Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shelter in the Storm

As we sat in church today listening to the message, an overwhelming feeling came over me. A good feeling, but a strong feeling that brought tears to my eyes. The pastor told a story of his childhood he recalled sitting on his front porch back east with his father as the storms would roll in. An overwhelming feeling would come over him; the skies were dark, and a tornado was approaching. He said as he sat there he was scared, then, he remembered his dad was next to him and he was safe. His dad would not let him get harmed and would take him in for cover when it was necessary. This is how God is with us. As he told this story I was reminded of how POWERFUL God is and how much He LOVES us.

Isn't it amazing that we are loved and no matter what we do, we are still loved? WOW...I feel so blessed to know Jesus! He will protect us...I am so thankful for that.

Friday, January 23, 2009


2009 has already brought us so much joy! With January half way over, it's about time for a little update on the Reids. New Years was quieter than normal, Duncan worked and I spent the evening at my brother's house with all the kiddos and my family eating 30 pounds of crab, melt in your mouth steak and juicy lobster (mmmmm). The night ended at my parent's house banging pots and pans with my nieces as the ball dropped. At midnight we toasted with sparkling cider and toasted to a beautiful 2009. At that moment, I just knew that this year was going to bring great things!

For the past year Duncan has been applying all over California for firefighter jobs. San Francisco, L.A. and Fresno are a few. As of now, he is going through background checks with LA City Fire Department and awaiting the next step. I am so proud of him!! He is going to be the most amazing firefighter...he's good at everything he does. So, we may be packing up soon and moving to WHEREVER GOD TAKES US! It is exciting to pray and know that somewhere God has our jobs, home and future waiting for us. Thank goodness for FAITH because without that, this process would be really scary.

I am finally in my last semester of the Masters program, WOO HOO!! On May 22nd, 5 years exactly from the day I received my BA degree, I will earn my MA in special education. I jumped through a lot of hoops, worked hard and FINALLY see the LIGHT!! I'm looking forward to a graduation celebration this summer!!

who is nonverbal and This school year has been absolutely amazing. My class of energetic, fun loving kiddos warms my heart every day. In fact, yesterday, one of my students counted to TEN!! I know...I know, counting to ten is not that great of an accomplishment...unless you are my sweet little Lupita occasionally mutters the word "apple" or "momma". I have the amazing opportunity to watch my students blossom over the years. I have had some of them for three and a half years and in this time they grow up so much and become like a part of my family. I love having "I love my job moments" there are definitely times I want to scream, cry or feel like I could use a glass of wine (or maybe a bottle) so these moments of GREATNESS that my students achieve mean so much to me.

In November we found out that Phillip and Cybil (my brother and sister in law) were having twins! So, this May we get to welcome Luke and Colt Mello into our family! We can't wait to hold "The Boys" we love them so much already!

2009 is off to a great start. God is good and we trust in his plan and are looking forward to each new day!