Friday, November 30, 2012

31! How did I get that old?

Well I still feel like I'm 25, in fact I often think I am! So when my birthday came this year I was pretty surprised to find out that I'm actually 31! ha

Sweet Hudson wanted to make me a cake...not just any cake, but a  CHOO CHOO cake! So we did! We spent the day as a family, we had planned on going to Shaver Lake (our tradition) but we were all a little sicky so we stayed home...went on a walk, baked a cake, and I even got to ride our neighbor's horse for a bit!

My mom came to watch the babies in the evening and me and my love went on a much needed date! (it's been way too long!)

Don't laugh....It's a Choo Choo cake!

My little chef! 

On our favorite!

Birthday snuggles from my little love

Happy Birthday Mommy!
I feel so blessed to have all that I have. The Lord has truly given me the greatest gifts!

More Thankfulness!

Thanksgiving Started on Wednesday and kept on giving....
Thursday we spent the day with Nana and her family at Copper River Country Club. Oh My was DELICIOUS!!! Grandma & Pop Pop came with us too. We ended the night by visiting Daddy at the fire station. It was a wonderful day!
AND BRIANNA WAS HOME!!! We love her so much!

Hudson thought this nutcracker was pretty cool!

Hudson loves Brianna!!

This little sweetie gives mommy the best snuggles!

Squirmy and full of love


PopPop and Grandma

So blessed by these folks!

Getting pictures is not easy with a spunky 2 year old!
Love that boy!

Autumn and Brianna!

These eyes melt my heart!

Sweet little lips! 

Happy First Thanksgiving Autumn Faith!

 Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed down to Glendora. MiMi & PaPa prepared an amazing dinner for everyone! It was so much fun to see all of the family and to love up on our nephew Kaleb!

Sweet Kisses

Always up to something!

Goof Balls!

It's a little harder to get pictures with two babies!!

My little princess


Our sweet Niece Lacey and Autumn

Hudson always loves to play the piano when we visit MiMi & Papa's house. It's one of the most precious times to watch Hudson and Papa play together!

We also got to meet a very special little girl! Adeline Nall! She is so beautiful!

Oh So Thankful!

Smokin' the turkey! Dunc woke up at 4am to get our TWO turkeys smoking!
Our first time hosting Thanksgiving at our home!

Adam, Hillary and our little Autumn Faith

THE BOYS! Colt, Luke & Hudson doing some diggin'!

We all went exploring on our property! We found so many cool spots in our creek!

We named this Whale Rock Beach :)

Hudson's private beach!

So Thankful for these 3 men! 
Adam, Dunc & Phil in the Creek

I am most thankful that God brought me this amazing man!!

My brother Phil & My Daddy!

Love these girls
So blessed by our family

Uncle Adam and Hudson spent a lot of quality time together! They are best buddies!

Rock Climbing

This just makes me smile!
Love my brother and sister so much!

My daddy!

Hudson was so excited to play in the sand in "his creek" as he calls it ;)

Thankful Thankful Thankful

My daddy and our Princess!

Sissa came to spend the night with us too! We love her!
We are so blessed!