Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

The hustle and bustle is over and it was SO MUCH FUN! I have always loved Christmas, spending time with family, spoiling the ones you love, remembering the Reason for the Season, Christmas carols and the joy of the season.

Having a baby makes it even BETTER! Our Christmas started on December 23 with the Mello Family Christmas, complete with the second annual TALENT SHOW! All the nieces and nephews and adults had A BLAST! We, along with Marken as our narrator did the play of the birth of Baby Jesus! It was pretty awesome and we even made my mom cry :) a good cry of course. The kids all did dancing and singing acts, Phillips family did an awesome number of "Merry Christmas from the Fam O ly" only put in words about all of us. It was AWESOME! Hudson had so much fun opening presents and playing with his cousins and of course loving on VaVie and VoVo. We are so blessed to have such an amazing family that lives so close! ONE OF MY FAVORITE TRADITIONS AT THE MY FAMILIES CHRISTMAS IS THE JESUS CAKE! Every year we make a Jesus cake and go outside to sing Jesus happy birthday. We hold the cake up and let Him blow it out! It's very special and has become a very important part of our Christmas.
Our Present :)

Our Little Reindeer! Hudson had so many Christmas Outfits he had to do Outfit Changes!
All the Cousins & Friends :)
Hudson's First Christmas present from VaVie and VoVo
Family Footsie Jammies! Ha Ha Ha! We have Fun!
Happy Birthday Jesus!
VaVie & VoVo

Christmas Eve started early with the First Annual "Girls Breakfast". I've always said how blessed I feel to still be best friends with my high school girls. They are truly amazing! Duncan and Hudson came along and played with Jeff and Grant and Hudson got to cuddle with the most beautiful girls in the whole world:)


We continued are festivities with lunch at Mindy and JT's house to be with Sissa! Hudson was spoiled once again with CUSTOM "Hudson's first Christmas" jammies from his Sissa and even a toy from Mindy and JT.

Christmas Eve wouldn't be complete without Christmas cookies! We headed over to Leslie and Shyam's house to spend the evening with them, laughing baking cookies and Hudson played with his buddy Nicholas! SO MUCH FUN!

Nicholas Sharma showing his messy hands from making his gingerbread house!
He's so darn cute!

Home Sweet Home...we ended Christmas Eve at home. Hudson got to open ONE special present. (Santa dropped it off early for his FIRST CHRISTMAS) It was "The Night Before Christmas". We read it to him before bed...what a special memory and new tradition! Hudson also got Daddy a gift, "Fireman's Night Before Christmas!"

We left cookies for Santa, grain for the Reindeer and the Magic Key on the Door!

Christmas Morning!
Our First Christmas Morning as a Family!
We woke up with pancakes from Daddy and stockings full from Santa! Hudson loved opening presents and we loved watching every second! Hudson truly is our special Christmas gift this year! We haves so much to be thankful for!

The Drive....
At about 2:00 we packed up and headed out for our journey to Glendora. Little did we know a HUGE TREE would have us stopped on the Grapevine for an hour! Our poor Hudson was stuck in the car until 7:00 I felt so bad. We Finally arrived in Glendora to arms wide open and lots of Hugs and Kisses for Hudson. He seriously LOVED all the attention from his aunties, uncles, MiMi, PaPa and Grandma and Grandpa. Hudson got to spend time with all of his grandparents for his First Christmas!

PaPa teaching Hudson to play Piano!!

Silly Aunties

The Future Mr. & Mrs. Caprio with Hudder Muffin!
Uncle Jeremy & Auntie Chelsea

PaPa & MiMi
Grandpa & Grandma Quast & Family  

Granny & Popi love their Hudson

Grandma reading to Hudson...So Precious!

Hudson loves his Uncle Adam So Much!

As you can see, Christmas was FULL of memories we will cherish forever! 
The Lord has blessed us so much!

 Until Next Time...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

It's been a little busy around our house with a sick baby so I am behind on our adventures!

On December 4th we headed out for our annual Reid Christmas Tree chopping! This year we started a new tradition by heading up to the mountains to Red Hawk Ranch to chop our tree. In the past we have gone to Cobb Ranch but heard they weren't letting people cut their own trees anymore.

Hudson had SO MUCH FUN! He actually picked our tree himself! We walked around the whole ranch, Hudson didn't seem to impressed. Finally we walked up to "the tree" Hudson grabbed it and looked at us and smiled! SOLD! That was it! We captured many pictures and Duncan being the strong husband and daddy that he is...chopped it down for us! OUR HERO!

We didn't get to decorate right away due to Hudson being sick but eventually we decorated our First Christmas Tree as a FAMILY! I love little moments like these! Truly moments that last forever in our minds as treasured memories.

Hudson Helping Daddy put the Star on!

The First Ornament
Our tree being straight from the forest seems to have some friends of it's own living within! We have squished about 15 baby spiders that came home with our tree! All of you know I DO NOT LIKE SPIDERS! But you would be proud...I have been very brave and not even afraid:) I guess being a mommy has toughened me up a bit!

Hudson loves to look at the lights and ornaments and absolutely LOVES another tradition we started this year...ELF ON THE SHELF! We read the story every morning then search to find our elf "Buddy". If you haven't seen this book before you should go get it! RIGHT NOW!! It is just darling:)

Christmas is such a beautiful time of year to do special things for those we love most and to remember the birth of our SAVIOR! How blessed we all are to be children of God!

You Know It's Christmas Time when 
My Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies are Baking!

Until Next Time...

6 Months

6 Months! It feels like just yesterday I was waking Duncan up to tell him..."It's time!" I look at Hudson and there are already so many amazing memories that we will cherish forever and look forward to each new day to make new memories! I love being a mommy and love being able to stay home with Hudson and watch him grow and discover new things every day.

It seems that Hudson still discovers something new, makes a new noise or accomplishes something for the first time EVERY DAY! He is now attempting to crawl, but can get across the room by kicking his legs and using his strong arms. It's pretty amazing! He loves to stand up and if someone holds his hand he will pop right up with a big grin on his face.

Just yesterday he started twisting his tongue in silly ways when he smiles. He is officially a rice cereal eater, and is on his 3rd night in a row eating it before bed.

Hudson was sick for nearly 2 weeks and is finally better! He had RSV a respiratory virus that infants get, a common cold in adults but can be dangerous for babies. It was a rough 2 weeks with little sleep and lots of tears...It is so terrible seeing your little one sick and being able to do very little to make him feel better. We are so happy to have our healthy little guy back!

Hudson, you are truly our joy!

So many amazing things have happened since our last post...
On December 5th, Duncan officially became a Clovis Firefighter! Praise God! We have patiently been waiting for God to open doors and shut doors as He sees fit for our family. Duncan has been so amazing during this journey and always said that he knew God knew what was best! I have an awesome husband and I am so proud of him and know that he will be an AMAZING firefighter.

We decided that I will be staying home for the remainder of this school year, a dream I have had all of my life. I will miss my students so much, but know the time here with Hudson is so worth the sacrifices we will make to make ends meet. I truly feel blessed!


Watching Baby Einstein 
You are wearing size 2/3 diapers
size 6-9 months clothes
You weigh 15.5 pounds
A little over 26 inches
Sit up
roll all over
scoot across the floor
stand up when we hold your hand
scream in excitement
splash in the bathtub
eat rice cereal
still nursing
love books
Smile when you wake up
Getting back to your sleeping through the night routine!
You are our love...our life...the best thing we've ever done!

We love you Hudders!!

Until Next Time...