Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tu Tu Crazy!

A little tulle goes a long way! I have made 6 tu tus in the past week and let me tell you...they are so cute! I've always LOVED tu tus even before they became so trendy. But now that they are so trendy I figured...I have time on my hands, why not:). I began with some left over tulle from my sister-in-laws wedding and made the first one. I think I might be hooked! I love making them and have plenty now. I'm planning on selling them for $20-$30 depending on the tutu. Some are fuller than others and some have fancier bows than others. I think every little girl needs a tutu, what do you think? Here's some of the ones I have created, but there are more to come!

Til Next Time

Dance your tu tu off and have a fabulous day!