Friday, November 18, 2011

17 Months ...The Little Moments

You are such a handsome boy!
17 Months

17 months ago, you were placed in our arms and our lives have never been the same. From the moment you were born Daddy and I were changed, touched, overwhelmed, full of joy and completely and utterly head over heels in love with you.

3 months old 
Photo by: marissaleigh photography

We have watched you grow into a strong, loving, silly, courageous little boy! You still have your chubby cheeks and thunder thighs, but you are not quite a baby anymore (even though you'll always be our baby!)

6 Months                                                  9 Months

I just came out of your room. I put you to bed and you cried, so I went back in and picked you up. You gave me one of your great big bear hugs and about melted Mommy's heart! So I sat in our rocking chair and sang to you. You grabbed my shirt and just stared at me. I watched you fall  asleep so peacefully and gently. Your little hand held on to my shirt the whole time. I ran my fingers through your soft curls and just soaked it all in. Some day you'll be too big for mommy to rock you, some day you will tuck yourself into bed, some day you'll read your baby Goodnight Moon and The Hungry Caterpillar, but for now, I will rock you to sleep and sing you Auntie Robyn's lullaby and the lullaby I wrote for you and I will soak it in, every little second because these little moments that are so simple ... are my favorite.

These little moments are what makes Mommy cry happy tears because You are the most precious gift that the Lord has ever given us. He made you so perfect and so unique. Your smile that wrinkles your nose, your ears that look just like Daddy's, your dark chocolate eyes and golden curls, your giggles and screams...Hudson, you are the perfect you!

7 Months

12 Months You love your puppy

12 Months fishing at Shaver Lake

Today you weighed 28.4 pounds!
You wear size 5 diapers
Your newest shoes are size 7
Your clothes are 18 months & 24 months
Your belly is round!
You have a lot of teeth! I think 12 (I need to count)
You LOVE to brush your teeth and do a really good job
You are such a good eater!
You say a lot of words, here are some of your new words: butterfly, naked baby,
mozzarella (it's pretty funny when you say this one!)
You know all of your family and can point to your
aunts and uncles and grandparents when we ask you to.
You love little babies
You love trucks and blocks, painting and going to the zoo
Your favorite books are: The Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon, My Tractor and Your farm books
You love to take out the trash
You do THE BEST animal noises! Our favorites are your rooster, horse and monkey and elephant is good too...they are all good!

Every day ... every moment is such a treasure! You make the simplest things fun and the darkest days bright. You have a way of making people smile. The Lord knows every little thing about you,  we pray that as you grow you will always seek God's plan for your life and trust in Him for everything.

We love you so much Hudson, You are our little love!
Happy 17 Months Buddy!

Until Next Time...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We Love November!!

We Love November! 
The weather FINALLY feels like fall and we've been having some fun around our house!

VaVie came to visit! We had so much fun!
Hudson loves his VaVie so much

Daddy took Hudson to the river to throw rocks!
They had a blast!

The Christmas Catalogue Came!! With each page he turned,
Hudson said, "WOW!" He's excited for Christmas!!

Hudson's horse needed to be moved! Instead of riding him, 
Hudson decided it would be easier to carry him! 
Such a strong little man!

Always Laughing! Such a Goof Ball!

This Horsey is more of Hudson's size now!
Hudson climbs on the chair so he can jump on Daddy's back!

Hudson's new accomplishment! Coloring!!
He loves it!! 

On his way to take a nap with his favorite blanket!

Tonight, I said, "Hudson, go get your jammies"
He opened his drawer and very carefully pulled out all of these items!
I asked him if this was what he wanted to wear to bed, he said, "Ya!"
So funny! (notice the belt too)!! He thought he was so cool :)

Hudson, you are 16 months now and weigh 27.4 lbs! You are SO MUCH FUN and Such a sweet boy too! You love looking at the moon and playing with Jack. You are so responsible and always remember to feed Jack and get his leash to take him on a walk! You know how to put your dirty clothes in the hamper and also will pick up trash and throw it in the trash can. Today you even came in to mommy's sewing room and emptied the trash for me! Such a sweet boy!

Yesterday, while watching Monday Night Football, daddy threw you the football and you CAUGHT IT all by yourself!!! Daddy and Uncle Adam started going crazy! They were so excited! 

You are growing so fast and are so smart. It is amazing to watch you discover and learn. You love to read books! One of your favorite books is "The Hungry Caterpillar" when we got to the part where it says, "the warm sun came out and...pop.. (YOU SAY POP ALL BY YOURSELF!) before mommy reads it! It's pretty cute!

We are so thankful that the Lord put you in our arms. We pray for you and know that God will form you to be whatever He wants you to be. It is truly a dream and prayer come true to watch you grow and to hear you call our names. Being a Mommy & Daddy is truly amazing!

Happy November buddy! 
We Love you!

Until Next Time...