Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2 Years Old!

Two years ago, we held a tiny boy wondering what your voice would sound like, what your little personality would be. We wondered if we'd ever sleep again, if we'd ever figure out how to be a good mommy & daddy. We dreamed...we prayed...we loved...

Two years ago, the Lord blessed us with YOU. Our most precious gift. A gift that would be irreplaceable, a feeling that was unexplainable and our hearts were overflowing...and our hearts still grow In Love With YOU.

You have become our sweet, gentle, kind, loving...ALL BOY, rough and tumble, giggly, silly, sports lovin', movie watching, bug catching, dog poop scooping, swimming, running, tackling, baseball loving LITTLE BOY! You are so smart, and amaze us Every Single Day at what you say and do!

You can now count to 18!! We didn't even know you knew how to do this and then a couple of days ago YOU DID! You can say your ABC's, spell your NAME! and you are learning ASL and know most of your colors. You AMAZE us! You can go pee pee on the potty and in the grass, but we are not potty training yet.

You are just so silly!
You wanted to be a SOCCER BALL!

You can hit a baseball of the T like a champ, you can catch and throw, you are responsible and like to help clean up dog poop, take out the trash and take care of mommy when she gets an owie. You are gentle and kind and love your dog JACK. You love to play sports with Daddy and Uncle Adam.

Check Out that Form!! You're a Natural!

You love all of your grandparents and know all of their names! THERE IS A LOT!! VaVa & VoVo, Grandma & Pop Pop, MiMi & Papa, Granny & Popi, Vizi VoVo & Great Grandma, and Nana too! You also know all of your aunts and uncles and cousins by name!! It's pretty amazing!  Family means the world to us and you sure have A LOT of family to love you and to love!

We had BIG plans for JUNE 18th this year! We were going to go FISHING on VoVo's boat with VoVo and VaVa...but...we ALL got the flu! YUCK! The day before your birthday was Father's day, we spent the day loving on Daddy and went to see Madagascar 3 at the Movie Theater. On the way home you said your tummy hurt. When daddy got you out of the car...YOU WERE SICK!! You threw up all night :( Mommy & Daddy got it too and many of your other friends who were at your party :(. It was a yucky buggy that made us all sick!

You blew out your candles about 5 times!
We just kept singing! It was so fun!

SO....we spent June 18th cuddling in bed (it was kind of nice to get some extra cuddles) but I wish we could have gone fishing. The next day June 19th we had Birthday pancakes and you opened your new Signing Time videos from mommy & daddy! You were super excited! You LOVE Signing Time! and... TOMORROW JUNE 21st we are REDOING JUNE 18th! We're going to have a special little Birthday day and Friday we're taking you CAMPING!

Opening Signing Time!!
You watched all of them already! You already know some new songs and signs!!

2 Year Old Stats:
We will get official stats from the DR. next week...
Weight 32.7 lbs
Shoe Size 6.5
Diaper Size 6
Clothes 2t but mostly 3t

Hudson you bring us so much Laughter, Joy and Love
we are so proud of the little man you are already growing to be!

We will always pray for you and your future spouse and trust that God will lead you. Always trust in Him and know that He will ALWAYS guide you!

To the Moon
         ... And Back!

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hudson's 2nd Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!

We celebrated Hudson's 2nd Birthday at Hudson's Nana's house! 
It was fun to have his birthday on his actual due date June 16th!
He came 2 days later TWO YEARS AGO!!

Every single moment has been such a blessing and a learning experience!
From the best moments to the worst! They are all precious!

Hudson picked his birthday theme this year! FISHING!

We had LIVE worms for the kids to play with! 
This was a BIG HIT!

Hudson's Bait Shop!

Of course a lot of pictures and presents for the Birthday Boy!

This boy just melts me into a million pieces!

We were so blessed to have so many friends and family come from far and near to share the special day with Hudson!

The Johnson's were the first to get into the worms and to find the froggies!!
This is Avery with "A REAL FROG"! She made a lot of froggy friends at Hudson's party!
Gotta love a lil' country girl!

We had little pools for the kiddos to splash in!

Hudson and his buddy Waylon had lunch together! 

Baby Kaleb even got in the pool!

Sweet Abigail Sharma! Such a cutie pie!

Hudson LOVES dirt!

Tents, trucks & dirt! So fun!

Wyatt had a blast too! He's a big 1 year old now so he was playing with the big boys!

Hudson's Sissa even came!! She's our favorite!


Hudson didn't want to take this off! He LOVES BASEBALL!!
Thanks to the Martins, he's ready for a baseball game now!

Daddy helped:)

I loved seeing all the kiddos playing, eating and having a good ol' time!

Hudson's gift from Daddy, Mommy and VoVo & VaVa

My loves and some friends :)

VaVa & VoVo

We had a FISHY cake!!! 
Thanks Becca Smithe!

He blew out his own candle this year! 
He kept saying, "mommy, is that a birthday?" 
He associates birthdays with candles :)

Kisses for our love!


Nana and Hudson diggin' in!

Waylon & Hudson

Look at that face :) 
He loves his VaVa

Grandma (Gee-Ma) surprised us and made it to the party!

He wanted to try a chocolate one too :)


Granny Loves her Hudder Butter

We love this pretty little sweetie pie 
Miss Mallory Martin :)

Hudson loves his VoVo...VoVo is taking Hudson fishing on June 18! His real birthday!

Sweet Friends!! Love them!

Uncle Adam gave Hudson a kiss even with frosting!
That's love ;)

The Johnsons! 
So fun seeing so many friends!

TT & T Phil

Hudson was SO TIRED! 
He lasted all day with no nap! 
and was still happy...just a little delirious!

Silly little Birthday Boy!

PaPa got in the bounce house!!
He's so much fun!

After Party! 
Granny & Popi

Grandma & Newman 
Hudson loves the puppy!

Riding his motorcycle down the driveway!

We decided he needed the helmet on! Lol

Tomorrow is June 18th! Hudson will be 2 and we're going FISHING!