Saturday, June 26, 2010

Highlights From Our First Week with Hudson James

Our Sweet Cuddly Baby Boy

It has been the most amazing week of our lives! It feels like Christmas morning everyday; being a mommy and daddy is the most incredible feeling in the whole world. No words can come close to describing how blessed we are and how thankful we are that God has entrusted us with this precious life to hold in our arms.

Here are some highlights from our first week as
Mommy and Daddy!

You've all seen the movie "Knocked Up" right? Well in the movie the daddy drives 12 mph on the highway on the way home from the hospital because they had precious cargo! Well.....we live less than a mile away from the hospital....but....Duncan took the LONG way around so he wouldn't have to drive on any major streets or the freeway even just for one exit. was the cutest thing in the whole world, he said, "I'm not driving on Herndon or the 168, people are bad drivers!" so our little family drove very slowly down the small country roads of Clovis to get precious that Daddy of Hudson's:)

The first night was VERY INTERESTING to say the least! We were exhausted, a little nervous and were trying to figure things out. Hudson's tummy was making funny noises and he kept crying. We would swaddle him and with one kick the blanket would come off or his hand would come out! Goodness Gracious....the nurses made it look SO EASY! They even showed us how to do it multiple times but....WE COULDN'T DO IT! I Think Hudson must have thought we were two crazy people that stole him from the hospital! ha ha

We were told in our nursing class not to introduce a pacifier until the baby is about 6 weeks old so that he wouldn't get "nipple confusion" (sounds silly huh?) about 2 am with a screaming new baby that we're suppose to be able to make happy we gave in! We have a little jar full of pacifiers...I grabbed them as fast as I could took them to the kitchen, boiled all of them (to sanitize) and we began the game of "pick a pacifier" ha was pretty funny! We would but it in his mouth, if he spit it out it went back in the jar, it took a while but finally SUCCESS!!!! Out of a ton of pacis Hudson picked his 2!!! Ahhh......silence, it was so nice:) We finally figured out that the poor guy had gas and gave him some drops that pretty much solved the problem. I still called the Dr. in the morning just to make sure that the noises we were hearing in his tummy were normal, she reassured me that newborns have to get used to being outside the womb and it was perfectly normal:) WE SURVIVED THE FIRST NIGHT!!!

At Hudson's first Dr. appointment he dropped some weight, weighing in at 7.7, the Dr. had us come back in 2 days to make sure he was gaining weight. She was hoping he'd gain 2 0z., an ounce a day is sufficient growth. Well...our little guy gained a whopping 7 ounces in 2 days!!! I'm like a Holstein Dairy Cow!! HAHA My milk came in Monday night at about 8:00 and our little guy has been getting more and more rolls every day!! Duncan calls the rolls on his neck "neck meat" ha ha.

At 4 days old Hudson had his first poopy blow-out! Duncan was pretty proud:) Luckily it only came out the sides of the diaper a little bit, but it was surely a big one! When my milk came in Hudson was the happiest boy on the block! We call it "Milk Drunk" after he eats:) He gets all floppy and super happy!
This was my face right before my first blow-out!
Mommy was wondering why I was so serious!

This is my milk drunk face

Our first outing was a walk to the mailbox! Hudson LOVES his stroller, it has a bassinet attachment and has become his favorite place to sleep! Our second outing was a walk to Starbucks to meet our friend Kim and her baby Asher. Hudson loves going on walks, he's even been on a walk to the grocery store.
(we live really close)

Hudson had his first sponge bath at 5 days old. He was so upset that he grabbed the ring on the bowl! He almost dumped all of the water onto himself!! He likes his sponge baths now...we're excited to give him a real bath very soon!! He just lost his belly button 2 days ago! It came off so fast, he was only 6 days old.

We have been so blessed with tons of visitors and food! We are so lucky to have so many friends and family to share in the love of our precious baby!


Every night has been getting better and better when it comes to sleep! Hudson is a little gassy at times, but luckily Sarah came over last night and showed us some baby massages to help with gas...and guess what?.....WE HAD TO WAKE HUDSON UP FOR ALL OF HIS FEEDINGS LAST NIGHT!!! He slept so good!

Some of our favorite moments are reading and singing to Hudson. We read and sang to him throughout our pregnancy so he really loves it!! He has already had so many books read to him:) Duncan is so cute when he reads to him, he is truly the best Daddy I have ever seen. God has really blessed our family with an amazing Daddy and Husband.

Google has become our BEST FRIEND this last week. So far we have googled:
1. How to Swaddle a newborn (we even watched it on youtube!)
2. How to burp an infant (Daddy looked this one up)
3. Why is my newborn burping up milk that looks like cottage cheese? (mommy did this one)
4. Infant gas relief
5. How to keep milk supply up
6. Foods to avoid while breast feeding
HA ! I thought by having so many nieces and nephews I would be a's so different when it's your own!! :) We're learning more every day!

And the best highlight...(According to Duncan)
While taking his newborn pictures, mommy was holding Hudson hands were cupping his sweet little bottom when we heard THE NOISE.....YEP...THAT NOISE! Duncan said, "what was that?" "POOP...It's poop!!" I said laughing... Duncan stood there laughing and frozen as I held a handful of yellow runny Hudson poop! ha ha...Never a dull moment, funny how everything a baby does is precious, even if it's pooping all over his mommy!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Story of Hudson James

We are so Blessed

June 18, 2010 8lbs 4oz
20 1/2 inches long

On Thursday, June 17th I was officially a day overdue. I had a Dr. appointment to make sure he was still doing ok in there and he was. Still only dilated to a 1.5 with contractions but not ones that were making any progress. A little bummed we left the Dr. office with hopes that we'd meet our little Hudson soon. We got home and decided that we'd have a little date and walk across the street to have Chinese food. (Walking helps they say and we were ready to meet our man if he was ready!) During dinner I started getting a little uncomfortable, my contractions that I had been having for the past week seemed a little stronger...could it be? ....

We got home, Uncle Adam was at our house watching the Laker game and talked to my belly, "Come on Hudson, time to come out!" Earlier that day my best friend Melissa called and said, "I'm leaving work and coming home" she lives in San Diego, she had a "feeling". I told her she was crazy and that I had just been to the Dr. and it doesn't look like he's coming this weekend, but she just KNEW that he was going to come and decided to head to Hanford just in case. Duncan's family was also all in town to visit! We all hoped that Hudson would come when they were here so they could meet him but it wasn't looking very promising.

Later that night....Duncan and I went to bed around 10:00 pm. I was having trouble sleeping, my contractions seemed a little stronger than they had been and seemed to be getting worse, but I wasn't sure (could be wishful thinking I thought). At 12:00 am I got out of bed and took a shower, my back was hurting and the contractions were for sure getting stronger. I didn't want to wake Duncan up because he was really tired. I came into the living room and layed on the couch, once again trying to relax a little, but it wasn't working!!! (WOO HOO) I THINK THIS COULD BE IT!!!! I think it's time to wake Dunc up!! I walked in the room and started to cry:) (of course) "Duncan, I think I'm in labor, my contractions really hurt!" He sat up and said, ok baby (I think he was still in dream land, he was a bit confused!) ha ha

At 2:00 am we decided it was time to head to the hospital!!! They were really full so they sent us to triage to check me and see if I was actually in labor. I was dilated to a 2.5 (I was so excited! I had been at a 1.5 for 3 weeks!!) The nurse called the Dr. and was told to have me walk for TWO HOURS to see if I'd progress. By now it was about 4am so off we walk. We walked around the hospital, I cheated a little and went and laid down in one of the waiting rooms (I was so tired!). We went back at 5:45 to get checked again and....I was at a 3.5!!!! The nurse called the Dr. and the Dr. said....WE'RE HAVING A BABY TODAY!!! I was sooo excited, exhausted and ready to meet our baby!!! Time seemed to go fast but now that I think about it, there was a lot of waiting.

By 8:00 we were taken to Labor and Delivery, by 8:30 I had my epidural!!! (It was amazing!!) I highly recommend getting one! I had complete control of my legs, feet and toes but could not feel my very strong contractions!!! My nurses Angie and Wendy were absolutely wonderful and of course Duncan was the best labor coach ever! I had made cookies a couple days before just in case so we gave them to the nurses for all their hard work! We also bought them pizza for lunch, we were so thankful to have such sweet nurses. We had some visitors during this time, I was so comfortable and progressing well. I slept, ate some jello and visited with our family.

By around 4:20 I was feeling a lot of pressure and the nurse said I was dilated to 8.5 very soon after I told her "I think I need to push" she checked me and sure enough I was dilated to a 10!! Melissa came back in the room to be our photographer and I began pushing! I was so excited and it felt great to push! Melissa and Duncan were amazing and Angie my nurse was amazing. It was truly an incredible experience from start to finish and it seemed to go by so fast! My nurse told me I was the nicest pusher she had ever met Ha!! I kept thanking them for telling me I was doing a good job ha ha. I was just happy:)

Hudson James Reid was born at 5:51 pm and weighed 8lbs 4oz and 20 1/2 inches long. When they placed him on my chest right after birth I was completely breath taken! This precious little baby who grew inside of me for 40 weeks and 2 days was here and I was his MOMMY!!!!
On the day Hudson was born, the weather was perfect! 89 degrees in June! The day we brought him home it was 82 degrees! Jesus loves Hudson so much!!

The best day of our lives! We love Hudson so much! I stayed in the hospital 1 night, Duncan didn't get to stay with me because the hospital was very full and I had to share a room. He was really sad to leave but was back at the hospital bright and early to see us.

Now here we are, 6 days later and completely in love with our Hudson! The first night was a rough one, we were up all night trying to figure things out. We're still learning, but it's gotten a lot easier! We are truly blessed!! Thank you Jesus for our Hudson!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Story: Oh Baby!

Our Story: Oh Baby!

Oh Baby!

Our baby's sweet profile! Taken @ 39 weeks!
Hudson James Reid

Tomorrow is our due date! I can't believe that the day has finally come. June 16th has been ringing in my ears for nearly 40 weeks. It is just amazing to think that our baby started the size of a poppy seed and made his way up through all of the fruit and vegetables until he was the size of a watermelon! ha! Little moments throughout our pregnancy have been so amazing. The first time I realized that the little gas bubbles were actually a tiny baby moving inside of me. The first time Duncan felt him kick, the first time we saw my belly move! Seeing him in an ultrasound! It's just such a miracle.

Now here I sit, the day before June 16th wondering when our precious Hudson will be in our arms. His room is ready, the car seat is in the car, the swing and bouncy seat are awaiting his sweet little body! I can hardly believe that my dream of becoming a mommy is here...days away! I thought I would be scared to embark on such a journey as child birth, but surprisingly I'm not scared at all but absolutely excited! I feel like I'm waiting for Christmas morning...only BETTER!

I couldn't have asked for a better husband or daddy! Duncan is truly the most AMAZING man I have ever met and I know he is going to be such an incredible example for our baby boy. I hope Hudson grows up to be just like his Daddy!

This week has been very interesting. Saturday evening at 8:33 we loaded up the car with our bags and headed to the hospital....(it's only 1.5 minutes away) :) I had been having contractions all day about 7 minutes apart for 6 hours then they were 5 minutes apart for about 3 hours. I didn't think it was the "real thing" but what do I know? As a first timer, I'm pretty clueless...although What To Expect When You're Expecting is pretty helpful I must say! So...we arrived at the hospital, they hooked me up to monitors and confirmed I was having regular contractions!!! WOO HOO...It wasn't my imagination:) But.....I was only dialated to a 1 (with some wiggle room) what does that mean anyways...wiggle room? The nurse said that although usually you come in when contractions are 5-7 minutes apart, mine weren't strong enough yet so, "go home, get some rest and walk tomorrow." Okie Dokie, off we went!! Sunday, the contractions continued on into Monday...still 5 minutes apart. I called the Dr. Monday morning and they had me come in to see if I was dialated anymore. I thought FOR SURE I would be and that they would just send me straight to the hospital....NOPE....still at a 1 (with wiggle room) ha ha. The Dr. decided to strip my membranes (a little painful) hoping to get things started.

And here we are...Tuesday! Contractions actually have slowed down a little today, probably because I've been super lazy! Slept in, watched 2 movies and just relaxing. Our little man will come when he's good and ready!

Soon enough our lives will forever change with a sweet baby! Since I was a little girl I have dreamt of becoming a mommy and my dream has finally come! We can't wait to meet him!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Final Countdown!

Well, 9 months have come and it's 10 days and 1 hour until my due date! I can't believe that soon we'll be holding our sweet baby in our arms. We're so excited to see his little face, kiss his sweet feet and never get sleep again! ha least that's what everyone keeps telling us to prepare for. Hudson's room is ready to go, his bassinet is in our room with clean sheets, stroller is assembled, the car seat is safely strapped into the car and the bags are by the door!! Whew.....I think we're we're just waiting! Waiting for my water to break, for contractions to come 5-7 minutes apart, all the things they tell you to wait for. Who knows our due date may just pass on by with us still waiting.
We're praying for a safe, easy delivery! Hopefully I'll be like my mom, she had all of us very quickly! We'll see. We go in on Tuesday for our last ultrasound to see if Hudson is in the normal range for size or if he's a giant like Duncan. I think he's going to be in the normal range but we'll see!

Prego Stats:
Weight to date.......151.5 WOWZERS!! That's 31.5 pounds's in the "normal-healthy" range but still sounds like A LOT!! :)
I can still wear most of my pre-prego clothes (not pants!!) but shirts and dresses and work out clothes, they just fit very snug.

Hudson loves to move around in the evening the most but lately he rolls around throughout the day. Duncan loves to watch my belly move, it's pretty impressive! Duncan always says, "Oh my gosh!!! He's so strong" Hudson loves when we sing to him and when we rub the belly, he sticks his little foot or elbow out when he hears us. He's so cute already:)

Things we're looking forward to:
Holding our little man
Going on walks with our little family & Jack
Mini vacations to visit family!!!
Loving our blessing with all that we are!
We are truly thankful that our sweet Jesus has blessed us with Hudson! We can't wait to meet him!