Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pee Pee on the Potty!!!

You've been growing up so fast lately! You have been going pee pee on the potty at bath time every once in a while, but ... YESTERDAY, May 21, 2012, you went pee pee on the potty 6 times!!!!!!
When you wake up in the morning and from your nap you tell mommy, "Oh...Oh...PEE PEE!!! Potty!!" you run to your potty and sit down and WOO HOO you go pee pee!! 

We aren't officially potty training yet, just letting you go at your own pace and you get so excited!! You like to pour your pee pee in the big toilet and flush. 

We're so proud of you! You also like to go pee pee outside on the grass :) Such a country boy! Way to go buddy!! Soon we'll get you some big boy underwear!!

Hudson thinks his froggy potty makes a good hat too!

So proud!! he said, "mommy take picture!"

I love you Hudson!

Until Next Time...

Meeting Baby Kaleb!

We have a new little love in our family! Kaleb Peugh is so stinkin cute!!! We are all in love!!
Duncan's sister Chelsea and her husband Jeremy live in the San Diego area and just had this handsome little guy!

Lacey, Kaleb & Hudson

Auntie Brookie with her babies :) 

It was so much fun to have all the (little) kiddos together

MiMi & PaPa with their grandchildren

Hudson asked all day if he could hold Kaleb's feet. I had told him on the way down south that he was going to meet his baby cousin and that he could hold his little feet. When he got to actually hold Kaleb (all of him) He was beyond excited! He didn't want to let him go!

Kaleb is such a good baby! So calm and sweet!
Hudson touched his tiny hands and asked about his nose and eyes...

He just kept looking at him in awe..."mommy, is that is fingers?" "awww...so cute"
He's going to be a great big brother!

These boys have many years of adventures ahead of them. 
It will be fun to watch them grow up together!

We love you baby Kaleb!!

Until Next Time...

Hudson's First Haircut!

So mommy was a lot more nervous than Hudson was! We finally made it to the salon after 2 cancelled appointments. I was so nervous and just love his curls so much, but...IT WAS TIME! Our sweet boy was rockin' the mullet and with this heat, he needed a little trim!

He wasn't sure at first what was going on.

A couple tears, he didn't want the "superman cape" on

Here we go!!!....

Bye Bye long locks!

Hudson played with the squirt bottle and had so much fun!

I made sure to have Cassie just trim ... not cut too much!

She did awesome! Such a handsome boy!

All grown up!

Love this boy to the moon and back a million times!

Daddy and his little man :) 

 My sweet friend Cassie did an AWESOME job! I thought his curls were gone, but when we got home and he got his hair wet...THE CURLS WERE STILL THERE!! I'm a happy mommy!

Every little moment is so precious! We are so blessed to be able to capture moments with cameras! Each moment is truly a little miracle! I love being a mommy!!

Until Next Time...

Mother's Day 2012

Mother's Day 2012...

My second mother's day was just wonderful! It started on Saturday this year with a date with my momma. We went shopping and then to dinner.

Mother's day morning we went to church and then headed to our favorite spot in Shaver!

My growing Belly! I love my baby girl so much!

and so does Hudson! He loves kissing his sister..

I feel so blessed that God chose me to be Hudson & Autumn's mommy

and that I have my Duncan as my Husband! I love him so much!

We had a blast splashing in the water...

playing in the waterfall...


and fishing! We practiced our casting! Hudson is READY to go fishing on VoVo's boat!

Mother's day is such a special day and my boys sure made me feel special!

Until Next Time...

Monday, May 7, 2012

A little update & Some pictures

Just a little update and some pictures...

My VoVo, one of the most amazing men in the whole wide world!
Hudson always asks if he can visit him :) So precious

We had a play date at the park with Asher & his baby brother Owen and his mommy too...
The boys had so much fun running and playing baseball, giving high fives and of course lots of smiles!


We headed to Hanford to the 4-H Fair to watch Samantha & Grace show their animals. 
Big cousin Thane was so cute and wanted to walk Hudson around to show him all the animals.

The three Amigos! Luke, Hudson & Colt
Best buddies and cousins!

Dawsyn & Hudson at VoVo & VaVa's house

Hudson is already a Star Swimmer at Amy Morris swim school!
He thinks he's so cool in his shades :)

SUPER MOON!! Hudson was so excited all day to see the Super Moon! It sure was beautiful!

VoVo & Hudson mowed the lawn together :) 

We love this weather! Planting flowers and getting our hands dirty!!

Look at those muscles :)!

We've been having so much fun visiting friends & family in this beautiful weather! We are so blessed to have so many people to love and to love us! 

Until Next Time...