Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Boy! Our little man is Growing!

Our little man is growing...growing...growing! Last Monday, October 18th, Hudson had his 4 month appointment. His doctor told me I wasn't eating enough fats and needed to boost it up for Hudson. So, following Doctor's orders I did just what she said. I added dairy back into my diet (Hudson seems to be doing fine with it this time) and started eating more! Avacados, nuts, eggs, peanut butter and I can FINALLY EAT ICE CREAM AGAIN! mmmm... :) WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MADE!! My milk is SO MUCH FATTIER! Poor guy, he was drinking non-fat breast milk before...I didn't realize how many more calories you are suppose to eat while breastfeeding! Well...last monday Hudson weighed 12lbs 12oz and is now weighing 14lbs!!! What a huge difference eating right for him has made. He is a growing little man!

The last couple of nights our big boy has been eating throughout the night instead of his normal sleeping all night! MOMMA AND DADDY ARE TIRED! Last night the little monkey ate every 2 hours! He hasn't done that in sooo long, but at least he's growing! We are having so much fun with this boy of ours!

Well...I started writing this this morning and our sweet boy has a new trick as of this afternoon!! Along with no naps today (I know! I don't know what's going on! He had 2 very very short naps but other than that he's been awake and I've been a ZOMBIE!) Ok...back to the fun stuff...Hudson SAT UP for the first time today at Uncle Adam's house! We propped him up and he did it! WAY TO GO BUDDY!
Hudson here are some new things you are doing this week!

*Yesterday, Oct. 25, you bonked your head for the first time! You rolled across the living room and bonked your head on the rocking chair. You cried for a second and then you were ready to go again.
*You love to kiss VaVie's cheeks! You grab her face and pull it towards yours and give her kisses! You haven't even done this to mommy yet but you've done it to VaVie two different days this week!
*You are talking more and more and think you're pretty funny. (we think so too)
*You notice when we leave the room and sometimes you just play and other times  you yell until we come back to see you!
*You still love football and if it's on tv you move all over until you can see it.
*You can now roll over when you're swaddled! Such a strong boy!
*Daddy makes hand signs at you and  you try to copy. (I love you sign, and numbers) you are getting pretty good at this and it is really crazy!
*Your hair is finally starting to grow back but you still have your little mullet in the back
*Your belly hangs over your diaper now and you are finally ready to go to size 2, but we're using up all the 1's first!
*You poop at least 3-4 big poops a day lately! Must be the fatty milk!
*You suck your toes when we're trying to change your diaper and think it's pretty funny.
*You are so smiley and are laughing more and more.
*You are getting thunder thighs and your rolls on your legs are so squishy.
*Your legs are getting fat and that means your socks are getting too tight...they leave marks on your calves.
*You've been drooling so much lately....does that mean teeth?

*You sat up for the first time! 10.26.10

Every day you do something new and exciting. You are truly the sunshine in our days! Thank you for being such an amazing little man! We are so blessed and thank God for you. We still can't believe that God gave you to us. Our family has truly been blessed and we pray that each blessing we get we can give back 10 fold! Thank you Jesus for each day you give us!

Until Next Time...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time is precious

Time is precious...
Tomorrow Hudson will be 4 months old. I decided when I was pregnant I didn't ever want to say..."It's going by too fast...I'm so sad" the reason I decided this was because if I have this in my mind, I'll always be sad! So instead I've chosen to look at it this way...every day that Hudson grows is a blessing, every new adventure and new stage is a memory that will forever be cherished.  I feel completely blessed to be able to stay home with Hudson right now. It has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to stay at home with my baby...so for now, as long as this chapter of staying home lasts...I'm soaking every single snuggle time, little laugh, and moment up! I thank God daily...hourly actually for this amazing gift I can give Hudson...MOMMY!

Lately it seems like EVERY DAY Hudson is doing something new! This week he started rolling repeatedly across the floor, pulling my hair, splashing so hard in the bath he gets us wet, grabbing water bottles or cups when we're trying to drink and today Hudson sucked on his toe for the first time when he woke up!! Daddy has been waiting for Hudson to be ticklish for quite some time and today, Sunday, October 17th, Daddy tickled Hudson and for the first time HUDSON SQUIRMED AND SMILED. Hudson...You are ticklish now! Daddy was sooo excited!

Auntie Megan singing to Hudson

Hudson supporting David Carr!
                  Hudson went to his first pumpkin carving party this week at Auntie Woo's house!

This weekend we were blessed to have family visit! Brooke, Megan & Joe came to visit and we all went to the FSU football game! Fresno State football is a pretty big deal in our family!!  :) I absolutely love seeing the family interact with Hudson. Uncle Adam can make him laugh more than anyone! Auntie Megan & Auntie Brookie adore him and it seriously makes me want to cry! This morning Megan sang Hudson a song that she wrote for him while I was pregnant and it made me sob! She is so talented and Hudson looked into her eyes and smiled as she sang! These little moments of time are so precious and truly priceless.

Hudson attended his first BULLDOG FOOTBALL game yesterday and once again was a CHAMP. The game was not until 7:30 so we weren't sure if he would last but he took two long naps during the day and a little cat nap right before the game. He was such a good boy and got SO MUCH attention from everyone. He even met TIME OUT! Hudson wore his earphones again EVERY PARENT NEEDS TO GET THESE IF THEY TAKE THEIR KIDDOS TO LOUD EVENTS! Hudson slept through fireworks, screaming fans and his little ears were protected!! It was definitely a fun family outing!

                                               We love making memories with our little family!

I feel like every day is my favorite day! Words cannot describe the feelings that come upon you when you look into your baby's eyes and they look back and smile knowing that you are their most important person. With complete trust and comfort Hudson lays in our arms knowing we will protect him and love him unconditionally. Ahh....I am so in love with my son and so so in love with my husband. I do not deserve the love God has shown us but over and over he showers us with blessings. I feel like I need to give back to God a lot more than I do. That is my challenge to myself ... to give back to our amazing father!

 Until Next Time...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010



What a week it has been!! This past weekend we made the journey to SoCal for a fun filled FOOTBALL weekend! We started out by heading to Glendora to watch a high school game, it was Hudson's first football game and HE LOVED IT! Our little guy is so into football it's hilarious. If it's on the tv he moves all around to make sure he can watch it. I guess it's in his blood!

Hudson, in Glendora you visited with Grandma & Grandpa, the Giles and Rohers, and Unlcle Big Daddy!

After Glendora, we headed to Newport beach for the night. Hudson saw his first rain and was completely in awe with it. Duncan walked him outside and let the rain drop on his little head, he just kept looking up ... probably wondering where this water was coming from. It was so precious.

In Newport Hudson spent time with Auntie Brookie and Granny & Popi! What a lucky little guy he is!!

Hudson also put his feet in the ocean for the first time! It was sooo cold and we didn't think he'd like it but of course our little champ loved it and loved putting his toes in the sand. He just melts our hearts!  After Newport we headed to San Diego...I told you it was a fun filled weekend! At Auntie Chelsea & Uncle Jeremy's house, Hudson found his toes for the first time. He held on to them during his bath, he must of thought they were going to float away!

And for the highlight of the weekend.....HUDSON WENT TO HIS FIRST NFL GAME!! We were so excited to take him, ordered him head phones to protect his ears and then arrived and FREAKED OUT! Duncan and I thought we were crazy to take our little man into the stadium with thousands of screaming crazies and to top it off it was sunny and we were scared he'd get sunburnt. After freaking out...then calming down, we decided to go in say hello to our friends and then leave. We are a CHARGER FAMILY but went to watch our friend Steve Spach who plays for the Cardinals.  We got into the stadium and to our surprise our seats were in the shade!! WOO HOO!! We were also at the top of the stadium so it wasn't quite so loud!

Hudson slept for 2 quarters then woke up and watched the game!! HE LOVES FOOTBALL and he had his Auntie Megan and Sissa there to give him so much LOVE! We had so much fun!! I don't know how it's possible but everyday we love him more! How can a heart have so much room for so much love! It's just amazing!!

In San Diego, Hudson got to see Auntie Megan, Sissa, Auntie Chelsea & Uncle Jeremy and MiMi & Papa!! What an amazing trip!!

We also celebrated our 3 year anniversary on the 29th and went on our FIRST REAL DATE since Hudsons been born! It was A-M-AZING! Thanks to my momma for watching the Hudder Muffin while we went to a fancy dinner and movie!! I have the most amazing husband in the whole wide world!! xoxo

3.5 months (15 week Stats)
Hudson here are some cool things you're doing:
*You still wear size 1 diapers
*On the 29th you weighed 11 lbs 12 oz and were 24 1/4 inches long You grew 1 1/4 inches and 1.5 lbs     in 28 days! The Dr. was very happy:)
*You started squeeling when you get excited and love to scream a happy scream when you're playing
*You love when VaVie makes you laugh mommy got it on video
*You are rolling over more and more every day
*You are wearing 3-6 months clothes and seem to be getting longer and longer every day.
*You are sleeping so good at night, you usually wake up around 5 to eat and again at 7 then you are up   for the day by 9 and take 2 long naps!
*You move your arms and legs SO MUCH when you're playing it's really funny
*You can grab your toys and hold onto them, you really like toys that play music and light up
*You always take a nap in your crib now but still sleep in your bassinet at night next to mommy
*You love spending time with all your grandparents...you have a lot! VaVie, VoVo, Grandma & Grandpa Q and MiMi & Papa and you even have great grandparents!! Granny & Popi and Vizi Vo and Great Grandma Felipe...you are one lucky boy!

Mommy feels so blessed to be able to stay home with you and is trying her very best to figure out a way to stay home with you longer. Daddy and mommy pray a lot about it so it's in God's hands! HE knows what is best for you and our family!!

We love you buddy!!

Until Next Time...