Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking Back on 2011

365 days of beautiful memories, milestones, giggles, Love and thanking the Lord for our Blessings!

Hudson grew so much this year!

He officially became a cowboy!

Is worthy of the "REID EATING TEAM" title

took his first steps!

Had many fun trips!

Met the legendary Pat Hill

Swam in a big pool!

Vava bought you many books in 2011!

Went to Disneyland!

Daddy got his DREAM JOB!!

Became so curious and silly!

Began to embark on the journey of becoming a musician like his PaPa

Was dedicated to the Lord

Celebrated his First Birthday Country Style!

Got his first real fishing pole!

First Camping Trip!

Such a natural

Even picked out his own worms!

Oh Ya!! It's in his blood! "The Mello Side" :)

Making VoVo Proud!

Fell asleep eating Spaghetti! A Classic!

Helped us move out of our first place!

Rocked the Rooster Costume!

Grew to love Jack as a Best Friend!

Spent lots of time with Nana

Put the Star on the tree!
Being silly with Uncle Adam!

2011 Was amazing! Mommy is a full time stay at home mommy and I started my own design business Butterbee Designs! I love being home with my sweetie pie Hudson! Daddy landed his dream job as a Clovis Fire Fighter. We moved into Uncle Adam's house while we look for our own house (still looking). The year seems to go by so quickly, but when we pause and look back on all the memories created, all the moments that take our breath away, make us laugh, cry, or even make us angry...the time really doesn't go by so fast. We are excited to see what 2012 will bring. So far it's already AMAZING! 

until next time...