Friday, August 26, 2011


 Hudson, you are 14 months old now and such a sweet boy! You LOVE all animals, but you really love dogs, and looking at birds.

You have 3 teeth on bottom that are all the way in, and about 6 more coming in!! Your top two teeth are poking through!

You are wearing size 5 shoes and most of your clothes are 18 months now. We still squeeze you into  your 12 months clothes, the pants fit...the shirts are muscle tees!
You Weigh 25 lbs!

You try to walk so fast! Soon you'll be RUNNING!
 You have little curls in the back of your head!
It's the CUTEST thing EVER!

 You love trees, and anything outside
 It doesn't take you long to find the mud! You LOVE getting dirty! 
Such a little country boy!
 You say "Cheese" now when mommy tells you to smile!
Such a little goof ball!

Some things you like to do...
kick the soccer ball
Throw any ball!
Hug your sock monkey
Play with the water hose
EAT!! you ALWAYS want to eat!
You LOVE to play with pots and pans
You Love sitting in your BUMBO seat. It's so funny because you get stuck! 
You're a little big for that now :)
You watch football with daddy
You love to play chase and peek-a-boo
You try to sneak away to play in the toilet!
You like to talk on the phone

You are such a precious gift to us! We are so blessed 
to call you our son. 

Silly Sleeper!

Hudson has been sleeping with his foot propped up! It's the cutest thing and I finally was brave enough to take a picture! *I didn't want to wake him up! He stayed sound asleep!

 Precious Little Piggy!!

Until Next Time...

A little Update

Oh My!! I'm so behind. It's been a little busy around here lately. So here's a CATCH-UP! 

(in the words of Hudson)
Trips to the park with my friends!

I got to visit my Popi & Granny

my Grandma & Grandpa
They really love me!

I'm super duper silly!!

My mommy & daddy are so in love 
They love me so much and I love them too!

My best friend is my dog
His name is Jack!

This is me following my daddy to his car.
I waved and said "bye" I miss him when he goes to work!

This is my VaVie. She really loves me a lot! 
I always seem to make her's because I'm so cute!
She bought me this book at the zoo. It's really fun!

HaHa...I'm so silly

Jesus has already given me so many friends!!
This is my buddy Kingston, Bailey and Brock.
We went to the zoo together :)

This is my NaNa! She made me my outfit!
She calls me her "Sugar Lump"! 
She is so silly and so much fun!

That's a little update! 

Until Next Time...

Friday, August 12, 2011


The simple joys of Summer!
Hudson loves to play the little pool at his Nana's house! 
Usually Jack takes a little dip too! 
Here's some precious pictures from his little swim!
 mmm....Water from a hose!

 Good ol' Country Boy!


Until Next Time...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Fun!

Summer Fun!
We are definitely enjoying summer and our growing little man!

Hudson is a WALKER now and he thinks he is SO COOL! We think he's pretty cool too :)

Hudson & Daddy swimming at the Penner's What sweet friends they are!
Dunc & Hudson have so much fun together
I love hearing them laugh together...I love my boys so much!

Daddy teaching Hudson to float, he wasn't too sure at first, but as you can see, he had fun!

Hudson LOVES the water!
He's such a happy boy!

Hudson and Mommy making Waffle batter :) 
I love letting him get all messy!
All day long, our boy walks all over 
He loves to throw balls! Just like daddy!
Look at this face!
Hudson thought we were putting him to bed WAY TOO EARLY
When he figured out we just wanted to take his 13th Month Picture
He was a happy boy
You are such a big boy! Look at those long legs!

Until Next Time....

The Zoo...Our New Favorite Place!

Hudson has been to the Chaffee Zoo 4 times in the last 2 weeks! He LOVE the ZOO!!
Here are some highlights!

Hudson, Asher & Gabby
and of course their Mommies too

Hudson & Asher
They were ready to see the Animals!

Miss Gabby & Hudson enjoying the reptile house...
They're in love :)

The Daddy!! He was HUGE!!

Gabber's & her mommy feeding Mr. Giraffe

Our Turn!

We Also Went as a family
Hudson, Mommy & Daddy!

The porcupine was so silly looking!

Wow...look at those frogs!

Stingray Bay!

Oh I love my boy!

Such a happy little guy!

He loves the animals!

Look Mommy! A tortoise!

My Loves!

This little stinker was keeping all the HAY to himself!

Feeding the Giraffe AGAIN! 
We do it every visit :)

Another Trip!! 
With the Mello Cousins, Tia Cybil, VaVie
and Us :)

 Look how cute...Hudson looking up to his big cousin Tyler :)
 They had so much fun
 The babies were out monkeying around!!

We Love the Zoo and will be back Next Week!
It's such a fun place!

Until Next Time...