Wednesday, February 23, 2011

8 months

8 Months! WOW!!
I remember at 6 months thinking we still had half a year until Hudson is 1. It seems time goes faster and faster and so does Hudson! HA HA
He's crawling all over the place and is getting to be fast! He'll be playing in his room one minute and the next he'll be getting into something in a different room. When he puts his head out...that's when he kicks it into second gear!

Hudson is SO MUCH FUN and SO HAPPY! This weekend Uncle Marken and Cristel got married and Hudson had a LONG day! Daddy had to work so Hudson came with me to the church early to do bridesmaids things ;) He was such a trooper and didn't cry all day! He had SO MUCH attention! All of my family (cousins, aunts, uncles etc) FINALLY got to meet our little sweetie! He absolutely LOVED all of the attention :)
Mommy's date for Uncle Marken's wedding! Daddy was working

Hudson also met baby pigs at VoVo & VaVies! I love how much he loves animals, it melts my heart! Last weekend he rode (sat on) Honey~B for the first time and of course LOVED IT! I don't have the pictures yet, but I'll be getting them soon from my friend! Our little cowboy was so precious up in the saddle and made his mommy very proud!

Hudson Loved the pigs! VoVo Loved that Hudson 
wants to show pigs when he's bigger!

Cousins & Best Buddies

Such A Big Boy

Hudson & His T Phil

T Bryan & Hudder Butter

Oh...just working in his office at VaVie & VoVo's house!

You are getting to be quite the little ham! You laugh so hard at the littlest things. All mommy has to say is "da da" and you crack up! You love giving mommy kisses and are learning to "sign" more when you eat. You love books, and your rocking horse, and anything that you're not supposed to play with! ha ha  Everyone always comments on how happy you are :) You are just the little light of our life!

Our little country boy!

Mommy pinning Daddy at his Clovis Fire Graduation!

So proud of You Dunc!

Thank you Jesus for my family!

The Loves of my life!

Here's some stats for you!

You are wearing size 3 diapers
You weigh about 20 lbs
You fit in 6-9 month clothes and some 12 month clothes
You wear size 3 shoes
You have a very round head and people always comment on how pretty it is! ha ha
You are still all gums and no teeth
Your hair seems to be growing a little bit but you are still a baldy
You LOVE to EAT! AND you eat everything we give you!
You never leave any food in your bowl
You are still nursing
You go to bed around 8:00 and usually wake up at least once during the night
You like to wake up around 8:30 or 9:00
You take two naps around 11 and 2
You love animals and you rode mommy's horse Honey~ B for the first time! last week!
You get so excited when Daddy gets home from work
You can turn the pages of your books
You babble and giggle all the time & just started saying da da and lot of other noises!
You love to clap your hands and you learned to sign MORE! (mommy's so proud!)
You stand up on everything!
You got off your fire truck all by yourself TONIGHT for the first time!
You love to cuddle when your tired
You CRAWL Everywhere! But...when you get to the tile you won't put your knees down so you do a bear crawl! It's the CUTEST thing we've ever seen! Your little coo coo up in the air and your feeties and hands on the ground!

Every day is a treasure and a blessing! You are such a blessing in our lives and make us strive to be better people! We love you so much and love watching you grow and discover! You are our littlest love!


Until Next Time...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My little Love!

Yesterday was one of my favorite days as a mommy! Nothing out of the ordinary, but just a bunch of special little moments that melted my heart over and over!

Hudson LOVES to be outside and with his little illnesses lately and the cold weather we've been keeping him inside. Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL! The sun was shining it was almost 70 degrees and...WE LOVED IT! Hudson and I spent the morning visiting our horse, he loves touching her nose and petting her. I love watching him interact with animals, he LOVES them! He can't get enough of dogs, if there's a dog around he is glued to it! I can't wait to see him ride horses one day! I think he's gonna love it just like mommy :)

The rest of the day we spent playing....laughing, being silly and ended the day outside again playing in the grass. Hudson explored leaves and little twigs. He was so curious about everything. It is truly amazing watching him explore his surroundings. Watching him is one of my FAVORITE things to do...good thing because that's how I spend most of my days.

Hudson is such a happy boy and the JOY of our lives.

7.5 Month Updates...
Hudson you are...
pulling to stand
sitting by yourself
You love to ride your rocking horse
You love to play your piano baby einstein toy
You take a bath without the baby bath
You eat A LOT!
You are still nursing but have food 2 times a day: cereal, a fruit and vegetable
Mommy is making most of your food and so far you like everything! Even bananas and avocados now!
You weigh about 19-19.5 lbs
You are wearing size 3 diapers and 6/9-12 month clothes depending on the brand.
You love to laugh and make mommy and daddy laugh ALL THE TIME!
You love exploring and LOVE being outside.
When Daddy gets home you get so excited and do a little silly wiggle
You still love blowing raspberries on our cheeks or tummy.
You now sleep in your crib! Woo Hoo!!
You still wake up 1-2 times per night, but we're working on it :)

Mommy loves staying home with you! It has been my dream come true to be able to cuddle you in the morning, play with you, rock you whenever I want and watch you explore throughout the day! Daddy and Mommy love you so much and pray for you every day that you would grow to be a man of God!

We love you buddy!


Until Next Time...