Friday, February 24, 2012

Shaver & Friends = Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

We had the opportunity to take a little weekend get away to Shaver! What a blessing it was!! I had been on "light duty" for a week and had so stay on the couch so a change of scenery was OH SO WONDERFUL! 

Although there wasn't a ton of snow...there was enough for some fun!
Dunc took Hudson on many rides while I sat and relaxed in the cold snow! (I love sitting in the snow!)

So precious! I love the looks on their faces! Pure Joy!

Sunny on her ride down the hill!

Kelsey got brave and rocked it like a champ!

There were some minor crashes :)

And the daddies had just as much fun (if not more) than the little ones!

Becca and I...I love her :)

The sweetie pies! They are so much fun!

Traci & Gabby! WEEEEEEE!!!

Love them!

My loves 

These kiddos had a blast!!

We had so much fun and are so blessed to have these amazing people in our lives!! LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!!

Until Next Time...


Thursday, February 23, 2012

We've Been on a Journey!

We've been on a journey! A surprising, exciting, scary, beautiful journey. We were realizing Hudson was growing up right before our eyes! Exploring new things, talking, developing a sweet, strong personality and we prayed and talked about maybe adding another addition to our family, God willing. So, we decided we would begin trying at the beginning of the year.

Our little Cowboy!

Then...just days before Christmas, I found out that WE WERE PREGNANT! What a surprise it was! A wonderful, thrilling surprise! Better than any Christmas gift we could open! God had decided His plan was a little different than ours, just a couple months different :) I found out on December 22, Duncan was working until Christmas Eve morning so I had to think of a plan.

My best friend got my confused, excited...all over the place phone call on the night of the 22nd. Giggling, and so excited I told her the news, I couldn't even think of what to do. So my Melissa said, "Make a Big Brother shirt!" So I did, that night. I was so excited, I don't even know if I slept!


When Dunc got home from work on the 24th I told him that we should let Hudson open a gift to get him excited for Christmas. I had the video camera all ready and videoed him opening. He opened a BIG BROTHER shirt. Dunc looked at me so confused, "You?" "Yep, Me!! We're having another baby!" We all laughed and giggled and were just over the moon excited that God had given us the most precious Christmas gift ever. A Baby Reid!!

We didn't tell anyone for a while so through Christmas we kept our mouths shut! (IT WAS SO HARD)!
Around 6 1/2 weeks I started getting OH SO YUCKY morning sickness that lasted all day! It was no fun, but at the same time, sick = baby growing. With Hudson, I was sick in the morning and evening but it would go away. This little one had me out for the count! EVERYTHING made me sick. Water, food, name it, I gagged over it! lol My sweet Duncan was my savior! This actually lasted for quite some time! I just started feeling NORMAL again....TODAY!! :)

Then The Scare! We were so so so excited to finally tell all of our family and decided to wait to tell them all in person at Dunc's Big 30th Birthday. Dunc's family came from down south, my family was coming...we planned a BBQ for the day time and then a night out at Neighbor's Bar & Grill with friends and family in the evening.  Well...that morning I started bleeding, I was 10 weeks along. It was one of the scariest moments, yet we knew that God had a plan and that He was in control. We left for the hospital and waiting in the E.R. for 4 hours before we got an ultrasound. As we sat, we prayed and cried and were flooded with encouraging words from friends and family. We thought we had lost our baby.  We were trying to prepare for the worst, but holding on to a glimmer of hope that our sweetie was still ok.  They finally called us back and I asked if she would please tell us if there was a heartbeat. The sweet ultrasound tech let us know that she was not allowed to tell us anything but she moved the monitor so that we could see for ourselves. I whispered to Dunc, "you look." I was so scared, I could feel my heart jumping out of my chest. As I lied there, she began the ultrasound, I wanted to look, but I couldn't. All the sudden she says, "Honey, your baby is fine! Look there's it's little arm waving to you." I looked at Dunc and we couldn't believe it. This little sweetie was moving all around and was just beautiful. We waited 2 more hours to see a doctor, they didn't tell me anything except that we had a threatened miscarriage and that I had to be on bedrest until the bleeding stopped. 
What a miracle this day had turned into. We spend most of the day grieving over a baby we thought we had lost into rejoicing in God's protection and presence. Through this all we felt the Lord with us. We had so many people praying and loving on us, it was just amazing. 
Our family didn't get to find out the way we wanted them to. Instead of Hudson walking out in his Big Brother shirt, they all got a phone call letting them know we wouldn't be at our house when we got there due to what had happened. It sure is amazing how God works. When we got home from the hospital, our house was full of family to love us! They even put Hudson's Big Brother shirt on so that when we pulled up we saw him in it! 

What a special moment it was for us to pull up after such an exhausting and emotional  day to see Hudson in his shirt announcing that the Lord is good and he was STILL A BIG BROTHER!!
Although the news was good, we were still on edge and scared. I had never experienced bleeding while pregnant and it is definitely an intense feeling. We were not told the reason and were just told I had to "take it easy".... until this week. We had a couple more trips to the doctor....every week after this happened due to spotting. Each time, the baby was fine but I was told to take it easy, off my feet, no lifting. This week we found out more news. A reason for the bleeding and spotting! This was actually such a relief. To know there was a reason and that my baby is fine was just MUSIC TO MY EARS!!
I was diagnosed with a (subchorionic hematoma) which sounds scary but I'm told it's really common. It is a gathering of membranes between the uterus and placenta (like a blood clot). There is no specific reason why it happens and they can be dangerous to the baby if large. I was told mine is small. Basically, I can't do any lifting and just have to take it easy until it goes away (they usually go away by 2nd trimester).  
I am 13 weeks today and had an ultrasound today. The hematoma is still there, but the baby looks perfect! PRAISE GOD!!! We have been waiting to announce this pregnancy because we were just scared due to everything that has gone on. But, we are SO THRILLED to finally tell all our friends that BABY REID #2 will be here August 2012!!! Our due date is August 30th! It's gonna be a HOT summer, but I'm sure I'll find a pool to float in :)

3 months and the bump has begun!!
Hudson is super excited about his baby!!

Praise God for his strength through this all. Our friends and family have been so supportive and loving. It makes me cry to think of all the people who have prayed for us, brought us food, come over to help with Hudson. It's just amazing!! We are truly blessed!

Until Next Time...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Some Old Fun!

I just came across some awesome pictures that I totally forgot about! They are from last month, but just too cute to forget about!

My Daddy on his Birthday :)

My sister in law Robyn needed some pictures taken for a conference she was speaking at...
It was so much fun capturing these little moments! :)

Colt being silly! 

The girls 

Love that there are Berkshires in the barn again! Just like old times!

Almost ready to POP!

My sweetie pies


Hudson loves the boys, he wanted Luke to give him a ride!

Luke wasn't so sure about it!

On my Daddy's birthday, the whole family got together and the kids decided to play on the big wheels. Little did we know the Big Wheel we grew up on was still around. My dad came out with the biggest smile on his face and let Hudson ride it! It brought back so many memories...I had to try it myself!

Weeeeee!!!!! This Big Wheel has been through 3 boys, a little sister, many broken's still the coolest Big Wheel around! lol


Until Next Time...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Daddy's Birthday Sleigh Ride

For Duncan's 30th Birthday we headed up to Yosemite! We met some sweet friends at Tenaya Lodge and went on a SLEIGH RIDE! It was SO MUCH FUN!

Hudson loved the bears in the lodge :)

He tried to get us to spend buy him a room :)

Miss Kelsey loves the Hudder Butter!

We love the snow and we loved celebrating DADDY!!

The Ryskas! We love them :)

Daddy teaching Hudson how to make a snowball!

The Sleigh!!

We even got to sit around a campfire and roast marshmallows!!

Hudson LOVED eating the Mallows!

My loves!!

The Beckers!! We love them too :)

Hudson feeding the horsey snowballs! :)
It's their favorite treat!

Bubba loves horses!

Couple pics in the sleigh

On the sleigh ride, Hudson was so happy!

He was all tuckered out after celebrating daddy and a big spaghetti lunch!

Being outdoors with my boys=a PERFECT day!

Until Next Time...