Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finger Paint

Oh the Joy of Painting!
I love the mess..the dirty fingers..the curiosity...I loved it as a teacher and I love it even more as a Mommy!

Silly, sweet boy! I love you more than you'll ever know!

Until Next Time...


We love adventures and thanks to Dunc's parent's (MiMi & PaPa) we jumped on a plane and flew to Hawaii!!

Hudson was a champ on the plane, (we were a bit nervous)! We were told by many people to give him Benadryl...but, I was too scared to do that so we just PRAYED! And thank the Lord...our prayers were answered! He was so good!!

The first day we arrived we discovered the pool at the condo we stayed at. Hudson was SUPER EXCITED! He had a blast swimming with Daddy & Papa!
After the flight and a long night...This was Hudson in the morning. He kicked Mommy off the bed!

Hudson thinking he's cool stuff!

The loves of my life!

My little love

Hudson with his PaPa & MiMi

The second day was really cool! Lacey, our niece swam with DOLPHINS!! All morning and afternoon Hudson kept repeating "see dolphin!" He was so excited! It was really cool to watch Lacey with the dolphins and to have them so close...they are so amazing!

Lacey with the Dolphin!

Cousins! Lacey was so sweet with Hudson!

Hudson was so excited to hold this bird!

We ended the day with an Awesome Luau or "Lu-Owl" as Hudson would say:)

The Reid Men

Our little family

MiMi & PaPa with their little loves

Hudson liked the Hula Girl :)

He just melts me!

I think Hudson had a mouth full of pork in this picture :)

The Third day was quite the adventure! We traveled to see a VOLCANO!! It was cold and rainy but really amazing! 

We stopped at a park for a little rest and had some fun!

The smoke in the back if from the steam vents!

Duncan & Rob in front of the Lava Tube! We walked through it!! It was really cool!

Some fun moments :)

Hudson loved looking at the ocean and throwing rocks

Swimming with Daddy

This was Hudson diving. His big cousin Lacey was diving and he thought he could do it too :)

The beautiful sunsets!

Beach Day!
We saw Turtles!!!

Our Growing Family :)

Sharing a very YUMMY ice cream cone on our last day!
Family Tradition :)

The Silly Kiddos

Goodbye Hawaii!! Hope to see you soon!

Thank You MiMi & PaPa for a great trip! 

Until Next Time...