risen!!

It was so much fun teaching Hudson the true meaning of Easter this year! He was given some resurrection eggs and really started to understand! I love it! HE IS RISEN!

Friday...We baked cookies, made rice crispy bunnies, colored Easter eggs and read an Easter Story about Jesus!
Our sweet boy! So was so excited about the Easter activities!
Autumn colored eggs with her big brother

We moved outside so we could make  A HUGE MESS!

I love every minute with this little love bug!

We used paint for Autumn and she loved it!
We put a couple dabs on the egg and let her become an artist!

She turned out to be quite the master piece 

So much fun! Hudson painted some and then Uncle Adam came with a huge surprise from Disneyland!
A CLAW from toy story so...the eggs were not quite as exciting as chasing his Uncle Adam with the Claw so I didn't get a picture of him :) 
(Thanks Uncle Adam for such a fun surprise! We are so blessed by you!)

Little colored piggies!

Autumn decided that she's (almost) ready to crawl!

 My family celebrated Easter the day before at my parent's house. It is so much fun to get together with my brothers and their families! VoVo and VaVa have 14 grandchildren now!
T Bryan helped Hudson find the really hard eggs!


Playing! So much fun

T Bryan and T Phil with our little man!

Daddy was working Saturday so he missed the fun.

Easter Sunday began with church and then...
Easter at the FIRE STATION with Daddy! 
Hudson couldn't wait!

Daddy's crew hid eggs and made lunch for us. It was so much fun

Happy kiddos!
We love Daddy!

Hudson and his buddy Cole had so much fun finding eggs, playing hide and seek and just being boys!

My loves!

There is nothing better than all being together! 
My heart is so happy!

Hudson and Autumn's baskets were hiding in Daddy's room at the station


Autumn's first Easter basket
VaVa bought Autumn's first Easter dress! 
It was so much fun getting her dressed

and of course I had to do a mini photo shoot ;)

Mommy made a special headband to match our little bunny's dress

We went to Nana's house after the fire station. 
Hudson played with his friend Beauty (the chicken)

Happy Easter

We even found a little bunny :)

We played outside all day!
 It was a beautiful day!
Thank you Jesus!