Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Hudson James

In our family we celebrate "birthday weeks" sometimes even "birthday months"! So it was very fitting that Hudson's first birthday party was a week before he turned the big "1" and then we got to celebrate his real birthday at his Auntie Megan's wedding on Coronado Island in San Diego!

Hudson had some early morning visitors to wish him 
Happy Birthday!!

Megan & Joe's wedding was absolutely gorgeous and Megan literally took everyone's breath away. She is such a gorgeous woman inside and out and to see her walk down the isle to the man that God made just for her was just Perfect!

Hudson had so much fun all day! We started the day with a buffet breakfast, Hudson had ham & eggs and even got to blow out a candle :)

Hudson LOVES birds (and ducks)....anything with feathers really:) and he spent the morning feeding the ducks with his Grandma and Mommy!

The ducks even came on our patio! 
Hudson kept pointing and saying "du" "du"

Auntie Megan & Uncle Joe had a special birthday cake for their little Hudder Butter and all of the wedding guests sang Happy Birthday to our special little man! It made me cry! What a special moment it was :)

He danced, played in the sand, and got SO MUCH ATTENTION from everyone! He truly had the best birthday ever!!

What a little trooper he was ALL DAY! He lasted until about 10:30 then fell asleep and didn't even make a peep until about 11:00 ... he was ready for bed!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday (Party) Hudson

 We celebrated Hudson's First Birthday Party a week early. I never expected to feel what I felt while planning and putting on Hudson's first birthday. As I write, my heart sinks into my stomach again, just overflowing with love for that precious little boy! As we were driving to Hanford the day before to set up, every little moment from the past year was flashing through my mind. It's amazing how much our little loves change in such a short time.

My parents graciously opened their yard for the "Farm Party", and what a perfect place! The same place I had my first birthday party was where my little man had his. I can't believe that in 6 days our baby will be 1! I remember this same day last year waiting...counting down until my due date, June 16th and then it came and went and 2 days later, June 18th he was born, changing our lives forever.

Hudson, we decided on a farm/cowboy party because you LOVE being outside and you absolutely love animals, dirt and anything that has to do with the farm at VaVie and VoVo's house.

We got you your very first pair of Wrangers and mommy made you a special shirt. You wore the boots that your friend Waylon handed down to you and of course your belt buckle and cowboy hat. Granny and Popi bought you your very first pair of REAL cowboy boots, but they are still too big.

We decorated the tables with pictures of you and even had a clothes line full of memories of your first year.

You had so much fun playing with your friends, riding the rocking horse, splashing in the pool (duck pond), and of course riding the Pony! T Stan brought Nitro over just for you! Your friends all got to ride the pony too, it was quite the hit!

You didn't really like eating the cake, I guess we should have practiced :) You poked around a little bit but decided you would rather eat a strawberry! You're our healthy little eater!!

You got so many new toys and clothes! You love playing with your Leap Frog animal sound toy and we already played with your new bubble maker!!

On your real birthday which is this Saturday, we will be in San Diego at Auntie Megan and Uncle Joe's wedding! You are the ring bearer!! You are going to be so handsome in your little suit! What a special day it will be! I feel like just yesterday the Dr. delivered  you and placed you in my arms. Your daddy and I have fallen in love with you, and it's hard to believe, but we fall more and more in love with you every day! It's truly amazing to be your daddy and mommy.

You have such a kind heart Hudson, I know you are only 11 months, 3 weeks and 5 days :), but you already bring so much joy into this world. We love watching how God has formed your little spirit. You are so silly and joyful and we think you're just perfect!
I love you buddy! Love, Mommy