Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Orange

Yesterday Duncan and I were on our way out of town for a trip to San Francisco. The car was filled with gas and we were pleased that it only cost $20.00 to fill up. As we were stopped at a red light, I looked to my right to see two homeless men with a sign..."Veteran's anything will help". I looked around our car to see what I had to give. All we had was an orange we had brought to munch on during our drive. I rolled down the window, "excuse me, all we have is an orange, would you like it?" Their eyes glanced at me as their faces instantly brightened, "Thank you young lady, it's the thought that counts." As I handed them their orange and we drove away, my eyes instantly filled with tears. I couldn't help but wonder their life story. What brought them to this cold winter's day begging on a corner? Where was their family? What responses do they get from people driving by? Are they sad, lonely, hungry, scared? I was overwhelmed with sadness wishing I had a turkey dinner to give them. Wishing that they didn't have to stand there in the cold. We are so fortunate to have what we have and still...we want more. These little men reminded me of what this season is all about. Helping those in need, giving from the heart and loving unconditionally. We are so blessed.