Saturday, September 25, 2010

You have captured our hearts

The moment I new I was pregnant I was already in love with this tiny baby. The day I felt him kick was the most amazing moment. When I held him in my arms for the first time I thought my heart would burst, and still as each new day comes, I love him more and more. His tiny smiles, and little sounds make my heart skip a beat. 

Hudson is 3 months old (14 weeks) and captures our hearts over and over again. He is beginning to get a little personality of his own and what a sweet one it is! He loves just being loved! His hands have become so curious to him. He stares at them touches them together puts them in his mouth and is trying so hard to use them to put his paci in his mouth! He has been successful a couple of is so amazing to watch him concentrate and use every muscle he has to manipulate his tiny fingers to do what he wants them to do. He grabs his toys and loves the ones that make noises or spin. He loves looking in the mirror and laughs at the adorable baby he sees looking back at him! 

Hudson, this week you touched grass with your feet for the first time. You loved the feeling and kept moving your toes and trying to take steps.  You spent some time with VoVo and your cousins Luke and Colt and had so much fun. VaVa even made a special trip up to Clovis just so she could hold you and rock you to sleep. YOU ARE SO LOVED! 

Mommy and Daddy think you are the most amazing little man in the whole wide world. You are such a sweet boy and make people just melt to pieces with your smile. Everyone always says how alert you are because you always are bright eyed and look around smiling and taking every moment in. You are curious about your surroundings, love to be outside and LOVE watching football with Daddy!! 

We just can't get enough of you and kiss and hug you all day long. In the mornings you like to snuggle with mommy before we wake up for the day, it's one of my favorite moments. You are a morning person for sure! You always wake up with a big smile and giggle. How did we get so blessed to have you as our son? Jesus must really love us! 

Hudson you have captured our hearts over and over! We love you to the moon and back!

Until Next Time...

Friday, September 17, 2010

13 weeks & 3 months old tomorrow!

Tomorrow our baby boy will be 3 months old!
 I can't decide if we should say 13 weeks or 3 months...ha ha...the little things in life! 

Hudson is getting his little personality and what a sweet one it is. As soon as he wakes up, even if he is fussing all you have to say is "Good Morning!" and you are surely to get a big gummy smile! I just love his sweet smile, it can make any moment special. 

Hudson had a very special photo shoot this week. A friend of mine who is a new photographer asked if she could take some pictures of him and OF COURSE I WAS THRILLED! I didn't expect to get such absolutely stunning, take your breath away pictures! Marissa is very very talented and captured such precious moments of our little guy! The pictures brought me to tears! 

You are doing so many new little things that only a mommy and daddy would notice! On Wednesday you started to arch your back when we sit you in your car seat or swing. You don't get mad, I guess you're just finding new muscles to use (that's what daddy thinks). Yesterday, you starting holding on to the side of your swing and stroller bassinet. It's pretty cute, you look like you are a big boy when you do it. 

This week you started grabbing your toys with your big hands (paws as everyone calls them). You have very big hands and feet for such a little guy, you'll probably be tall like daddy and catch footballs just like daddy (he was a superstar)!! 

You haven't been sleeping as soundly as you have in the past. Sometimes you make little noises in your sleep and want to eat during the night or sometimes you just want to cuddle. We don't mind, you will only be little once so we enjoy every moment! Daddy thinks you're really growing a lot right now and that's why you are making noises when you sleep. 

You still sleep in your bassinet in mommy & daddy's room, we're not ready for you to move to your nursery yet...I'm sure you would do fine, but we like being able to look at you and hold you whenever we want (you're our little dream come true!) 

Hudson & Jaxon Fragoso

Kingston & Hudson
You started splashing BIG SPLASHES in the bathtub this week and just love the water so much. You are such a happy baby and have so many friends already. You love going on little adventures to visit friends and  you still love to be outside. 

Hudson James, we love you so much and pray that we can raise you to be a Godly man so that one day you can be a wise old man with lots of children, grand children and great grandchildren to influence and be their shining light! 
We Love you Hudder Butter!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

When a Baby is Born...

When A Baby is Born
A Mommy & Daddy are Born

Ever so often I get this feeling deep in my soul. It may be due to exhaustion because when I'm really tired my raw emotions are so intense.  This feeling is overwhelmingly beautiful and seems to pause time and let all the emotions pour in at once. It's like a beautiful empty vase being filled with gorgeous flowers and bubbling water... It is a fantastic feeling.

At this moment I realize that when our son was born so was born a mother and father. An unmistakable sense of joy, pride, honor and thankfulness come with this feeling.

Last night Hudson had  restless sleep. In his sleep he was tossing and turning, grunting, and whimpering but as soon as I held him in my arms and told him, "it's ok, mommy's here" he immediately stopped and fell fast asleep. Wow! What an amazing gift God has given me, to be able to hold my baby and give him complete security and comfort.

How is it that as adults we lose this? A child has so much trust in knowing that his mommy and daddy will protect him from whatever may come his way, yet all to often in the hustle and bustle of life we forget to pause and take in these precious moments that in a blink, can pass us by.
12 weeks ago our baby made our lives complete
I am challenging myself to treasure these turn off the tv, to let the phone go to voice mail, to allow facebook to wait and to capture these precious memories that only mommy and daddy can create, that all too often just slip on by.

Being a mommy and a wife is truly the most amazing treasure. I pray that as each day passes God will strengthen my inmost being so that I can give my husband and son the best of me. That He will strengthen our marriage daily so that one day we can give our children the best gift of all. The gift of having parents who after years and years are still deeply in love and my prayer is that our children will say, "I want a marriage like my parents." This is my dream, my prayer and my wish.

December 31, 2006...The day Duncan asked me to be his wife!

Until Next Time...

Be Strong Mommy!

Wow...who would have thought that leaving your baby for the first time would be so hard! With the start of Football season and especially BULLDOG FOOTBALL!! it was time for Hudson to go to a babysitter for the FIRST TIME. We booked my mom way in advance for all the Fresno State home games, but for this first game she was unable to watch him. Luckily our sweet friend Carol, who has become like another grandmother was very excited to spend some time with the little guy.
Hudson loves Auntie Carol!
I spent all week trying to save up enough breast milk to last during the was a little stressful to say the least! I was so scared my baby would starve! HA HA...well...I sent 12 oz giving him 3 feedings worth of milk and guess what....because of the sleep schedule he's put himself on...he went through 4!! HA! That's what I get for stressing...I even sent formula just in case he went through the 12 ounces of breast milk. What was I thinking? Live and learn!

Well as I drove to Carols to drop him off I felt great! I was so excited to spend some time with adults and especially my sweet Duncan! Then it was time to actually leave him...(wait...what  do you mean taking your baby to a "babysitter" means you actually have to leave them there!!) AHHHHHHH.....what if he needs me? Do you think he knows I'm leaving him? what if...what if...what if...blah blah blah!  I had to tell my mind to just SHUT UP and enjoy the time! As I drove away I called Dunc who was already tailgating and having a blast..."maybe I shouldn't go", he made me feel better and of course once I got there I had a blast! (After I stopped freaking out about my phone not working!) SHEESH! And...the DOGS WON! What a game :)
We gave Tyler a ticket for his bday so Bryan, Isabella & Tyler came and my Daddy did too!
I think I must have checked my phone  A MILLION times! Thankfully Carol sent me updates on my sweet boy. (she knows me well!) When we picked him up he was sound asleep and I thought hmmmm....this wasn't so bad after all! HA HA

12 Weeks!
Hudson has been eating NONSTOP at one point this week I thought my nipples were gonna just fall right off my boobs from mere exhaustion!! Luckily...they are still there! :)  Hudson has been a thumb sucker since birth but he would just do it occasionally. He now is a full hand, finger and thumb sucker! It's hilarious, he tries to get his whole fist in his mouth and it's not just when he's hungry...he just likes those long monkey fingers that he has! He's so stinkin' cute! His laugh, smile, noises, poops & burps are all so cute...funny how poop and burps can be cute but...they really are! At least to Dunc and I.

On my to-do list this week...finding childcare for when I go back to work in January. So far we have one possibility but haven't really looked into it. I think I'm in denial that I have to leave him in January. I am praying that we find the perfect mommy to watch him and that my heart will be prepared to go back to work if that is God's will or....if God's will is for me to stay home longer that he would provide the means to do so. I love being home with Hudson and seeing how he changes ever so slightly from day to day. His midday snuggles and morning smiles melt my heart. My dream has always been to be a stay at home mommy, we'll see what God's plans are...ultimately it is His plan that matters not mine.

Mommies out there...any advice on being a working mommy vs. a stay at home mommy? I'm trying to prepare my heart for January and it's really hard! I love being a stay at home mommy!

Until Next Time...

Friday, September 3, 2010

11 Weeks old...We Are Filled With Joy!

"The Lord has done great things for us, and our hearts are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3

With the hustle and bustle of life, it is amazing to just sit sometimes in the quiet and reflect on the amazing things God has done! This is the first month without a paycheck and although we'll be on a tighter budget, it doesn't seem to matter. We have all that we on our table, a roof over our heads and an amazing little family! Thank you Jesus!!

This week was full of family, friends and fun! We went to SoCal for a Mag 7 wedding! Duncan and his best friends from high school are known as the "Mag 7". It is so much fun to see everyone with their little families. These guys and their amazing wives are like family. Duncan and I are so blessed to still be so close to our high school friends.

Sweet Marva 

We stayed with Dunc's grandparents known to Hudson as Popi and Granny! They were SO EXCITED to have us all stay with them and what a treat it was for us!! Duncan and I even got to go sit in the hot tub while Granny spent time with her little Hudson!

Granny & Popi

 Hudson loves going to VaVie and VoVo's house! He always gets to spend time with Uncles and Cousins there!!
It is such a blessing to have so many people in our lives that love us and especially that love Hudson!

Auntie Brookie and Stacy came to visit Hudson while we were at Granny and Popi's house!

Hudson is 11 weeks old today and had his 2 month shots and checkup this week...he did so good! Weighing in at 10lbs 3oz and 23 inches. The Dr. said he is very strong and is doing things that 4-5 month old babies are doing! Rolling over, scooting, standing when you hold his hands, head control and alertness. He is in the 25th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height. Dr. Krogstad is such a wonderful Dr. and spent a lot of time talking to us (my mom and I) about Hudson. Duncan had to work so VaVie came along for support! I was nervous about the shots, but Hudson did so good! I held his hand through it all:)

So many of my friends had babies within a month of Hudson's birth. I have to remember that all babies are different in there actions, growth, sleep patterns etc. I find myself worrying over silly Hudson weighing enough, eating enough, is my milk supply normal, blah blah blah!...HA...When I hear how big my friend's babies are or different stats, I begin to compare to make sure Hudson is doing ok. Yesterday I was a little stressed and worried because Hudson was feeling yucky from his shots, then I started to worry that I wasn't producing enough milk....worry = less milk supply= worry...ha's a vicious circle! Do any of you mommies out there do the same thing?  I need to just RELAX sometimes and not compare so I don't go crazy!! At the end of the day, I just want to be the best mommy and wife that I can be and I MUST remember to listen to my sweet Hudson! He'll tell me what he needs in his own little way! ....Mommy confession...sometimes even if Hudson isn't giving me "hungry signs" I try to stuff the boob in his mouth to give him more! (not really stuff...but it sounded better) HAHA...It's my Portuguese blood! All you Portuguese readers know what I'm talking about..."Eat Eat...You're So Skinny!" HA HA!  Silly mommy he must think!

11 Weeks Stats
My Sweet Hudson, here are some things you are doing!
*You smile and laugh
*When mommy changes your diaper she sings "OH HAPPY DAY" in a silly voice and you think it's so funny!
*You are a great eater! You're a breastfed baby! Sometimes you get a bottle but it's still mommy's milk. *You've never left milk in a always suck it dry!
*You absolutely LOVE bath time and smile and kick your legs and move your arms. Maybe you'll be a swimmer like all the Reids!
*Mommy takes A LOT of pictures of you and now you always look at the camera if you see it!
*You scoot when you're on your tummy and mommy and daddy have to watch you like a hawk so you don't go too far!
*You love going for walks and being outside
*You are a snuggle bug!
*You wear a size 1 diaper...Pampers! The other brands can't contain your poop!
*You had your BIGGEST  blow-out on Monday night at the Stowell's house! You had poop up your back almost to your neck! We had to give you a bath in Marva's sink!! And...of course...Mommy got a picture! (don't be mad:)
*You love when Daddy gets home from give him lots of love and smiles when you see him.
*You've been sleeping through the night...WOO HOO!! Sometimes mommy wakes you up in the morning to feed you.
*You are our biggest accomplishment, our most precious gift and our most amazing blessing! We love you!

I love you so much Hudson James! You are my Sunshine on a cloudy day!

Until Next Time...