Monday, January 14, 2013

Autumn Faith 4 Months Old

Autumn Faith,
You are 4 months old! You wiggle and giggle and sing so loud! You are so sweet and so strong! You love to jump in the jumperoo and grab your toys. You try to sit up but are still too little. You are a tiny little thing only in the 5th percentile for height and 10th percentile for weight. You have the most beautiful smile and sparkly eyes. You are our dream come true. Our daughter. Our Princess. Our littlest Love.

Your beautiful eyes are still very light. 
Greenish, Blueish and just Gorgeous

This is you singing! Mommy sings then says, "your turn" and you sing and sing

You have the cutest little chunky thighs and chubby cheeks

This is you singing again!
I love it!

You suck on your fingers and thumb. You don't have a favorite yet you like them all.

Rolls...I could just gobble them up!

More fingers to chew on!

Chubby little cheekies!

Beautiful sweet darling!

You don't sleep as good as  you used to. You started waking up at least once at night sometimes more. Sometimes you're hungry and sometimes you have a tummy ache.

4 month Stats:
12 lbs. 3 oz
23 inches long
size 0-3 or 3-6 month clothes
size 2 diaper
size 0 shoes
you are a good eater and love mommy's milk
you take 2-3 naps during the day
You LOVE your big brother and love to snuggle with him
You love your Daddy! 
You think mommy is so funny and you love to cuddle with me.
You love to be in the Bjorn and go on walks close to mommy.
You still like to be swaddled and sleep in your bassinet in mommy & daddy's room.
You have the BEST giggle!
You love to be in the bath
You don't roll over much but you know how

Autumn, You bring so much joy, thankfulness and love to this family. You are our little miracle baby! It seems like yesterday we were afraid we lost you...and now you are here. in our arms. perfect. beautiful. You!
We are thankful.
We love you to the moon...and back

Ready..Set..Christmas Catch Up!

I am so behind on my blogging! So many wonderful memories are happening and I am just too slow to get them down! I love being able to look back on "Our Story" and see where we've been and how our babies have grown! So...Here's a quick catch up!

We had so many wonderful memories made during Christmas time.

We went to MiMi & PaPa's cabin with the WHOLE FAMILY! Everyone was there and it was FABULOUS!! Sledding, building a snowman, cuddling around the fire, singing, LAUGHING, enjoying each other! It was absolutely wonderful!
The crazy...Silly Family!
(Uncle Adam and Hillary, Auntie Brookie and Clay came the next day)

Auntie Chels taking the boys for a ride!

Uncle Joe & Auntie Megan
All the way from Virginia!!


Papa and Hudson reading everyone The Night Before Christmas

When we got home...
The 23rd was the Mello Family Christmas!
The cousins played, we all played the BEST GAME of pictionary EVER!! Annual Talent Show and lots of presents and food!
being silly!! 

COUSINS! We are so blessed by all these boogers!

VaVa & VoVo
we love them so much!

Jake taking care of Hudson
(hudson was crying in time-out, Jake was being a good big cousin and picked him up to make him feel better not knowing he was in trouble. It was the cutest thing ever! They snuggled for a long time.)
Trying to get a picture! Always comical!
Daddy was working for this party.

It was time for CHRISTMAS at HOME!!

Hudson and Autumn watched Christmas movies together!
and we had A LOT of family come visit!!
We hosted Grandma and Pop Pop's Christmas at our house!! So much fun!

Hudson and his basketball "poop"

Grandma and her beautiful Newman boy!

Getting ready for Santa!

We all snuggled in Hudson's room for some Christmas stories

Silly Silly Silly

MiMi & PaPa came too!!

We went on a lot of hikes! So fun to share our home with family!

Autumn and Hudson made a special treat for the Reindeer!

Another hike along our horse trails!

Jack was feeling festive!

VoVo got to come too! VaVa was sick :( We missed her so much

Everyone was so happy!

Our backyard on the way to our Creek


Autumn had a wonderful first Christmas

We visited Honey~B and brought her special treats!

 We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, laughed, watched movies, drank lots of Hot Chocolate and Coffee and ate way too much! It was wonderful! Santa even brought Hudson a "basketball poop" just what he asked for! I love the holidays! It was truly amazing having our home full of family! A dream come true!!