Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Firefighter Olympics 2012

On July 17-19th we headed to San Jose for Duncan to compete in Firefighter Olympics! He was on a basketball team that consisted of men from Fresno Fire and Clovis Fire Departments. It was SO MUCH FUN and we absolutely LOVED watching Daddy play! It took me back to our college days when I used to watch him play football! Watching Duncan compete in sports is one of my favorite things to do! He's such a stud athlete!!

Hudson yelled, "GO DADDY GO!!!" when Dunc was playing and wanted to sit on the bench with the team! He's ready to play!

It was so much fun to see the fire families from all over CA route on their favorite guys!
We stayed at the host hotel and it was FULL of firefighters and families...it was awesome!

Our Stud Muffin!


These kiddos were so cute, and so into the game!!

My happy boys!

Daddy discussing basketball with his boy!

Oh Yeah! 


Hudson was so proud of Daddy


I love my family and Love that we are part of the Clovis Fire Family!
Such a wonderful Department!

Bye Bye Auntie Megan & Uncle Joe!

Hudson Loves His Uncle Joe & Auntie Megan!

Last week we made a quick trip to give hugs and kisses to Auntie Megan & Uncle Joe. They are on a new journey to Virgina for 3 years! We are so excited for all the memories they will make and hopefully we'll get to go visit them!!

Auntie Megan took us on base to watch airplanes fly and to visit the beach!

Megan, Dunc & Hudson

Watching the airplanes! Hudson LOVED it!

The loves of my life!! So blessed by these two!

My little man brings me so much joy! So excited to see him as a big brother!


Hudson loved running on the beach!

We had so much fun and even got to visit with Auntie Brookie, Clay and Grandma!

We love you Uncle Joe & Auntie Megan! Praying for your new adventure and can't wait to see  you again!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

T Bryan's Tractor

Hudson has been asking for A LONG TIME to go ride on T Bryan's tractor!
We finally got to do it :)

He had so much fun! T Bryan is the sweetest uncle ever! He let Hudson drive all over and let him pick which tractor he wanted to drive!
Hudson was so proud to sit with T Bryan!

He was very serious! Tractor driving is a big job for such a little guy!

After he was all done driving the tractor, T Bryan took him to look for frogs in the pond.
Then...They picked nectarines, Hudson ate at least 5! T Bryan was giving him 2 at a time to munch on!!

Thanks T Bryan for such a fun day! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

8 Months and Growing

My sweet cousin Liz is just the sweetest girl ever! She's been dabbling in photography and is quite talented :) While visiting my momma yesterday, Liz came and spent the day with us and snapped some prego shots of the Autumn Faith bump!

We giggled so much and had a complete blast!
Here are a few that she edited and sent to me. 

Thanks Lizzie for the fun day and the cute shots of my bump! I can't wait to meet our sweet little Autumn Faith! I love her so much already and can't help but dream about what it will feel like to hold her in our arms!

8 Month Stats:

Currently 33 weeks 3 days pregnant
46 days Remaining until DUE DATE
Weight: 146 (YIKES!) :)

Miss Autumn has recently decided to turn breech and it's quite uncomfortable!
Hoping she moves back to head down soon!

Autumn is measuring 4 days small according to the ultrasound
so....I have been going in TWICE a week for Non-Stress tests and fluid checks to make sure our little sweetie is growing ok. Hopefully this will end soon. The doctor is being extra careful to assure she is growing and healthy...but that's A LOT of appointments.

Other than being tired at the end of the day, I've been feeling great!
I absolutely love feeling Autumn wiggle around in there and love how much Hudson asks and talks about his baby sister.  

I can't believe that we'll be a family of FOUR soon!! It's just crazy! 
I feel like it was just yesterday that I met this sweet, tall guy in Baker Hall!
I'm so in love with my amazing Duncan! 

Can't wait to meet you Miss Autumn Faith!!
We love you to the Moon and Back!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fair Time!

The Kings County Fair!
Something about this fair...it feels like HOME!
Growing up we were at the fair ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!
Showing pigs, family, friends, pony rides....It's just awesome!

This year two of our nieces showed at the fair! Samantha showed pigs and Grace had a heifer. It was so much fun to watch them in the ring! I LOVE the fair and LOVED sharing it with Hudson!
He absolutely had a blast! 

Although we have a horse of our own, there is just something about a pony ride :)
Look at our little cowboy! 
He picked the pony named OREO!


One of the buildings had train sets and a fire truck!! Hudson was in HEAVEN!

VoVo (my daddy) and Cole (my nephew) found a little lizard...
(it's on VoVo's hat here!) The little guy took a liking to VoVo!

T Bryan took Hudson to see the Horsey Guys! Hudson thought it was pretty cool but held on tight to 
T Bryan!

I captured these sweet shots of Thane and Hudson!
Hudson thinks his big cousin Thane is so cool!

We had so much fun playing with cousins and visiting family at the fair! Just like the old days!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

Hudson Sportin' his RED WHITE & BLUE
We had such a fun 4th of July! Our tradition is to go to Newport and spend time with the Reid side of the family, but this year Duncan had to work. We were sad that we missed the Newport festivities, but we had a blast at home!

My sweet friend Becca's hubby had to work too, so we joined her for an evening of fireworks at the Smittcamps! It was such a beautiful setting full of friends and All American Fun!
Hudson is so in love with his baby sister!

Hudson was excited about everything!

Mommy & Hudson had to coordinate :) 

Our Future Quarterback :) 

Mommy rocked the Autumn Faith bump! 
Love my sweet girl :)

Daddy had to work, but we got to see him for a little bit!!!
(the highlight of our night!)

I love this girl so much!

The Penners! 
Love them!

Something about fireworks...So magical!

Becca celebrated her FIRST Independence Day as an

I love 4th of July! It's so much fun!