Tuesday, October 30, 2012


October has been full of fun! Here's a little catch up!

Autumn's friend Emily came to visit :) 

Uncle Marken & Tia Cristal (aka Sissy) finally met Autumn Faith! She loved them!

Hudson borrowed a super hero costume for a dress up birthday party but he didn't get to go because he got a little sick. He still had fun running down the hallway playing superhero with daddy!

The first rain at our new house! 
Hudson was so excited and had to put on his boots and jump in the puddles! 

Hudson and Uncle Marken :) 

We had family pictures with the Mello side and VoVo took all the kids on a hay ride!
It was so fun!

Hudson getting tickled by Isabella & Gabriela

I finally got back in the saddle again! Felt so good to ride!
Hudson rode too!

Hudson finally got to pick his cantaloup in VaVie's garden!
(she even had to go buy one and put it in the garden b/c the others had gone bad) 
What a good VaVie! Hudson was SOOO HAPPY!

Playing with the pigs with Luke & Colt

Picking his pumpkin :)

Isabella took him through the maze at the Calico Art Festival

Playing Hoops with Daddy!
Dunc is growing his mustache for charity! 
It is shaved off on November 10th
Hudson wants to be like daddy :)

October came and went so fast and it was so much fun!
We even saw a tarantula today while on our walk! So many fun things at our new house!!

Autumn rolled over for the first time on October 22! She is following in her brother's footsteps! She rolled over on the tummy time mat just like Hudson did!

Just a little catch up! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Miss Autumn Faith 6 weeks old

Our little pumpkin is 6 weeks old!
My sweet friend Kelly sent Autumn this beautiful blanket so I had to do a little photoshoot! Thanks Kelly!

9lbs 2oz


oh so sweet

getting chunky

sweet little sounds

sleeping all night most of the time

pretty bright eyes

God's most precious gift!
Autumn Faith

Country Livin'

We have been having a blast at our new house! Hudson ALWAYS wants to wear his boots, dig in the dirt and find lizards with daddy!
Helping daddy feed Jack...all a boy needs is a diaper and some boots :)

It's been sunny, so Hudson grabs his cowboy hat and shovel and heads to the dirt!

Love this hard workin' boy!

Mommy made some pumpkin outfits for the babies! So fun to get behind the sewing machine again!

Hudson got a PACKAGE in the mail!! He was so excited!
Thank you Nana!! 

Hudson loves his baby! Autumn wore Hudson's "my first Halloween" jammie the other day. Hudson thought that was pretty cool!

Our sweet bright eyed girl in her overalls

Auntie Bree & Jackson watched the Fresno State game with us! Such cute babies

Fall has been so fun so far! We look forward to playing in the fallen leaves soon!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Brisendine Photography

My beautiful friend Traci Brisendine of Brisendine Photography http://www.brisendinephotography.com/ 
took these adorable pictures of Miss Autumn Faith at 4 days old!! 

Mommy & Daddy weren't prepared for pics so don't mind the bed head :)

Thank you Traci for capturing these Oh So Sweet pictures! 
We love you!