Thursday, March 28, 2013

March March March

March has FLOWN by, but it sure has been FUN
Autumn is now a professional sitter upper :)
and her little personality is blossoming just like the flowers outside.

Every chance I get I snap pictures. 
It's something I love to do and I Love to capture little moments.

This was the first day Autumn really explored the grass and trees.

These little hands pulled the grass and even grabbed tree bark off the tree

Autumn your little feet are so tiny, but someday you will walk and run and will use these precious feet to do miraculous things, like climb trees, ride horses, DANCE and run to people you love.

Your little cheeks are just so round and delicious like a yummy apple ;)

You love to explore.

 I love the progression of the next pictures!
Autumn stared at Hudson's ear for quite some time
Then...she reached up and snagged it!
"Don't pinch my ears Baby Autumn"

then the giggles began!

Oh I love them so much!

I told Hudson he could have a cookie if he would sit and do a photo shoot for me :)
He was busy digging but he did a great job!

Our little miracles! Every day...Every moment... I am thankful

Our little country boy is quite the worker these days!
Digging, pulling weeds...he loves being outside

We love you Hudder Butter Punkin' Nutter

Well it's snake season and....WE GOT ONE!
Our first rattler. He was little...(WAS) may he rest in peace

They look so much alike in this picture! Hudson wanted to snuggle with his baby

My Little Love

Hudson so proud that he is pushing his baby on the swing.


"Is that fun Baby Autumn?" 
They seriously melt this momma!

Looks who's in the big bath now! 
Autumn and her best big brother!

Spring time is so special. The birds are happy, trees are blooming and our little loves are growing, exploring and learning so much. Mommy and Daddy are learning too! Everyday our lives are changed because we are blessed by these little loves. Some days we need more coffee than others, some days the house stays a mess, some days we stay in jammies all day, some days we just run around like crazy. But...everyday is a treasure, a blessing and a joy. Just when I think I'm gonna lose my mind, something amazing happens. A kind word, a new discovery, a look across the room and see my babies giggling together...What joy! I am blessed. Thank you Jesus!

A Few Favorite Moments

There are some things I just never want to forget. Time goes by so fast and I love being able to say..."remember when..." So here are a few remember whens that I love!

Autumn loves to sit in the sink while mommy is getting ready! We talk about how it's good to always take care of yourself and to get pretty for daddy :)

She likes our girl talks! 

We had SNOW at our house! We woke up to a phone call from our sweet neighbor,"there is snow on your mountain!" 
I ran to wake Hudson up and sure enough...SNOW!! It was beautiful! 

We made homemade bird feeders and the birdies love them!
We just refilled them with yummy peanut butter and seeds so they can continue to enjoy a treat now that it's Spring time!

Daddy & Mommy got a night out on the town!
We went to Carrie Underwood! So much fun and much needed time together!

There is nothing sweeter than seeing our little loves play together and love each other!

Hudson is truly an amazing big brother. He always in concerned about "his baby" and loves to hug and tickle her.

He sure is silly!

Love! Pure Love!

Hudson Swing! He LOVES to fly and it just melts my heart to see him so happy!

The blossoms on our trees down our driveway were so gorgeous!
They don't last too long but they sure bring joy while they are blooming!
In this picture, Pop Pop, Grandma, Hudson and the dogs are enjoying a little stroll down our driveway.

Precious Friends
We are so blessed to have a house full of friends and family all the time!
It's a dream come true. Emily and Autumn loved hanging out!

Just some special memories I never want to forget!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Autumn Faith you are 6 Months

You have stayed tiny for so long, what a precious gift that has been. When you were born, we hustled and bustled to get into our home (we got the keys when you were 9 days old!) it was a bit of a crazy time. So I think God has kept you tiny for a bit longer just because He's awesome!!

You turned 6 months last Sunday and what an amazing week it's been!! You grew up so much this week little Miss Otter Pop! On Monday you started eating real food! We started with avocado and YOU LOVE IT! You eat 1/4 of an avocado twice a day. You want more but mommy and daddy think that you might burst if you eat more than that.

Your very first bite!
You took your first bite with a spoon from Grandma Mello (mommy's grandma)
This spoon will go in a little frame in your room 
(thanks for the idea Auntie Chelsea)

Give me more!

The first time you ate, you wanted to use the spoon by yourself!!

 You started sitting up like a pro this week! You'll sit and play with toys without wobbling at all! The first time you sat for a long time was Wednesday, February 27th at the Brisendine's house. You were playing with Gabby's dollhouse and loved it.

It's amazing to watch you explore your hands and feet. Your eyes are full of wonder when you look outside and see birds and butterflies. You are so smart and observant. You are so precious Autumn! You also started sleeping in your crib this week! See...I told you it was a big week! You love sleeping in your crib and sleep much better in there. We still swaddle you, and you usually wake up once during the night for some cuddles and to nurse.

When you were in my tummy growing, I would always pray that God would give you a kind, gentle heart. That you would shine His light and grow to be a woman of God. Autumn, although you are only 6 months old, you already shine for Jesus! You are so sweet, and loving and have such a gentle spirit. When you wake up in the morning you just lay in your crib and sing. Your eyes sparkle and your giggle is the sweetest sound I've ever heard.

Today I sat in your room rocking you and just couldn't believe that God gave me You! I feel so honored that he trusts me with one of his most precious gifts. He made you just the way you are, perfect in every way. As you grow, always remember that God made you and you are so special.

I love you so much Autumn Faith. Your squishy cheeks, the way you giggle at Hudson no matter what mood you're in (he's your favorite), your itty bitty feet and precious little rolls. You are our little girl and no matter how old you are, you will always be our little girl!
I walked in the room and saw this! My heart melted. 
Hugs and giggles!
Today we asked Hudson if he wanted mommy to have more babies. His response, "Ummm, maybe ones just like my baby Autumn" He loves you so much Autumn. He tells us you're his best friend!

6 Month Stats:
Weight: 13lbs 12oz
Height: 25 inches
Diaper: 2
Shoe: Newborn
Clothes: 0-3 (getting small) and 3-6 (still a little big)
Eye Color: they are still changing but are greenish brown with a hint of blue sometimes
Favorite toy: gumball machine and swirly ball
Most ticklish spot: under the rolls on your neck

We love you Autumn Faith. It's so much fun to watch you grow!