Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Making Memories!

I love my Family!

This weekend was so much fun! We had our first family trip to Santa Barbara to visit Grandma (Duncan's mom). Hudson LOVES the outdoors! We knew this before but definitely confirmed it at grandma's house. He sat on the swing with his grandma and stared up at the trees for such a long time. When he was fussy we would just walk out side and like magic...he would stop! He loves it!

It was cold in Santa Barbara!! I got to wear my first sweat suit!!

On our way to Santa Barbara we stopped in Pismo for a quick lunch and had a little walk on the pier, Hudson loved the fresh ocean breeze! He was such a good traveler too! He slept the whole time and when he would wake up he would just stare at his little toys hanging from his carseat! Such a little champ!
On The Pismo Pier
Santa Barbara is so beautiful, we had breakfast at a darling little cafe, I had banana french toast!! mmmmm...delicious! We walked to Hudson's first farmer's market and bought some fresh produce for our dinner, I love Farmer's markets!! Later that day we took Hudson to the beach, we were thinking of letting him feel the water but decided we might get CPS called on us! HA...it was a little too cold so he just enjoyed the beach from our arms.
Mommy Loves Her Boy!!

We even found a shell for a keepsake. Hudson just loved the beach so much, we'll have to go back soon!

This is how Daddy burps me! Don't I look like a big boy?!

It was so much fun seeing him with his Grandma, he is so blessed to have so many amazing grandparents who are so in love with him.

Hudson started smiling a lot more on Saturday morning, he woke up full of smiles and coos! We are so in love with this little guy!

On the way home we stopped at Apple Farm for lunch, Hudson was so good...he's such an easy baby (most of the time:)
On our way back to Fresno we had to stop at VoVo and VaVa's...it's on the way:) We ended up staying the night. Hudson met his first pig, got his foot licked by a cow...we didn't get it on camera, but it was so cute and had a long country walk! It's so beautiful there, I miss living in the country!

Hudson & VoVo

Mommy teaching Hudson about PIGS!
Hudson's Pumpkin Patch at VoVo & VaVa's...
Grown from seeds from the Pumpkin Mommy & Daddy
Gave to VoVo & VaVa to announce we were
having a baby!
Last night Hudson slept 6 hours for the first time! We were sooooo excited when we woke up and realized that he'd slept so long. Today Hudson and Jack met for the first time, Jack was so sweet with him and wouldn't get too close unless we invited him...He's the best dog in the whole world!

On January 29th we celebrated Duncan's birthday at Yosemite Ranch by opening a card that told us we were having a boy! Tonight we celebrated our first family date at Yosemite Ranch. It was special to think that 6 months ago we sat in a booth and opened a card that said, "ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE, GIRLS ARE SWEET...BUT IT'S A BOY FOR YOU" We are truly blessed to have such an amazing, healthy, beautiful baby boy! Every day is a new memory, a new journey and a new blessing! Thank you Jesus for each moment you bless us with!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I've Learned In One Month!

My first month as a mommy has been truly amazing, at times exhausting and many moments simply took my breath away. Words cannot describe the pure joy I have when my sweet Hudson looks into my eyes, holds onto my finger or stops crying the second I hold him or sing him his special song.

I've learned a lot this month...That cleaning the house falls second to spending time with our baby. The simple things in life, like taking a moment to read him a story or taking a family walk have become some of our favorite moments of the day. It's funny how having a baby puts life into perspective, the hustle and bustle of our "old" life has surely slowed down and I LOVE IT! We look forward to moments like giving Hudson a bath, SLEEP (ha ha), waking up to a baby's sweet sounds coming from his bassinet. I love holding Hudson when he sleeps, his sweet breath and little noises just melt my heart!!

There are many things you learn when you're a mommy that you would never know...

*Pampers are awesome!
*Huggies seem to leak a lot!! Hudson pees all over his back when he wears Huggies....yes...I said his back, I don't know how it happens!
*Butt Paste is amazing
*Mylicon drops could save the world!
*Nipple Cream....Thank you Jesus!
*Soothies (gel nipple pads) awww...
*Large water bottles with a lid and a straw (easy to drink from when you only have one hand are half asleep and dying of thirst!)
*Eye drops come in handy when you are sleep deprived and your eyes feel like sand paper!
*Starbucks decaf, sugar free, soy vanilla latte...mmm...even though it's decaf it makes you feel like you're getting caffeine! HA
*My brestfriend!! If you don't know what this is and are nursing or going to have a baby...You HAVE TO GET ONE!!! It's like a BOPPY but BETTER!! It has truly become my Breast Friend:)
*blankets work great as burp cloths! Especially with a baby who likes to spit up a lot! (Thanks for the advise Megan Giles!)

This is just a few of the things that have saved my life, kept me sane and made each day a beautiful success!! I love my new name...MOMMY!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

28 Amazing Days!

The Best 28 Days of Our Lives!

This week has been full of firsts for our Hudson!! Friday, July 9th, Hudson turned 3 weeks old! I can't believe that today he is 4 weeks old!! He makes the world a better place...at least Our World! We continue to learn everyday how to care for our precious boy! I'm learning his cries and what he wants...sometimes I still can't figure it out...when all else fails, I just give him the boob! HA Duncan has been enjoying feeding him from a bottle every once in a while, it's good Daddy/Son bonding time.

Smiley Boy!
On Saturday, July 17th Hudson smiled at Mommy 3 times when he woke up in the morning!!
He was awake and so happy to see his Mommy!!
He melts my heart!

Saturday July 10th was Hudson's first breakfast date! We went to Sandy's Country Junction in Clovis with my mom (VaVa). He was such a good boy, it's so nice to be able to take him places. We still get a little nervous that he's going to start screaming and we'll have to leave our food on the table and run for the door! ha ha. So far he's been really good! Saturday also marked the day for Hudson's first babysitting experience!

Hudson Loves His VaVa
My mom came over and Duncan and I went around the corner to the Relaxation Station to get a 40 minute massage! It was wonderful! We were only 1 minute away from our house so we felt comfortable leaving! Hudson slept in VaVa's arms the whole time. She said he purrs when he sleeps! We love his little noises!

Sunday was Hudson's first time going to church
and his first BBQ! He loved the music at church and slept the whole time! Later that evening we got together with some friends at Carol's house and had a little BBQ. It was a lot of fun, Hudson was a little overwhelmed with all the people towards the end and a little gassy too. It's a little uncomfortable having him scream at someone elses house. It was our first experience of this happening so I'm sure we'll eventually get used to it, but I hate it when my baby screams. It makes me sad...poor guy!

We had our first trip to Costco Monday! A lot of firsts this week:) it's so fun! Hudson is our dream come true! He's such a good boy! As of Monday, Hudson is weighing 8lbs 12oz now! He gained 10oz in 5 days and the Dr. is no longer worried that he's not gaining enough weight! He eats ALL THE TIME! In fact, last night (Monday) he was fussy all night, we finally figured out this morning that he was just hungry! I was feeding him regularly, but he kept falling asleep during nursing so he wasn't getting his belly all the way full. Poor guy!

Duncan has two more weeks off of work! It's been so amazing having him home! We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to bond with our baby together.

Hudson Loves His Baths!

We had a great visit with Duncan's Uncle Glen and Aunt Doreen, they came to visit Hudson and even made us dinner! So sweet:) Hudson finally got to meet his Uncle Marken (my brother) yesterday in Hanford. We went to Hanford because my dog Dallie who I got in 8th grade wasn't doing so well. Hudson and Dallie got to meet before she passed away, it was very special. Dallie passed away late last night right after we left my parent's house.
We are off to Hanford again this evening to celebrate my mom's birthday and hopefully Hudson will have his first visit to Superior Dairy!! YUMMY!! We love Hudson so much and can't even imagine how we survived without him before! We love being Mommy & Daddy! It's the best job we've ever had!! Thank you Jesus!!!

Well...having a little one does not allow me to finish a blog in one sitting! This one has taken me a couple of sessions to write and post! HA...just when I sit down to write, Mommy is needed:) So this one is definitely a little choppy!! HA HA

Hudson got to go to Superior Dairy!! Mommy was VERY HAPPY to have a cookies & cream milk shake...mmmm... nothing like the Dairy!


Last night (Friday) was a very special evening. Hudson met his great grandparents, my VoVo and Grandma Felipe. My VoVo is the most precious man in the whole world. He held Hudson and sang to him, it was truly a special moment. If you know my VoVo you know what an amazing man he is, he is one of my heroes!

Hudson continues to make our lives better everyday. I fall in love more and more with Duncan watching him interact with our son. Seeing him as a Daddy touches my heart. I am so blessed to have found my soul mate, Duncan is the most amazing man I've ever known! I pray that Hudson grows up to be just like his Daddy!

Hudson will be 1 month old tomorrow, July 18, 2010! The best month of our lives!

Friday, July 9, 2010

21 Amazing Days!

Fun With Daddy!

It's been 21 amazing days! As I write this...it is 5:51 pm and our Hudson is exactly 3 weeks old to the minute! We are so in love with this perfect little person it's amazing how much a heart can love! We thank Jesus for every precious moment! What an awesome God we have!

We have had another fabulous, eventful week with our Hudson and more visitors. Our week started off with a Doctor's appointment, Hudson is weighing 8lbs 3oz and 21 inches.

The Dr. said Hudson is very strong and we agree! On Tuesday, Hudson ROLLED OVER for the first time! We couldn't believe it! 2 1/2 weeks old and already rolling over! He was spending time on his tummy time mat and was pretty angry! He kicked and squirmed until he plopped right over onto his back! He did it twice. Later that evening while changing his diaper, Hudson rolled from his back to his tummy! So far he rolls to the right side! Last night he rolled over again while doing tummy time! He's such a strong boy...an athlete like Daddy already!

We had a little visit with the Baxter family, Hudson's second trip to someones house. He was so good and enjoyed all the attention.

Auntie Brookie came to visit and witnessed Hudson's fabulous roll over:) She was proud!
We also had our first lunch date with Uncle Adam and Auntie Brookie! Hudson even held some chopsticks at Mr. Sushi #2!! He loves sushi already! HA

My First Chop Sticks!

Hanging out at Uncle Adam's House!

Hudson had his first bottle this week! Still breast milk, but this time Daddy got to feed him! It was a very special moment for Duncan.

Daddy and Hudson are the best men in the whole world! I love watching Duncan with Hudson, it is so precious! Each moment is a new adventure. Hudson is staying awake longer during the day. Yesterday he was awake for 3 hours straight! It is so fun to sit with him and watch his eyes just soak everything in. Duncan and Hudson are my dreams came true! I've always believed in fairy tales....and knew that they could come true...mine did!!

Being a mommy is the absolute most amazing gift that has ever been given to me! I remember as a little girl dreaming about becoming a mommy one day, just knowing how special it must be to hold your own child in your arms. It is more amazing than I could have ever imagined! I love being a wife and mommy:)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

Hudson's first fourth of July was fun filled! We started the day with a trip to Uncle Adam's house to walk Jack. Hudson and Jack didn't officially meet yet because Jack has a sore on his neck, so we have to wait till it heals before he gets to meet his baby brother. :) But...they did get to go on a walk together. Jack was very curious every time he heard Hudson make his sweet baby noises and desperately wanted to see what was inside the stroller. We can't wait for them to officially meet and of course get some good pictures!

Next we made a trip to Bella Fruta to stock up on some produce. Hudson got A LOT of attention there, everyone who passed by just couldn't help but admire our little guy...he's quite handsome:) We ended our morning/afternoon with a lunch date to the Meat Market and ate outside on the patio. Hudson was such a good boy! We couldn't believe how quiet and happy he was all morning! He's so precious!

We got home and relaxed for a while before our first family BBQ! It was just the boys and I :) (Hudson and Duncan) Dunc barbecued some hot dogs and corn and we enjoyed the beautiful weather (from inside) HA!

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY!! VoVo & VaVa (my parents) stopped by on their way home from Shaver Lake, while my mom was holding Hudson I talked to him and guess what....HE SMILED 3 TIMES!!! It wasn't gas either:) He smiled at Mommy! What a little handsome boy he is...it melted my heart into a thousand pieces! This baby boy steals our heart a million times a day! We're so in love with him.
Our evening was full of fireworks and hometown American 4th of July goodness! We met Emily and the Belman family at a little park and enjoyed the Buchanan fireworks on blankets and lawn chairs...just like the good ol' days!
Uncle Adam met us there too! We ate Cracker Jacks while the beautiful sky was lit up! GOD BLESS AMERICA! Hudson was such a good boy! He was wide awake when we arrived and got to meet his little buddy Brock Belman, they're best buddies already.
We also got to meet Clark Belmont! What a cutie...we have so many friends with new babies, it's so much fun! While the fireworks went off, our little man slept in my arms. This was our official FIRST FAMILY OUTING and it was so much fun! Everyday is a day to make a new memory with our little Hudson...we are so blessed!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Two Weeks!

Our little Hudson was two weeks old yesterday! It's been an adventurous, busy week! Our precious boy had more visitors this week (he feels pretty special)! This week seemed a little more smooth or it just might be that we're so delirious that we think that we're doing a better job! HA
Dr. Krogstad...Hudson loves her!

Hudson had his first real bath at 9 days old. He loved the water!! We put him in and he was so happy, it was such a precious moment


Hudson started the week off sleeping really good at night, in fact we were waking him up every 3-4 hours to feed him. But....on Tuesday our little man had a big Doctors appointment...he got circumcised. What a day! Poor little guy, he actually did really well while the Dr was performing the procedure but the rest of the day was quite a challenge. He would wake up from a sound sleep screaming and nothing could soothe him except...the boobies:) So, I nursed A LOT that day! Since Tuesday, Hudson has been having a little trouble sleeping at night so Duncan and I have been taking turns holding him to soothe him so he can sleep. We're hoping once he's all healed we'll get back to our little nighttime routine...our fingers are crossed.
Hudson had his first trip to a friend's house. Our electricity went out on Monday...of course it was the hottest day of the year! 108!!! We tuffed it out for a couple of hours but decided to make a little trip to our friend Carol's house to cool off and have dinner. Hudson did so good, he was very happy to be in an air conditioned house!

This week we have experienced what so many people have warned us about with little boys!! The shooting stream of pee pee when changing diapers! HA So far Hudson has been pretty successful with his aim! He got mommy twice, the couch and lots of blankets! We're learning to cover him and change him quickly...or else:)

Hudson is such a good baby! He's starting to change every day, I noticed the other day that his little ears weren't wrinkly anymore and his feet used to be really wrinkly and a little purple now they are pink and so soft! His hair seems to be getting a little lighter too and his eyelashes are growing! He has the best facial expressions, we just can't help but stare at him all the time. At Hudson's Doctors appointment on Tuesday he did something for the first time....he picked his nose! HA...of course I got it on camera, I'm always ready to take a picture just in case he does something spectacular! We're pretty silly, but that's what makes it so much fun!
Yesterday Hudson seemed to be hungry ALL DAY!! He usually goes 2-3 hours between feedings during the day, but yesterday it seemed he was hungry every hour!! I thought I was going crazy...worried that he wasn't getting enough milk, wondering why he was still hungry after just eating. So...we GOOGLED:) (our new best friend) We found out that between 2-3 weeks babies have a GROWTH SPURT and will want to eat every hour! I wasn't crazy, and he was getting enough milk...HE'S GROWING!! Once we figured this out our little man was a happy camper and guess what....HE SLEPT ALMOST 5 HOURS STRAIGHT LAST NIGHT!!! It was the longest stretch yet!! He went to sleep around 10:00 and didn't wake up until 3:00!! He didn't even make a peep all night long! I kept checking on him because he usually wakes up or fusses a little bit, but not last night!! After he ate at 3:00 he went right back to sleep until 6:00! We were so rested and proud of our little guy!!

This little man goes through a lot of diapers in a day!!

Each day is a blessing and brings new precious moments with Hudson. When I hold him I am still amazed that this perfect little person grew inside of me for 40 weeks and 2 days! I love watching our family grow more and more each day. Duncan is amazing! I always knew he would be an incredible daddy but he exceeded any expectations that I had. He loves our son so much and showers him with kisses and love! He loves reading to him, it's one of the most precious moments of our day.

Thank you Jesus for this treasure that you've given us, help us to grow in You and as a family every day! We love you Jesus!!