Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hudson You are Awesome!

You are 2 1/2 and AWESOME!

you have a great sense of humor and LOVE to laugh!
this is you squirting mommy while I took your picture (daddy's idea) :)

You are a natural athlete!

You are patient and love to build things!
you spend hours playing with your trains and building with your blocks and lincoln logs

Your smile melts us!

You are a little man of God! 
We ask you who you want to pray for and each day you ask to pray for your friends (Meaza, Ariana and Auntie Rachel and the little sweet boy that lives in Haiti) You have a kind loving heart.

You are adventurous and brave

You love your VaVa so much
You are so blessed to have so many loving grandparents and great grandparents

You love Jack and always remember to feed him.

You are an explorer and a country boy

You work with your hands 

You are wonderful!

My sweet boy!

Serious face when you're hard at work!

Riding your tree horse

Imagining you are high on the mountain!

My love

Jammies, fire boots, and a sweatshirt. 
The perfect play outfit!

You love your baby sister so much and always call her "my baby Autumn"

You are learning right and left and how to put your shoes on! 
You do great!

You sure love to play outside!

You love ringing the doorbell and waiting for mommy to answer it so surprised!

This is the face I see when I open the door! My love!

We love you so much and can't believe how big you are!
You are our Love!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

5 months and beautiful!

Autumn Faith,

You are 5 months now! I feel like you've been in our family forever...you were just meant to be! These past 5 months have been so amazing, every moment is a treasure, a gift from God!

Your first painting! 
For Daddy's birthday card! You did so good!

All snuggled up!

Daddy gave you a bath in the sink! You love the water!

Every day you make our hearts melt! You are joyful, sweet and giggly. You are getting squishier every day!

Super Bowl weekend marked 1 year that we thought we lost you. At 10 weeks pregnant we had a very big scare. As that date approached this year and I held you in my arms I was overwhelmed with thankfulness. God protected you. You are our miracle. Our sunshine!
Your eyes have turned a dark green! So pretty!

You wrinkle your nose when you smile now!

You weigh around 14lbs now according to our scale. You are still tiny but you sure have some great rolls and a big Portuguese coo (booty)! You wake up smiling and usually go to bed smiling. You are just a happy little thing and your happiness is contagious!
You love when Daddy blows on your cheek!

blowing raspberries with your tongue! Your new trick


Choo.... even your sneezes are adorable!

You love to jump in your jumperoo, grab your toys, laugh at your brother, giggle when we kiss your neck and you love to be in the baby bjorn close to mommy!

You love playing with your Big Brother!

Hudson giving you a horsey ride!

You squeal and grunt when you laugh. You kick and splash your legs in the bathtub. You are drooling like crazy but no teeth yet.

sucking your fingers

Your first Super Bowl
You wanted the 49ers to win so  you wore red!

The face we love! Look at those cheeks!

Things you do now:
January 29 (daddy's birthday) you started reaching for us!!
February 8- you started blowing raspberries with your tongue
You roll over really good now and do it all the time (tummy to back)
You can put your paci in your mouth all by yourself! (February 10)
You LOVE to jump! If we hold you you try to stand up and jump!
when on your back you try to do a sit-up (so strong)
You grab all your toys and put things in your mouth
*When mommy gets ready I sometimes put you in the sink to watch me. I put a blanket in to keep it  comfy. You love to watch mommy do her hair and make-up!
You can sit up for a couple of seconds! you are getting better every day!

sitting up!

You weigh around 14 lbs
Shoe Size - 0
Diaper Size- 2
Clothes- some 0-3 month still fit you! and some 3-6 are still too big!
You take 3 naps a day around: 9, 12 and 5
You wake up usually around 3:30am and eat then back to sleep (lately you've been waking up more) *you are growing!
You are still nursing but mommy gives you formula if we are going somewhere b/c I don't have enough stored up. You are happy to eat anything! (such an easy baby)

We love you so much Autumn Faith
You are such a joy and a blessing!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Beautifully Broken

A sweet friend used this term while we talked about our experience this past week..."Beautifully Broken". What a perfect way to describe the feelings that cloud my mind. This last week was one of the most memorable weeks of our lives.

When you see Jesus face to face in the eyes of a child, it will change you forever...and it did! We were so blessed to host 2 children from His Little Feet

(I borrowed this picture from His Little Feet Website)
Visit their site for more info about their mission and to help support them! We believe so much in what they do and will be joining in helping support them! I'd love for you to join us in any way you can to help them be the VOICE to MILLIONS OF CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD!

hislittlefeet.org His Little Feet exists to help, love and train 

The purpose of the His Little Feet Children’s Choir Tour is to give a voice to millions of children around the world who do not have a voice, and to equip the American church to practically respond to the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.His Little Feet exists to help, love and train orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.

This last week has touched our life and filled a void we didn't even know was there. We played and giggled and sang and danced. Cooked and hiked....we turned the tv on 1 time so that Hudson could share a Mickey Mouse episode with his new friends. It was so refreshing to just FOCUS on what was IMPORTANT. TIME!! So often as the days go on, I fill my day with "DOING" things...trying to clean, BLOG, check my FB...and while these precious girls were here we put everything on hold and just spent time. Precious time that changed our lives. It's amazing how God uses children. Children's lights shine so bright for Jesus, much brighter than I believe ours could shine. They are innocent, pure, precious and so naturally loving. 

We feel so blessed to have spent this time with these amazing girls. We fell in love with them and the message they are spreading. They truly brought awareness to us and made us realize the children in the "pictures" are REAL CHILDREN! That sound weird but, we have sponsored children for years. Our payment is on auto pay, we send them things whenever World Vision sends us a card to sign to send them. We look at their pictures, but often time goes on when we forget. It's embarrassing to admit that, but NOW... they are more than a picture, more than just someone we give a little to every month. They are GOD'S TREASURE! Wow...as I write this I remember what it felt like to hug the girls that were here. To imagine what it must be like to have walked in their shoes. 

There is no way I could ever relate or come close to understanding what they feel because we have. We have...everything we need. Yet, in there sweet, kind, loving eyes. THEY FEEL THEY HAVE EVERYTHING THEY NEED. JESUS! His Little Feet equips these children, teaches, loves, GIVES. They have so much FAITH and you can see it!

One of the songs they sing speaks so loudly to me. Chills, tears...

"What joy, what joy for those who hope is in the name of the Lord,
What peace, what peace for those who's confidence is HIM ALONE"

can you imagine giving the LORD your EVERYTHING? ...no really EVERYTHING! We strive for that and I feel I miss it every time, we have so much that all too often we don't NEED God. But these sweet angels...they get it! They have changed our lives forever. They will forever be part of our family.

We feel so blessed that we were able to experience this last week. The Lord is working in us, we aren't sure quite yet what he is teaching us, but HE is definitely doing something amazing!

We picked stars together so that we would always remember each other when we looked up. (Orion's Belt) Isn't it so amazing that God created the world so that no matter where you are you see the same stars! That's pretty incredible!  

Missing these sweet faces as I write this! If you are touched in any way by the journey of His Little Feet, please go to their website and join us in helping support them and/or praying for them! They have truly touched our hearts! hislittlefeet.org