Sunday, April 29, 2012

40 Years!

40 years ago on April 15th, my parents were married! We wanted to do something special for them and decided on a surprise anniversary party.

It was so much fun to plan! Simple details, but very sweet!

My best friend Melissa gave me the idea to do a family tree with all of our fingerprints. I found some on ETSY then decided to design one myself :)
It turned out so beautiful!

The tables were set country style with mason jars and red bows and twinkling lights were hung in the trees. (thanks to my brother Phillip) :)

YUMMY!!! Our sweet friend Becca from CA Baking Co. made this DELICIOUS cake!!

Hudson was all dressed up for the party too :)

My Aunt Kathy took my mom for the day on a "Girl's Day" so we could prepare. My dad was around so we just told him that we were having a Mother's Day surprise dinner for my mom. He bought it :) 
They were both so surprised!

I hung their wedding picture on the tree with a big red bow :) They are so cute!

The family! We were missing 2 sister in laws and 3 kiddos but most of us were there and the others were present in love!

Most of the grandkids :)

Daddy & Momma with their kiddos 
Tracy, Bryan, Mark & Phillip

Thanks so much to my Aunt Kathy for getting my mom out of the house!!!

Hudson loves his VaVa & VoVo so much!

The amazing Becca!! She made all the food and the cake! Just love her :)

It was truly so much fun celebrating my parents and especially surprising them! My mom is usually the one to surprise us and do special things for us, so it was SO MUCH FUN planning this little party!

Until Next Time...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things...

What we've been up to....

Hudson LOVES playing baseball! Every morning he wakes up and grabs his bat,
and says, "mon Mommy, mon Daddy, play beeseball!"
He will play all day! Jack is usually our catcher, he's really good at it!
Hudson hits the ball then runs around the kitchen island or if we're outside runs in a circle then...

He SLIDES into home! Notice he's wearing his cowboy boots! He loves those boots! 

Hudson and Jack :)
We were getting ready to leave the house one morning when Dunc looked over and saw Hudson 
hugging Jack. I walked in the room and he said, "Mommy, take pitcher" (that's how he says picture :) 

We took a family trip to the zoo last week. Hudson asked all by himself if we could go and 
so we went! It was so much fun to just get up and go and he was super excited!

The Mommy

Feeding the Giraffe, we saw a gorgeous baby giraffe too!!

That night we put Hudson to bed and went to check on him before we headed to bed like we always do. We walked in to our little guy sleeping sitting up! It was just so precious we had to take a picture!
Now that the weather is just gorgeous, we're having so much outside fun! I just love it and so does Hudson!

Until Next Time...

Friday, April 20, 2012

5 Months with our Baby Girl

It hit me last night that I'm 5 months Pregnant! Well...of course I already knew but I was just imagining holding our newest little love in my arms and having Hudson sitting next to me kissing her little feet :) How precious sweet new babies are and what a blessing that right at this moment our little girl is growing and preparing for life on this Earth. Isn't God amazing?!

Lately, Hudson has been so curious about my ever growing bump. He looks at my belly button and asks in the very sweetest voice, "mommy, is that a button?" It looks kind of strange as it protrudes slightly from my belly and he is just so interested. He says, "Mommy open...see baby". My sweet boy wants to see his baby sister so badly. He gives her kisses in the morning and rubs my belly at night. I can't believe soon we will have a family of FOUR! It's just crazy and OH SO exciting!

Because this pregnancy was quite RoCkY in the beginning, it took us a while to grasp that she was actually going to be in our arms. We were scared and afraid to get attached in the beginning, but now...Oh we can't imagine life without her. I day dream of pig tails and cowboy boots with a little tutu! A sweet girl  girl who has mommy's eyes and daddy's gentle spirit.

We still haven't decided on her name, but we're working on it! We have some favorites and say them over and over trying to pick the perfect one! It's a big deal naming a baby!! :)

Pregnancy Stats:

I can still fit into some of my regular clothes (mostly shirts and dresses) and one pair of shorts.
The other clothes need a bella band or just need to stay in the closet! ha

Current Weight: 130

Cravings: I just LOVE fruit! same as with Hudson and I actually LOVE fruit all the time but when I'm pregnant, I might just have to run to the store for a juicy mango or pineapple at odd times! :)

Energy: Feeling great!

Emotions: HA...maybe we should ask Dunc this one! I'm a little more emotional than normal but it's gotten better in the second trimester.

We are so excited about our Baby Girl! It is crazy to see ourselves with a little family, I still feel like we're kids ourselves! I guess we'll probably never grow up all the way! What's the fun in growing up anyway! Being silly and goofy is part of who we are :)

Until Next Time...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby Gizmo!

Baby Gizmo is giving away my DREAM DOUBLE STROLLER!! The Indie Bumbleride Twin!! EEEE!!!! I seriously love my single Indie and have been dreaming of the double for Hudson and our little princess!! I hope we get it! EEEE!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

My little stud muffin! Sporting his Butterbee Easter shirt 

Duncan worked Easter Sunday, so Hudson and mommy went to church and then...visited Daddy and the fire station! Hudson was so cute, leaving church he told anyone who would listen "fire station!" He was so excited to go see Daddy and the Fire Truck!

Love Him!!

So So So happy to see his Daddy!

He wanted the door closed and for daddy to get in the other side so he could go for a little drive!
So funny!

Me & My Boy

Mommy & Our Baby Girl :)

On the way to Nana's house we stopped to see some sheep!
Hudson counted them to 10!
"1,2,4,5,7,8,9,10"! he missed a couple numbers, but this mommy was so proud :)

I love how curious he is and how much he loves to be outside!

Hudson spotted a Hawk in the distance!

Nana bought some chicks the other day and Hudson helped teach them to peck and scratch!

So Excited!!

He was pretty gentle with them...(he only tried to kick them a couple times!) ha

So precious! He fell in love and wanted a little kiss!

Happy Easter


Our Easter celebration began on Saturday this year. Duncan worked on Easter Sunday so it was so nice to be able to have Easter on Saturday with him there!

We started off with a beautiful breakfast at my parent's house and then the kids preformed an Easter skit! It was so awesome to see them celebrating the Resurrection of our King, Jesus Christ!
The True Meaning of Easter!

Hudson was SUPER excited about the egg hunt!

Isabella & Hudson! She loves him so much :)

We took a walk to the dairy...

Loves of my life!

Hudson & VoVo rocked the new puppy in the hammock 

Hudson put his cowboy boots on and wanted to help Vizi VoVo chop some weeds!

My sweet VoVo...he didn't want to just sit, he had to get the shovel and do a little work.
He's the most precious man in the whole world!

Our little country boy!

My cousin Liz captured some special moments...

Hudson with his Vizi VoVo
He loves him so much!

His excited face!

Snuggling with Jessie

My sweet boy!

My daddy taking a nap with Jessie :)

Love this! My little love running to mommy!

Our VoVo...The most amazing man!

To sit back and take in the meaning of Easter...the Death of Christ...the Resurrection...Wow,
It's breathtaking! Thank you Jesus for loving us beyond measure!

Until Next Time...