Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Merry

The days are flying by and each one seems to get a little better! We are now 14 weeks 6 days pregnant and our little miracle is sprouting hair, eyebrows and can suck his or her thumb. Isn't that so amazing? We love reading the books and learning how our baby is changing daily. Last week we had a 14 week ultrasound and saw our little miracle already looking like a sweet baby! Fingers and toes, big lips and a darling nose. This baby is already so loved!! Our next ultrasound will be January 25th and if our little peanut cooperates we will know if we have a baby boy or baby girl!!!

Duncan is excited to start cleaning out our guest room and getting it ready for Baby Reid. We are not quite sure if we will be in our apartment when the little one arrives or not but it's a good reason to go through the closets and down size a bit.

Duncan graduated from Fire Academy last week at the top of his class! Of course! He also received a memorial award voted on by his peers as an outstanding leader, and future firefighter. We are still awaiting news from LA city but know that God's timing is the only timing!

We are so excited for the Christmas festivities! We will be in Hanford on the 23rd to celebrate with the Mello side, then to Santa Barbara on the 24th with Momma Q and Pop (Dunc's mom), to Glendora on the 25th at the Reid's then to Big Bear for a couple of days with Dunc's dad and family! So fun!!!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may the love of Jesus fill your homes with Joy and your Hearts with Peace!