Monday, December 31, 2012

Popi & Granny

We are so blessed to have such a loving family!
Granny & Popi came to visit and watched our babies so we could go to a Christmas party!

Autumn loves Granny so much!

Our Ugly Sweaters!
(found in my dad's drawer! I added to them :) 

Popi & Autumn

We went to church and breakfast then...

visited daddy at the fire station

we love you Granny & Popi!


December Fun!

Just a little catch up!

Our Advent calendar is full of fun activities! On Dec 13 we made a fort!
Uncle Adam helped!

The password to get in was..."FART" lol...boys!

We all squeezed in :)

Uncle Adam and Hillary too!

We've been enjoying the our beautiful home with lots of adventures!

We got a new wheelbarrow! Thanks to VoVo, VaVa, T Phil and TT 

I really like to sit in it and go for rides!

My daddy is my best friend! We have so much fun together!!

that's all for now.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Something about making traditions just makes me happy. I remember always putting the angel on the top of our tree, my daddy would hold me up and I would place it on top. My mom and brothers would all be watching. Decorating the tree all together, hanging up our stockings and waiting patiently for the day to come! I would wake up early and run through the house announcing that "Santa Came, Santa Came!" It feels like those memories were just yesterday. Now, we get to make traditions with our own family.

Clovis Christmas Parade

Here are a few...
After decorating our tree! 

We went to Hillcrest Christmas Tree farm this year. We took a ride on the Choo Choo (in the pouring rain) It was quite an adventure! 

We chop down our tree (this year the chop down trees were too small so we bought one that was already chopped)

There is a silly picture of Duncan as a child that we put on the top of the tree. It just makes us laugh!

We decided that our tree will probably always be a collection of ornaments from young and old. Store bought and homemade. I love looking at old pictures, homemade just makes my heart smile.

Duncan and I have given each other an ornament for Christmas since we started dating. It is still a tradition we carry on and now also do the same for our little loves.

Teaching our babies about the true meaning of Christmas is the most important for us. We have a Nativity scene and also have some books we read about the birth of Jesus.

We also love the fun silly parts about Christmas. Our elf "Buddy" joined us last year for Christmas. Hudson loves finding him every morning!

Our Homemade advent calendar.
Each day we read what they say. Here's a few samples:
Make a fort
Drink hot chocolate
jump on the bed in your jammies! (Hudson liked this one a lot!)

Hudson put on his own first ornament this year. It made me cry! 

Mommy and Autumn putting on her first ornament ever!

These moments make me so emotional! 
Dunc says I'm an emotional wreck! lol

I love this time of year! 

Autumn Faith 3 Months

Sweet Autumn Faith,
You are 3 months old now and the sweetest baby girl in the whole world! I still get so emotional thinking back to last February when we thought we lost you. The Lord is so good! You have the cutest little chunky thighs and little rolls under your chin. You are just a tiny little thing! 10lbs 14oz and 22 inches! You are in the 10th percentile for height and weight!

You started giggling at Thanksgiving time! You like to pick important days to do special things! Your first smile was on mommy & daddy's 5 year anniversary and you giggled at Grandma on Thanksgiving. You are very very ticklish!

You love to be cuddled and don't like to be alone. Just like mommy:)

Here are some things you are doing:
You can roll over but don't do it very often.
You just started grabbing your toys if they are hanging in front of you.
You love your swing
You sleep good at night and wake up between 5-6 to eat then go back to sleep.
Mommy is getting ready to put you on a big girl nap schedule, but right now you just sleep when you want and play when you want.
You love taking a bath and splash and wiggle so much in the water!
You are a talker! You squeal and coo and smile!

You wear size 1 diapers
Size 0-3 clothes (some newborn still fits you!) and some 3-6 fits you.
Size 0 shoes
Your eyes are still a blueish green. They are just beautiful!
You love walks and being in the Bjorn close to mommy.

You are daddy's princess and mommy's miracle! We love you so much Autumn Faith. We pray that your heart will fall in love with Jesus at a young age and that He is guiding your future husband to be a man of God who will take care of you like Daddy takes care of Mommy. We love you...
You just woke up from your nap and I hear you crying, so I'm going to get you! I love holding you!! I love you so much sweetie pie!

Hudson, you melt my heart!

Dear Hudson,
You are almost 2 1/2! You are full of laughs, questions, tickles, smiles, an occasional fit. You love to play football, tackle daddy, run down the hallway and watch movies. You are such a joy and so silly! The things you say crack us up! Here are some of your recent words that made us laugh so hard we cry...or just so sweet that it made mommy cry!

While eating your lunch, mommy asked you to eat your sandwich too not just your crackers so you could get big and strong. Your response, "Fishy crackers make me strong...and give me armpit hair too! Can you take my shirt off so I can see?"
Singing Fa La La La La
while helping Daddy put up Christmas lights!

While eating dinner, "Daddy, do you have armpit hair? I don't, I only have elbows." (not sure why you are so interested in armpit hair...but it's pretty funny!)

When daddy was at work you asked to sleep with mommy and of course mommy said ok! You were almost asleep and leaned over touched my arm and sang, "Your beautiful!" you did that 2 times and mommy's heart was melted all over the floor! Such a sweet boy!

You love your sister so much and if she's crying you always make sure we know that we need to pick her up and give her milk. You are already so protective of her. Thank you for being such a wonderful big brother. You have never been mean to her. I'm sure that you and Autumn will have your arguments one day, but always know that God gave you to each other to be best friends.

When daddy is gone at work you miss him so much. You say, "I really miss daddy" your sweet eyes tell how you are feeling at all times. Whether happy, sad or mad...your eyes show it!

Such an amazing helper!

You went in the house and got your little ladder so  you could help daddy!

You love splashing in the puddles when it rains and getting dirty outside. You are such a country boy and I love it. I love you Hudson...all of you! Even the fits and tantrums. Each part of you makes you who you are. You are growing and learning and becoming independent. You are strong and kind and stubborn and sweet all at the same time. You are You! God made you just the way you are and I am in love with every part of you.
In time out
It's no fun, but we are teaching you to have a kind heart and to be obedient.

Thank you for being my sweet boy! I love you to the moon ... and back at least a billion times!