Sunday, April 26, 2009

Giddy Up!

Giddy Up!

Have you ever seen a dog smile? I mean really smile with a wide open grin, mouth open wide, having the time of his life? Well, this weekend Jack had an experience of a life time. Jack officially met Honey~B, my horse. At first he was trying to figure out why the heck his new momma was sitting on a giant dog walking in circles. He was quite confused and wasn't quite sure how he felt about it.

Then he realized that it would be so cool to join in on the fun and decided to come riding with us; well, not on Honey~B, but close behind. Jack became a COWBOY this weekend!

He once again found the
pond at Carol's house and decided to run full speed to the edge then LEAP into the water. Dolce, Jack's new chocolate lab friend joined him in the pond and ran for hours around the pasture. It was so cute to see them play together, I think it made him miss his brothers at home:). We had a great weekend with our animals! We love them so much!!

Jack can't wait for next weekend he gets to go visit his brothers in Glendora! He has so many stories to tell them:)! HA;)

Monday, April 20, 2009


So this blog has turned into an "All about Jack" page, but I just can't help it, and the family loves to hear how their boy is doing. So today was Jack's first day at Lane Elementary and he LOVED it! Duncan brought him at lunch and they stayed for the rest of the day. Jack just adored all of my students and made a lot of new friends:)

Jack Showing the Kids How To Give
A Proper Greeting when Singing With Kibble's Rockin' Clubhouse! (Thanks Robyn!!!)
For those of you who aren't familiar with my students, I teach special education and have 11 amazing little people in my class. They are ranging in abilities and many of my students are nonverbal some have Autism, Down Syndrome and other disabilities. Jack was so welcoming to ALL of them and even got one of my nonverbal students to say "PUPPY". I couldn't believe my ears, one of my students very rarely speaks, occasionally she will say "momma" or "pita" for her name, but today she said puppy!! It was so exciting! She poked and tugged on Jack's ears and even tried to give him a lick with her tongue. Never a dull moment in room 24!

Jack read a story to the class with me as he sat by a child who has many emotional struggles. Jack sensed this child's need for love and covered him with kisses and even placed his paw in the little guy's lap. It was truly amazing to see my students interact with Jack and reassured my decision of getting him certified as a Therapy Dog so he can come to work with me every day!

Until next time!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home!

Jack's finally feeling like he's home;) We picked him up on Friday from Adam's so that he could spend the night with us. . He played at Carol's (where Honey~B is) then came home played some more in the house and fell fast asleep. Saturday we spend the day playing fetch down the hallway then to the park for some more fun.

I ran to Target for some things and came back with a bag full of toys for the little man:) I couldn't help myself! Jack was so excited about his new toys, he's just so darn cute!! With the advise from Momma Q (Dunc's mom) Jack had some "alone time" training and is already doing better! I think he's going to be just fine with his new people.

More pictures to come Momma Q, we'll make sure you can see how happy your baby is:)


Friday, April 17, 2009


So Jack's having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to his joint custody life. He has been in Fresno/Clovis for 5 nights and is spending his third night with us tonight. During the day he is in Adam's backyard...he doesn't like that so much. Howling for about 2 hours has been his routine in the morning when the boys go off to work. Then he spends the day trying to get in the house. He took the screen door off! Pretty talented I know, but we're a little worried.

We want him above all to be happy, so we'll see. It's a hard life right now for him, two new homes, he's the only dog and he doesn't know us as well as he knows Duncan's mom & pop. We love him so much and hope we can keep him here but he might have to go back if he's unhappy:( Say a little prayer for our Jack!! That he'll relax and have fun in Fresno!!

Any tips on things for dogs to do when they're alone? Let us know!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


After about a year and a half wait...He's FINALLY HERE!! Introducing the newest member to our little family!! Jack!! We love him so much! Jack has been a long time coming! We decided to adopt him from Duncan's mom quite some time ago but are unable to have pets at our apartment. Luckily my sweet brother-in-law Adam was sweet enough to keep Jack at his house for us. We have joint custody for now:) Seriously, Jack is the SWEETEST dog EVER and he's adorable!
Jack came to Fresno on Sunday with Adam and as soon as we got into town we went and got him so he could spend his first night with us:) He's such a good boy! His second day in Fresno was full of surprises! Jack went with us to meet Honey~B, our other child:) after the greeting he decided to jump into the horse trough without any warning! We thought he was trying to get a drink, he had other plans in mind! With a gigantic grin on his face Jack swam around the horse trough then jumped out, shook....then....rolled in dirt, horse poop and mud! He was such a happy boy!

We then decided to outsmart him by taking him to the pond to wash off thinking his leash would stop him from rolling in the dirt, boy were we wrong! As Dunc was leading him out of the pasture Jack decided he wanted to be a country boy. He instantly fell to the ground and began rolling in the dirt AGAIN! He was looking at us with a big grin just laughing at his new people:)

All this fun and Jack's day had just begun! After a quick bath Jack loaded up in the truck to head to Hanford. He was greeted by his new cousins, Dallie and Bella. They showed Jack around the farm and gave him a quick lesson on being a country dog. (Jumping up hay stacks, running through the know the important stuff) Jack was definitely adjusting well to his new life.

Jack is on his third day and has already been on 2 runs, a bike ride, swam in a horse trough and a pond, been to Hanford, a trip to Pet's Mart to pick out any toy he wanted (after picking his toy he carried it all around the store to show it off!) and got a new collar and tag!

We are so happy to FINALLY have our boy with us! Thanks Momma Q for giving us our baby:)!! We love him so much!

Keep on Driving!

Our Spring Break!! Drive....

One of my favorite things to do with Duncan is to drive! For some reason our silliest most memorable times have been somewhere between here or there just driving! Singing, laughing, stopping along the way...that's just what we did for Spring Break!
Duncan had an interview in San Jose last Thursday so we decided to make a vacation out of it and drive down the 1 all the way to Southern California! After San Jose we made our first stop in Santa Cruz. We ate at a cute little restaurant on the pier and watched sea lions playing in the water. The rain was drizzling and I must say it was a little romantic:) We toasted with oyster shots before dinner!! mmmm.... Dunc ordered lobster, and I had the most delicious, mouth watering seafood pasta, full of shrimp, lobster, scallops avocado and mango in a champagne sauce!! Talk about was AMAZING!
A little further down the road we found a cute little hotel in Monterey where we stayed for the night. I have never embarked on such a beautiful adventure! Have you been down the 1? It is gorgeous!! Miles upon miles of God's beautiful creations! Take your breath away scenes and picture perfect moments! beautiful!
As we were driving through San Simeon I looked to my right to see hundreds and hundreds of
ELEPHANT SEALS! Have you seen this before? If should!! It was amazing!

Farmers market in Cambria, coffee in Ventura and a few other stops along the way it was truly an amazing day!

Have you taken a road trip before? Where are some places you've been? I can't wait for our next one:)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


How does a dog go lost for 4 days...yes...4 days and nobody notices? A little scary right? My poor baby was missing for 4 days and I just found out. My 13 year old Dallie lives at my parents house she's a farm dog and loves the country life. Apparently nobody noticed that she has been absent from the "farm" since Monday. So my mom calls me this afternoon at work, "Tracy, does Dallie have all her shots?" Immediately I know something is wrong because that is not a typical question my mom would ask. "Well, Dallie wondered off and got picked up and is at the pound." Of course I started talking a little louder, (as my students glared at me wondering what was wrong with their teacher) "what do you mean she at the pound? How long has she been there?" then the dreaded answer came from the other end of the phone...."since Monday" "MONDAY, my dog has been at the pound since Monday and I'm just finding out that she's missing????!!!?!?!?" By now my concered students' eyes are beginning to buldge from their little heads as they watch their teacher become red in the face and sweaty. "Well, we didn't realize she was missing until today, we thought she was just in her house." So, concerned both with the fact that my dog is at the pound and that nobody noticed she was missing, I began thinking of the positives so that I wouldn't go crazy...(thanks to my aide Susan.) 1. At least my dog is alive 2. my dad went and bought her a Greenie (her favorite treat) 3. a lady who worked at the pound was thinking of adopting her (not a good thing for me, but at least they were nice to my baby.

Here's her mug shot! My poor baby!!

Dallie is now home and I will be bringing her to Clovis to spend Spring break with Dunc and I.