Wednesday, July 27, 2011

13 Months...Hudson's been up to a lot!

Hudson is now 13 months! He is considered a TODDLER now! That's just crazy to me! I still call him my baby, and probably will for a long time!

You weigh 23.5 lbs
You wear 18 months and some 24 months clothing
You are in a size 4 diaper
Size 5 shoe!
You LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat and recently started LOVING tomatoes and cottage cheese!
You talk ALL THE TIME! Your babbles are so sweet to our ears!
Here are some words you say...Thank you, momma, dadda, va va, vo vo, ga ga (grandma), bawk bawk (chicken), Jack (our dog), Adam, Nana, boo boo (when you want to nurse),  ta (your shuita...don't know how to spell that! It's paci in Portuguese) (these are some of your favorites and some of your newest)

You know some animal sounds too! Cow (moo), horse (you say eeee and blow your lips at the end), you can do pig and dog sometimes, you know that a chicken says (bawk bawk) and you just learned monkey! 

You don't do these all the time, you have to be in the "right" mood to perform! We tried to get it on video tonight but as soon as you heard it turn on, YOU STOPPED! Little stinker!

You can point to: nose, eyes, ears. but you like to point to mommy or daddy's instead of your own. You try but your finger seems to get lost while you're trying to find the parts :) it's so cute!!

You still are napping twice a day and I think we just figured out why you were crying when we put you down!! You like the light to be ON when we put you in your crib and then when we say good night we turn it off. Before, we turned it off then put you into bed....I don't know why, but it worked! NO MORE TEARS!! (I hope and PRAY that this little trick continues to work!)

You are the silliest, cutest, SWEETEST little guy in the whole world! You are such a love bug and give hugs and kisses all the time! Here are some pictures of what you've been up to!

You LOVE to naturally the fridge is very fun for you!

You were looking for something yummy!

mmm...You found blueberries and wanted a little snack!

This was your FIRST grilled cheese sandwich!
Mommy was running errands and when she got home
this is what daddy was feeding you!
He was sitting with you to make sure you didn't get too big of a bite.
Mommy was nervous, but it turned out good!


You ate the whole thing, except the crust

I think it felt good on your teeth. You only have 2 but more are coming in.

You eat just like Daddy!

You love to make pretend soup! Mommy loves to make it with you too!

Boxes! So much fun for you to crawl in and out of!
You push them around and get in and out all by yourself!

This is how you like to play peek a boo. You hide behind the wall and then...
PEEK A BOO! You say "BOO"

This is the silly face we see all day long!
So funny!

You just melt my heart!

You love to swim and even try to blow bubbles!

You love when Uncle Adam plays with you!

You tried all day to get on your fire truck by took a lot of practice
but you finally got it!

You were so proud!

You love to crawl and can get around so fast! 
Sometimes we turn our heads and you are in a different room!
You like to sneak into the bathroom when we forget to close the door!
First stop they toilet or pulling ALL the toilet paper down!

Today 7/27/11 You walked a lot! This is you walking across the living room to get to mommy!

We love you so much buddy! 
Every day is an adventure and a treasure. You bring so many blessings to our life!
We love you Bubba!

Until Next Time...

We're Going to The Zoo Zoo Zoo, How about You You You....

Hudson's first trip to the zoo was SO MUCH FUN! Our sweet friend Kim and her handsome little guy Asher invited us to go and we couldn't wait! Hudson loved all of the animals and so did mommy:) We are going back tomorrow with Daddy this time!!

Hudson and Asher discussing the elephants

What beautiful creatures they are!

Kim & Asher
Thanks for the great time!

Mommy & her lil' man!

Hudson loved the zebras

Sweet Friends!

The boys got to pet a llama!

And of course Hudson made friends...with a goat!

They were pals!

He fed a giraffe!

He kept calling the ostrich a "bawk bawk" that's what he calls a chicken

He's getting so big!

Giraffes are so pretty!

Asher fed him too! Look at that tongue!

"bawk bawk"...not quite but he sure loved this big bird!

I got to be part of the bird show! I sat on a stump while this HUGE owl 
flew over my head! It was SO COOL!

It was HUGE!

GRRR....Hudson loved the Grizzlies too!!

We can't wait for our trip TOMORROW!

Until Next Time....

Monday, July 11, 2011

We Love Camping!

We have been looking forward to a family camping trip since Hudson was born! We didn't go last year because our boy was too little, so this year we COULDN'T WAIT!!!

Campsite 125 was our first official FAMILY camping spot!
Jack was so excited to be in the great outdoors!

And of course Hudson couldn't wait to play in the dirt!

Best buddies...these two were inseparable! It was too cute!

Our little family! We are so blessed!

Hudson had to try the sweet corn VoVo picked fresh for him :)

This boy loves dirt, rocks and anything that will get him dirty!

Look at that form! Such a natural fisherman! 
It runs in his blood!

Woo Hoo!! We got a little bass ;)

Hudson teaching daddy how to fish :) 

Jack was so protective of Hudson while we were at the lake

He watched him the whole time

Our boys!

All tuckered out!

Hudson saw a squirrel eating a pine cone and thought he should take a little taste

Daddy teaching Hudson how to roll up the tent

Mommy and her little man

I love these boys so much!

We had so much fun! S'mores, card games, fishing, popcorn, bbq, walks, was perfect!

Until Next Time...