Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank you JESUS!

So yesterday was one of the worst days in my teaching career. It was hectic...a bit out of control and not fun AT ALL! We were short staffed, students were having a hard day and the teachers didn't get a lunch...and we need our lunch:)! Yesterday, I realized that I was trying to fix things that were out of my control and decided to give it all to GOD and today....IS A GREAT DAY!!

Thank you Jesus!! Today I have had multiple "I love my job moments!" For me an I love my job moment is when I connect to my students and they learn something new or accomplish something that they haven't done, being silly with them, laughing, know all the fun stuff! Today one of my students sat in time-out for 2 minutes without stripping (he takes off his clothes when he gets into trouble sometimes). My little guy sat there with quiet hands until the timer went off!! WOO HOO..."I love my job moment". I also got to play bingo, sing and dance and finally got to have our classroom store! I know...sounds pretty silly, but for my kids these activities promote language growth, social skills, positive behavior, and teaches them to follow directions! So for now, I'm sitting at my desk having lunch and am so happy to FINALLY have a wonderful day doing what I love, TEACHING! Thank you JESUS!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Handing it over!

This school year has been beyond crazy. Just when we think things have calmed down, another storm arises. Last night I lost sleep trying to figure out what I could do differently, when I woke up today I had a plan! Then...I arrived at school only to have my plan shattered due to other circumstances. Tonight as I sat and felt sorry for myself, wondering when I would LOVE my job again like I have in the past, I realized something...I am trying to fix a problem that needs to be handed to GOD!! I realized that the problems that are arising are out of my hands and I will continue to fail if I try to FIX them myself! It's a revelation:) So... at this moment right now, I am giving it ALL to our most GRACIOUS HEAVENLY FATHER! He is the only one who can fix what is broken! Through him all things are possible and with Him on our side, we cannot fail!

When days are long and things don't seem to work out I need to be reminded of why we do what we do. So here's the reason! I love these kiddos so much!
True Joy is Being a Shining Light in the Life of a Child