Sunday, October 30, 2011


A little Sneak Peak of Hudson's Halloween Costume! 
Our little rooster woke up not feeling well today. Hopefully he'll be ok to go trick or treating tomorrow!
He's been practicing "trick or treat", it's pretty darn cute!

A sweet friend gave us a chicken costume, so I decided to turn it into a rooster by adding tail feathers, red on the tummy, a beak and some eyes!
Love this little Rooster so much!
He walks around saying "er er er er oooo"!

Until Next Time...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Outside, Water & Jack

It's Fall but it feels like Summer! 
3 of Hudson's favorite things...
1. Outside
2. Water
3. Jack
So, we spent the afternoon outside playing in the water and playing with our sweet dog Jack!
It was so much fun!!

Splish Splash!! After giving Jack a bath, there was A LOT of water to splash in!

Best Buddies

Hudson's curls! I just LOVE his little curly hair :)

Hudson would play and then walk back over to Jack and back up until he was sitting on Jack's bed!

They are two peas in a pod!

Hudson is so gentle with Jack and Jack is the same with Hudson!

BEST PUPPY EVER!! We are so in love with our Jack!

Time for a walk!

Looking at the birds. He LOVES birds


Later on we did a little fall craft :)
I LOVE CRAFTS! Luckily Hudson does too :)

Chunky Monkey so proud of his painting!

So tired after a long day of FUN!
I went in to check on him and his little feet were sticking out of the crib! 
So sweet!

Until Next Time...

Mommy's Helper

The weather was so nice the other day, I decided to mow the lawn. Hudson was so excited to help!
With his little ears protected, I held him in one arm and he helped me push the lawn mower! It was a great workout and my little man had a blast!

He wanted to dump the basket ;)

Such a little stud muffin! 
Thanks buddy for helping mommy in the yard! He even pulled some weeds with me!

Until Next Time...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hanging out with my Buddy!

Hudson &Kingston were born 3 weeks apart and have been best buddies from the beginning!
We met up with Kingston &his sweet Mommy at the park and the boys had a BLAST!

Hudson was so happy to play with his buddy

Kingston chased Jack

And then...The boys chased each other!

"Hi Buddy"

"Tag, You're it!"

Hudson decided to climb the tree!

Such a boy!

Daddy helped

Little Monkey!

Love this shot!


Monkey Bars!!


Hudson 15 months

Thanks for playing Heather & Kingston!
We are so blessed to have such sweet friends!

Until Next Time...