Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Nursery Furniture!!!

Our baby is already so blessed!!! The grandparents went a little crazy and bought us some of our nursery furniture!!! We are so grateful!! So far we have our crib, changing table and hutch (not shown) ordered!!

First Trimester

Almost 12 weeks now! I can't believe our little miracle already has fingers and toes and is the size of a large plum. I must say I am very excited that the nausea and yucky stuff might be almost over.

So far here are the stats from my first trimester:
Starting at week 7 nausea on and off throughout the day
First Ultrasound: 9 weeks. We saw our little baby moving around with arms and legs and even a little nose!! It was so precious!
Thrown up 7 times total
Dizzy: just 1 time, yesterday while shopping for cribs
Fainted 1 time (after the flu shot at 6 weeks)
Cravings: Week 6: Fried Zucchini, Week 7: Taco supreme (so random because I don't like fast food!), Week 8: Lime popsicles, Week 9-11: fruit smoothies, anything cold, water with ice
Weight Gained: 0 lbs. so far. Lost 4 pounds right away now back at normal weight.
Started showing: I could tell at about 7 weeks, just a little bloat, by week 11 a definite little bump I can still wear my regular clothes but they are a little tighter around the waist.
Biggest change: SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP I can take 2 long naps and still go to bed tired! I've never slept so much in my life! It's so strange.
What we're looking forward to: Feeling the baby kick!! Finding out the sex of our little one!!

Duncan has been so amazing, I am so thankful to have such an AMAZING husband!! I love him so much!!

A week and a half left of the first trimester!! We love our baby so much!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Our First Photo! At 2 Months...just a little tiny bump!
After Announcing the Big News to My Parents!
In October at our little ones first FSU game!

The Tailgate!! With Duncan's family!!


On October 11 we were blessed with the exciting news that we were going to have a baby!!! I've wanted to do a pregnancy blog for a while, but the news was just shared with our whole family this last weekend so finally I can start my prego blog!!

I am now 10 weeks 5 days pregnant and feeling better! Starting around week 7 the symptoms began. At almost 11 weeks I'm feeling a lot better, haven't thrown up for over a week!! Woo Hoo!!

How it was announced....
To Duncan: Duncan was at work when I took the test so I had to wait ALL DAY for him to come home to tell him the exciting news. I bought a precious little teddy bear and a card and placed it on the coffee table with the positive pregnancy test. When he got home he saw the bear and I told him I got if for him because I was being a brat and I wanted to say sorry. I just made that up, but I must have really been a brat because he bought it! He went and changed...taking his time before he opened the card, it was killing me! Finally he opened the card to find that he was going to be a DADDY!!! It was such a special moment!

My Family: We wanted to tell everyone in person so my family found out before Duncan's family. We invited my parents to dinner, I told them it was to celebrate Duncan's Fire Academy performance but really it was for the big announcement. I bought a baby pumpkin a beautiful box and made a special card that said, "A New Pumpkin for Your Patch". When my mom opened the box and read the card she exploded into tears! It was so precious and funny! My dad was gleaming from ear to ear.
Siblings: At my families harvest party we gave my brothers and their wives a special card announcing our pregnancy. It always gets me when my brothers well up with tears! My sister-in-laws screamed and we all celebrated together.
Duncan's family: We had to wait what felt like forever to tell Duncan's family. We really wanted to tell everyone in person and it so happened that they were all coming to the last football game/my birthday so it was perfect timing. Duncan's mom came into town on Thursday and we told her we bought her a housewarming gift, when she opened it, it was a picture of our baby and a countdown till I'm a Grandma gift. She squeeled for about 5 minutes! It was AWESOME!! On Saturday at the tailgate Duncan had a special gift for me to open and everyone gathered around to watch. As I opened the gift it was full of Fresno State Baby clothes! I pulled out tiny shorts and a tiny skirt, everyone was a little confused and absolutely silent until Duncan said, "they're baby clothes...we're having a baby" Everyone screamed and jumped cried and yelled for what seemed like forever! It was the BEST reaction EVER!!!

So, now the families all know and it can be announced to the world:) We are absolutely thrilled and feel completely blessed that God has given us this precious gift. We have already had our first ultra sound and saw our baby moving around, heard the strong heartbeat and fell completely in love with Baby Reid!!