Wednesday, May 12, 2010

8.5 Months!

So much has been going on lately, between weddings, baby showers and nesting, we've been staying busy! With 5 weeks to go, I'm feeling excited and a little nervous. It seems night time is when I lie in bed and thoughts fill my mind...will my water break when Duncan's at work? Will I be early or late? I wonder how labor will go and what day of the week it will be, morning or know a million thoughts that take over your mind! Ha! Well, all of those questions will be answered sooner than later.

We took maternity pictures today with Jen Gillum! I can't wait to see how they turn out. Duncan's always such a good sport when it comes to pictures, he's the BEST! We printed a checklist of things to pack for the hospital, so this evening I packed away! The bag is sitting by the door ready to go. Next on our to-do list is to get the car detailed (thanks to our friend Kevin) his gift to us was to detail our car before Hudson comes! Then we have to install the car seat! We're pre-registered at the hospital so all we have to do is show up and we're ready to go! Our birthing class is this weekend and I'm sure we'll get a lot of questions answered...probably get a little more info than we need!

I can't believe that 35 weeks have past so quickly! October feels like it was forever ago (that's when the magic stick showed 2 lines) he he he. Although it seems so long ago, I feel like it was just yesterday at the same time! It has been a truly wonderful pregnancy, I love being pregnant! Watching my belly grow, feeling Hudson move, it's truly a miracle! I am truly in awe of God's grace and power! I can't wait to hold the precious gift he has given us!!

Pictures to come!