Saturday, March 14, 2009


We drove to Glendora yesterday afternoon and finally arrived after sitting in traffic for a very long time. After seeing Pop in the cardiac ICU, we all felt so much better knowing he's going to be ok. God is so amazing! Pop had full blockage in his main artery which caused his heart attack. It is a miracle that he is alive and of course he's already back to his regular silly self. I'm sure the hospital staff loves hearing him crack his jokes at all hours of the day. He is so full of life and love and we are so blessed to have him still with us.

It made me realize how precious every moment of life is. I often forget that we are only here on Earth for a brief time. It is so important to make our lives as meaningful as possible and to always listen to God! Today, I am so thankful for God's saving Grace! It is because of Him that Pop is still with us.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pray for Pop

My phone rang early this morning, I was about to push snooze then realized it was my sister in law Robyn calling. Immediately I was wide awake with a knot in my stomach. Pop, Duncan's step-dad had a heart attack this morning. I never expected to hear that from the other end of the phone. My emotions have been all over the place today, worried, scared, hopeful... Pop is such an amazing man with strong faith in Jesus. We are on our way down south to see him and be with our family. I left work early today and am so thankful for my coworkers, they took over my class so we can go see Pop. Please lift him up in prayer, Pop is an amazing man and we love him very much.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bachelor

EWWWW.....EWWWW.....EWWWW....I am so sad how the bachelor turned out:( Not so much of who he chose, but who brakes up with someone on national television then makes out with the other girl right after? I was totally rooting for Jason, now I think I want to punch him in the face!! grrr..... I feel like it's so fake!!! grrr again:(