Wednesday, September 19, 2012


VaVa brought this beautiful flower for our new house the night we got our keys. Hudson carried it around and would not let it out of his sight! He loves this flower!!

After many many many prayers, 7 months of waiting to hear from the bank, a very patient realtor, multiple offers on different houses...The Lord gave us a home!!!

We are so in love with our new home and are so excited to create memories with friends and family, watch our babies grow and fill this home with love, laughter and God's love!!

Our first picture at our front door.
September 11, 2012 we got our keys!! 
Hudson 2 years old, Autumn 9 days old

Look at this face!! he's so excited!

Running up and down our hallway!!!



This is the only painting I did! Thank you to all our friends and family who helped us get our house painted and ready to move in! We're almost done!! I haven't been much of a help...a newborn and 2 year old have been keeping mommy busy!

The view from our backyard patio.

Ice cream on the porch with Auntie Megi!

Love them!


Our little brave guy! Such a good helper
(don't worry...we were next to him!)

Helping daddy

Our little loves on the patio! Many ice creams will be eaten on this patio! Looking forward to making so many memories in this house that is now our home!
Thank you Jesus for providing a home for us! We are forever grateful!

A little catch up

This past week has been so busy and so fun!
Autumn met her T. Phil & TT Cybil and the boys ;)

Sunny & Adam came to visit our new house and met our little sweetie! Autumn loved Sunny and fell asleep right in her arms.

Auntie Megan came all the way from Virginia to meet the princess!! 
This is Auntie Megan singing Disney songs to Miss Autumn.
"So this is Love" 

I couldn't resist taking some pictures of these tiny fingers and toes! So sweet and OH SO LITTLE!

Perfect little piggies!

Hudson had so much fun with Auntie Megan!

Snuggles before my beautiful cousin Jamie's wedding rehearsal.

Hudson loves to touch his baby.


Eating ice cream on our new back patio!

snuggles with mommy...(tired mommy, but it's so worth it!)

Autumn's First Bath

Autumn's First bath was so sweet! 
8 days Old
Autumn, you loved the water and were so happy to be all warm and snugly after too!

Hudson wanted to help, so we let him! Allowing him to help is not only precious to us, but it lets him feel like he's a part of this new adventure of being a BIG BROTHER!

We filled the bathtub for Hudson and placed Autumn's baby bath in there too. Hudson wanted to wash her little feeties :) SO PRECIOUS!

He asked if he could get in her bath with her. So we attempted.
It's so much fun having two babies. We are so in love!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

One Week Old

Miss Autumn Faith Reid

You bring more joy to this family than we ever thought possible! Today, you are one week old. 7 days of snuggling, holding you, kissing your sweet cheeks, holding your tiny fingers and loving you.

It's hard to believe we ever survived without your sweet face. You complete us. Hudson loves being your big brother and Mommy & Daddy love being your parents.

You are such a good baby! You have been sleeping at least 4 hours at a time at night and go 3-4 hours between most feedings. You love to snuggle and be held as close as possible.
At your first doctor appointment you weighed 7 lbs 3 oz. of perfection. 
You are such a good eater! You have a really really strong suck and we have been working on getting your latch right so mommy doesn't have owies.

Yesterday Tess Johnson a lactation consultant came to help mommy and she weighed you, you weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz! Already gaining weight!

You are one week old today!
We love you more and more every day!
All the way to the moon ... and back!

Precious Moments

This week has been full of precious, take your breath away moments! Seeing our two beautiful babies together is like nothing I've ever experienced before. Hudson calls Autumn, "My Baby Autumn" he loves her so much. When she cries, he says, "she needs her milk" and he's had the opportunity to help feed her too.

We are completely blessed beyond what we ever thought possible and completely, head over heels in love!

Hudson often asks to hold long as she's not crying. 

This barn was Hudson's BIG BROTHER gift from Autumn. 
He loves it!!

He wanted Autumn to play too :)

"I wanna hold her daddy"

We reminded him that he can't pick her up by himself.

All ready for his baby!

Look at his face!! Just melts me!

Hudson loves to help feed Autumn when she gets a bottle.
Autumn's latch was shredding mommy's nipples, so we got some help from Tess Johnson an amazing lactation consultant and while they healed, Autumn got mommy's milk from a bottle...Hudson liked getting to help.

The most amazing man, husband and daddy in the whole world. 
I still can't believe he's mine! So thankful for the man he is!

All squished up loving on Daddy!

Autumn Faith's favorite spot on Daddy!

Her favorite spot on mommy

He even loves me when I look like this! 
I'm a lucky girl!

Hudson loves watching Autumn in her swing

Melt My Heart Moment!!

Thank you Jesus!

This just might be my favorite picture so far!
Hudson wanted Autumn Faith to join him for story time before bed,
and he wanted her to sit on his lap.
Another moment to just melt my heart!

Lord, you are the reason to give thanks, we praise you and thank you for your blessings and protection. Thank you for choosing Duncan and I to raise these precious babies. We pray that they grow to love YOU above all else, that their light would shine so bright for YOU and that others will come to know YOU because of their amazing love for YOU.
Thank you for my family!